Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Taiwanese Girls

On my recent trip to Taiwan, I befriended a number of very nice Taiwanese girls.

Allow me to introduce them.

From the left
Boss Stewie, Hui Fern, Joe (My DJ Bro), Koyuki (a nice Taiwanese/Japanese girl), Jane and my sister Fayth.

Now last weekend, the girls were all nice enough to bring us clueless Malaysian tourists all over Taipei to experience the sights & sounds and of course the lovely food in the city.

I'm not a big fan of Taiwanese food but I lurrvee their deserts and junk food.

For example, last Saturday, the group of us were walking the streets of Taipei when Jane suddenly disappeared.

Only to appear again a few minutes later with a cute little Hello Kitty biscuit (cake) thingy which you can see me holding in this picture.
and see me eating in the picture (BWAHAHAH).

But before I start telling all of you about where the girls took us or about the Hamsap pigs they have in the Taipei Subway that seem to enjoy getting in sex positions and saying "Pukii",

Let me first tell you about the girls.

Taiwanese girls seem to looooveee taking pictures.

Now... when a Malaysian takes a picture, he/she would try to look normal and smile... just like me in this picture with Jane.

But Taiwanese girls like Jane on the other hand, tend to like posing in pictures (notice Jane's pose in the picture).

I couldn't help but ask her what on earth that was supposed to mean.

She giggled and replied that it was meant to make her look a lot more cute than she already is.

Plus, she said it's boring to take pictures without some sort of pose.

So I thought:

When in Rome... do as the Romans do...

When in Taiwan... do as the Taiwanese do...

So I decided to pose as well.

First, I did her pose

Then I did another pose that was supposed to look 'cool' but ended up making me look like a patient who escaped from Tanjung Rambutan's Hospital Bahagia for the mentally retarded.

Then there was the 3rd picture that made me look like I not only escaped Hospital Bahagia but was so retarded that I deserved to be drug out to the street and shot.

Boss Stewie is beginning to like Taiwanese girls.


MaN|acZ said...

1st...babeh... 1st!!! MWAHAHAH!!
i'm the 1st!

MaN|acZ said...

Boss Stewie + pose = mentally retarded

(Beautiful) Jane + pose = a "looker"

noticed the operands and the results?

cely said...

hahaha.. exactly like retarded !!!!!!!!!!!

But i love it.. come pose like that with me next time.. ok??

MaN|acZ said...

maybe should have a poll , vote for which is the most retarded looking Boss Stewie photo.

Winner will get to go Taiwan with Boss Stewie and take retarded photos with Taiwanese gals and Boss Stewie.

Eve said...

oo..the restaurant looks like ding tai fung!

u look constipated in the last photo =.=

Boss Stewie said...

maniacz: lol... the only thing u forgot to cover is.. who's gonna pay for the ticket to taiwan

cely: hahaha i can't believe u called me to tell me how retarded i look!!! hahahaha... that's not the way to use my phone number cely!!! hahaha

eve: oh no it';s not ding tai fung

Yatz said... follow-up ka.?? very cun taiwanese girls indeed..

Little Ray said...

You look constipated on the last one. LOL.

bellevella said...

horrijible neh!the scream looks betta then u =P

yuin said...

boss stewie you look constipated in the last photo. eat more fruits :P

Boss Stewie said...

yatz: lol.. yes taiwanese girls are niceee

little ray: ah yes... that was supposed to be the point :P

belleevella: loll.. now i know i can never be a male model

yuin: and eat more fruits i shall!

MaN|acZ said...

winner cover half, Boss cover half the air ticket. lol.

aren't you going to thank Cely for expressing her kind thoughts?

Taiwanese Girls <-- Would this make a good excuse to go Taiwan? hmmmm.. I wonder.

Anonymous said...

you seeeeeeeeee eat more meat la eat some more and forget your green leafy food fit for a king cow. good la now constipated muahaahahahaha i know of many constipated photos of myself too. :p

Lance said...

pukii... =_='

William Leong said...

muthafuker! damn gay man! never ever do those poses again, giving me nitemares wuih... loooks sooo soooo wrong dude...
jane on the other hand... is allowed to do whatever pose she wants to coz she has the "licence to cute"

Chapree Da Grande said...

Like I said in previous post, Boss Stewie scoreeeeeesssssss! I'm sure Taiwan chiqs dig Boss Stewie a lot with that pose.

Daphne said...

HAR.. jane only has one pose? tht's quite disappointing leh. i have quite alot. HAHAHA. this xmas i shall take alot of pix with all the cutesy pose pix thn i shall post on my blog for u all to see MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA.

just promise me. one thing.. just one thing.. promise me u wont puke ok?

Boss Stewie said...

maniacz: lol.. if we're going for the girls.. then lets go to japan first

suicidal: lol.. i love meat!

lance: the same to u!

william: lol william!!! we should've done them when u came down to penang

chapree: hahaha pls lar... boss stewie didn't shoot.. nor did he score ok

daphne: lol! okok let us all see

Boss Stewie said...

maniacz: lol.. if we're going for the girls.. then lets go to japan first

suicidal: lol.. i love meat!

lance: the same to u!

william: lol william!!! we should've done them when u came down to penang

chapree: hahaha pls lar... boss stewie didn't shoot.. nor did he score ok

daphne: lol! okok let us all see

こうゆうけん said...

Same pose but she looks cute ler :P

andrew said...

damn cute the first picture!!
eh wait i meant the..ah yea la the first one!
with u trying to pose like jane.
hahahahHAHAHAHAHAHA omg i cant get over it, im still laughin! hahahaha!
i think i agree,u look like ur gonna shit in the last photo..
u were bracing urself to shit on the subway rite?!?! hehehe :)

Boss Stewie said...

こうゆうけん: hahahaha.. biased towards the taiwanese girl are u ?:P

andrew: hahahaha! no lar.. the video has nothing to do with this post

J said...

Too cute-sy already...
Really "beh ta-han" lah...

(Ooh.. so KAWAII!)

MaN|acZ said...

but....but..Boss. wa eh.. japanese , not soo gud...?

William Leong said...

i just noticed, jane only has ONE pose. EVERY single pic of her is of that pose from the 1st to the last. i take back my word of her being cute.
I'mmmm Dreeeaminggggg of a Whiteeeeeee Christmasssssssss~!!!!

Boss Stewie said...

j: eh who kawaii? me or jane? :P


maniacz: aren't japanese girls hot enough to motivate you to learn japanese

williaM: hahaha!

bodicea said...



ayam so gonna gelak terbahak-bahak when i visit Taipei next year

Boss Stewie said...

lol bodicea.. what a laaughhh

Fei said...

I only have one word for the pics.


Boss Stewie said...


Jackson said...

Looks like you already got the looooove taking pictures" thing down, huh? :P

whah... she's actually got her hand near her face in every pic, no? maybe she's covering up an even bigger mole than yours, Boss ^^

Boss Stewie said...

jackson: hahaha jackson.... that's a good point but she doesn't have a mole there :P

J said...

Both also super Kawaii lah!

(But yeah lor, you look a little constipated in the last photo...)

Boss Stewie said...

j: lol yes i do

Anonymous said...

Hahaha!!! Damnit. Where did my jaw drop?

Boss Stewie said...


belle said...

boss fren wanna go taiwan wo.any guide kah?? wan hot chick,cheesy chic,sexy chic,juicy chic!!! xD

Emily Lin said...

Muahaha... wat a cute constipated look u had... teach me sometime?


hot taiwanese girls said...

you are a killer !! ;)