Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cycling in Vancouver's Stanley Park

Just yesterday I was walking around Vancouver with my friend Adrian who works in Vancouver

The destination was Stanley Park, one of the well-known parks in Vancouver.

The plan was to go there, rent a couple of bikes and cycle around to get some exercise.

On our way to the park we stopped by a convenience store for me to buy a drink and for Adrian to buy himself some ice-cream.

I bought myself a Dr. Pepper, one of my favourite drinks that I was once addicted to in the UK.
My brother and everyone else thinks that it takes like cough syrup but if that's really it, then it's really nice cough syrup.

When I paid for my drink I asked the cashier if he could give me a plastic bag for me to keep my bottle and that was when Adrian asked me

"Why the hell do you need a plastic bag?"

I don't know about everyone else but when I walk around I prefer to carry a bottle in a plastic bag rather than carry it by hand, just feels a lot easier that way.

I explained that to him but he continued to bug me
"But... it just makes it so much harder to carry your bottle".So I got a little annoyed and decided to explain my reasoning in an anology that maybe Adrian might understand
"Look.... let me put it in other words. Why do you carry your balls in a ball sack? Why not just carry it around in your hands when you walk around?"

Adrian paused for a minute and then went on to say
"Well my balls are balls. I mean it's like.. if I carry them around in my hands and I drop them that it'll be like "WTF?!?!... I don't wanna risk dropping my balls".

I smiled at him and said
"Well I don't wanna risk dropping my Dr. Pepper".
Anyway soon enough we grabbed our bikes and put on our helmets.

Yes in Canada it's apparently the law to wear a bicycle helmet while cycling and yes... I do notice that I look rather silly in one.Armed with my helmet we cycled all around the park for two hours, stopping every now and then to check out beautiful expensive cars parked by the side of the road

or stop for Adrian to realize that we're lost and for him to whip out his map.

When Adrian gets lost, he puts on a rather funny thinking face.

He stops, looks at the map for a while then goes
"Hmm.. hmmm.. hmmmm...."

Then you almost see a lightbulb light up above his head and he puts on his helmet and says
"OK JOM LETS GO!"Our bicycle trail made it all around from parts of the city,

through the park and all the way around a nice seaside trail like this along with other cyclists and roller bladers.

At the end of the afternoon I had a great exercise and you know what's the best part of cycling in this part of the world?

Eventhough it's summer, it's not humid or too boiling hot. In fact it's pretty cooling so you actually don't sweat so much and you can feel good about having done some exercise.

Ahh... I wonder what tomorrow will hold for me.


Ysmm said...

I'm first!!

Canada has been a place that i always wanted to visit if i get a chance.

Have a nice trip Boss Stewie!

KY said...

dr. pepper seriously sucked! :x

Aaron Tan said...

agree with kyjelly..opps.. i mean..kyspeaks... :p

陈一豪 said...

Now you know why I want to cycle to work. Feels damn good bebeh. Park your car in the office then cycle home heh.

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

considering you were cycling...putting your bottle in a plastic bag is...quite appropriate what...then u can hang the plastic bag over your handle bar...people in Canada dont use plastic bags? =/ they are so much better as people compared to us malaysians! they are sooo greeen! while we...who cares?!

RealGunners said...

well, your ball sacks does not contribute to green house effect, and it has the lifespan of a lifetime..

plastic bags? hmm..

Gin said...

vancouver is cooling, so is the UK ! it's so not summer !! rejoice ! :P

Anonymous said...

Adrian here. its too bad i can't cleverly counter his ball-sack analogy. the reality is: plastic bags contribute to the landfills so seemingly insignificant things like plastic bags goes a pretty long way to waste reduction. that's why china is imposing extra charge on plastic bag usage. Vancouver = Hippiecity. everything must be green, if not we complain and complain and complain and complain and nag and nag and nag and nag

Boss Stewie said...

ysmm: hahaha yeah it's quite nice


aaroN: lol!

dr: yeah but in malaysia too hot lar.. u're sweating by the time u reach the office on your bicycle.

solitary: hahah yeah my bike actually had a bottle holder but the Dr. Pepper bottle was way too big to fit it. and yes Canadians are quite green

real: hahaha lol lol.. fine fine... i'm sorry for wasting a bag

ghooI" hahaha yah yah

adrian: oi tonight dinner rite?

Y-ling said...

Yes, you do look rather silly in that helmet but who cares, you are in Canada! :-P

Horny Ang Moh said...

Hi Bossy!Do u have sore 'ball' after doing so much cycling??? Still can walk properly kar??? Or do u walk with leg apart as got painful ball like a duck?
Have a nice day!

Cheng Chun said...

Now, you only wish Malaysia has the same weather as Vancouver except for the winter of course. Their winter is like London's. Ishhhhhhhh. Rain rain.

Anonymous said...

wah your friend actually still uses jom after bring there for so long?? and Canada is nice ler...wanna go there someday


Anonymous said...

Enjoy yourself there!!!

Autumn said...

boss! email!

cheesie said...

bosh u got pimples!!! very stressed is it!

wEtwEtwAtEr said...

Eh? Dont tell me, the 1-night-stand HERO is Adrian? Hmmm...