Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our Nuffnang Wild "Live" Blogging Event

When Ming and I first started Nuffnang a little more than a year ago, we did almost everything ourselves.

Everything from answering e-mails from bloggers to hiring more people to doing our own accounting to doing sales pitches to get the sales in.

Then as the network grew and our clients became bigger and bigger, the team grew bigger and we had more help but the growth of Nuffnang has been so fast that even till today we haven't been able to hire everyone we need.

For a startup entrepreneur, it's a very liberating yet worrying feeling to have more people working with you. Liberating because you have more help and can afford to delegate but worrying because you have to start trusting your colleagues that they will do a better job than you.

In the past, whatever community events were all mostly planned single-handedly by myself too (though of course they were in a very much smaller scale then since Nuffnang was a lot smaller then compared to now). That means I even did all the packing of goodie bags too.

But last weekend's Wild "Live" Blogging event was a first for me.

One day many months ago my mum called me up and said
"Son.. you are working so hard you are going to burn out, you MUST learn to delegate and just focus on the things that really really matter".

So in the Wild "Live" Blogging, I really let go. Rather than go through all the details, all I did was oversee to make sure everything was going as planned pre-event and signing all the cheques.

Robb and my other colleagues at Nuffnang handled the rest, even the sourcing of my LION COSTUME.


Okay I just have gotta say this.

Nuffnangers are among the most sporting people I ever know.

I mean... have an animal-themed party anywhere else and chances are.. maybe only 20% of the crowd will really come as animals.

But have one with Nuffnangers and almost EVERYONE turned up in their animal costumes.

I'm just gonna show you guys some pics of the wonderful night we all had.

Lets start with Michbaby who came as a bunny.

There were quite a few girls there that came as Playboy bunnies hehe.

The "COW BOYS" of the night. Check out their nipples.

Then there's PinkPau who came as a ladybird armed with her own leaf.

I have never seen a gorilla cross the road before.

A few MDG girls were there too including Hanis over here who came as a moth

And Ringo who came as a LIONESS

Or otherwise known as my LION QUEEN for the night so to speak.

Kenny came as Winnie The Pooh!

My colleagues have a talent for hiring the hottest "Nuffies".

The big crowd of everyone playing around that night.
Look how everyone is smiling...
such a nice feeling.

Michelle, PinkPau, Sam and Fayth

It got a little crowded there at some points but sooner
or later everyone learned to space out a little.

We had 5 laptops there all hooked up to Maxis Broadband for
anyone to LIVE BLOG about the event.

Kenny dancing with one of our "Cow Boys"

Sam, Audrey, Ringo and Suet all looking wonderful. Can you see Sam's bunny tail?

I'm too short to take good pictures sometimes.

Check out the butterfly!
We had a few butterflies that night, all with big big wings. It was so cute.

And finalllyyy...

A group picture of everyone (well okay almost everyone) who work (or used to work) at Nuffnang.

Including our Nuffnang PR, Kim from KimKomm.

To my colleagues who did a fantastic job, congratulations.

Thanks very much to Maxis Broadband for whom without... we would never be able to hold such an event for all 200 of us.

And finally... thanks to all you Nuffnangers who made the party WILD beyond our imagination.

If you guys wanna see more pictures, click here for Shaolintiger's set and here for Kid Chan Studios our official photographer of the night.


Kimberly Low said...

<3 i heart nuffnang! never ever felt like work :)

KY said...

tock stole my laptop!!!

debra fong said...

brilliant event.

Kudos to Nuffnang!

RealGunners said...

too bad i skipped it.. haih..

Accyee said...

nw... organize something in the east!

Unknown said...

omgomgomg nuffnang i wuff ewww~
this is my first ever bloggers' event, and i loved every moment of it!
kudos 2 ur team, boss, very well done!

and faster come up with another event!
my dad promised 2 join it wif me this time!

Boss Stewie said...

kim: aww i heart kimcun too

ky: hahaha lol

debra: thank u :P

real: why lar u din goo

accyee: ahhaha aww u know why it's hard to organize something in the east rite.. a lot of logistical problems for us since we're all here in the west. but we have some plans.. don't know how well they will take off yet

sammy: hahaha okokok fine fine

§pinzer said...

i stole tim's laptop more like! because he cannot win anything i win on his behalf la. sorry i didn't know i so terror wahaha.

see how much i <3 u mr.tiam.

ShaolinTiger said...

Kim should have won, or at least someone who made their own costume, not just someone who rented it...not exactly a lot of effort or creative is it!

I complain, give me the laptop..or at least the PSP..

RealGunners said...

bcz i had something planned on that day long ago, i don't really hav any animal costumes, and i'm jobless so hav no $$ to buy..

next time la.. hehehe

Chris said...

my gosssh... kenny was soooo cuuute...


That's good costume to get throngs of girls pinching your cheek...

I should get that one for another party....

joshuaongys said...

aiya just 2 words for you larh.. GOOD JOB!! heeeehehehehe

aSmiCe said...
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Immi said...

looks awesome! :D

hey.rose said...

I'm so going to the next nuffnang party !!! So much fun !!

~YM~ said...

I heart you boss!! Next time more such events leh... Aiya, forgot take photo with boss again.. -.-"

Next time gonna kidnap you! :P

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

if i remember correctly kenny wasn't dancing with the cow boy la... he was taking a bit at the tet tet hahahhahah

Rachying said...

Hahaa... Really had so much fun! Well ,thanks Tim & Kim who let me join the fun (u know wat i mean?!*wink*)! Nuffnang is one big familia (family)...

Simon Seow said...

ky: enough already la about the laptop.

Great party except for the heat.

aSmiCe said...


Really hope that I can join this crowd next time

Ya Boss wanna ask you, what's the meaning of "go stewie on you"?

princessladyjane said...

wahlaaa... the butterfly is me... heheheheee...

but thank u very much Tim.. thank you Nuffnang... for organizing such wonderful event for us...

i enjoyed every single parties n events that nuffnang invited me... thanks alot...


p.s: i just realised i did not take pics with u that night... next time we take k Tim...

Accyee said...

great! nw organize smthng in east msia pls!

Unknown said...

hihi the boss of nuffnang...
another successful party.. wish i can join too... next time can organise in oversea?haha!!

vvens said...

haha thank you for the wonderful party. anyway i thought your outfit was COOL. or maybe "hot" in a way. ahahaha.

jAmEs said...

It was indeed a great wild party u had ... nice work.. miau miau ~ :)

cheesie said...

i heart nuffnang kao kao.

less than three less than three