Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Malaysian Blogosphere Gets Together

In spite of ending my previous blog just a few days ago, I kept my promise of attending the blogger's meet that was held at KLCC yesterday.

Now before we move on to the pics, I think it's only kind for me to take time to introduce the two people who made the fun-filled gathering possible.

The hemsem
Yee Hou And the bubbly Jolene. Thank you to the both of you for going through all your troubles so that all of us could sit and chat.

Ok on to the limited pics I have of the gathering.

I didn't take as many pictures as the rest of the bloggers there because.. well.. let's just say.. my shy camera felt very very small at the sight of the other many cameras out there.

You know you're meeting with bloggers when you see ten thousand cameras in one place.
Wilson (
Boss Lepton) and I went to the meet knowing that we didn't know anyone and nobody would know us since we're still pretty new to the blogosphere and this was our first social meet so I went prepared to feel left out.

Pic Info: Jasiminne The Penguin whom I must say was the 'bubbliest' personality in the meet.

So when I started going round shaking hands and introducing myself with the line

Hi... I'm Timothy/Stewie... don't think you've ever heard of it before but I used to have this blog called Leng Mou".

I was prepared to hear a response like

"Uhmmm.. Leng Mou.. hmmm... yeah.. I'm not sure if I've heard of that but I'll check it out when I go home (though I'm pretty sure I won't)
". Pic Info: Boss Lepton and I with Jennihsurf

Or even a response like


But I was caught off guard (and a little relieved) when people responded by saying things like


(I guess the list of bloggers going that was posted on Yee Hou's blog helped. Some of the bloggers there must've found my old blog from there.)
Pic Info: My Boss and I with Jasonmumbles and Joan

So I felt quite at home there eventhough it was a pity I never really got to meet EVERYONE.

Still, everyone was so friendly, it almost felt to me like a Chinese New Year dinner with family.

Except for the part where Boss Lepton and I were snapping pictures with the most number of hot, sexy and sweaty girls I've ever seen in my lifetime in which I felt like I was in a Playboy magazine photoshoot. Unfortunately, that's all the pictures I took that day :(

I should've taken more pictures with the other nice bloggers I met there like Albert but I guess I was distracted. Sorry guys.

My guess is that all the nice people I met at the meet would go to my old blog and will completely miss this blog entry.

But to the rest of you who are here, thank you for the fantastic experience that I was lucky to be a part of.


こうゆうけん said...

Prepare to feel left out??? Talk shit la you!!! You are famous celebrity blogger!!! :D not like me small potato!!!!

Jackson said...

I told you that was a big ass camera... just look at all the other weenie tiny cams.. Methinks the fair lad has some compensation issues.

The girls áre hot though, the look on Stewie's face says it all ^_^ I guess it helps to be a celebrity ;)

Anonymous said...

My gawd. I was like "lengmou!!" "lengmou!!" *jabs fingers at the Bosses*.

No guts to go "Hi, can I take a picture with you?" lah.

Anonymous said...

i find that jasminne the penguin looked a bit slutty - no offence though

maybe bcause of her 'pose'

陳一豪 said...

Heh.. Dude, shows that lengmou should continue. The 'Playboy' part made me laugh.

Anon - She's not slutty. She's one of the nicest ones around. And perhaps you should know of the 'anonymous' rule around the blogosphere eh?

Jason Lioh said...

Mine coming soon... :D Wait wait.

albert said...

If big cameras imply compensation issues, what do our cute tiny cameras imply? :D

It's alright, I'm not exactly run-of-the-mill camwhore.

Anonymous said...

hahaha noooo did not miss out your post. i have bookmarked your blog and will link u very soon.

Boss Stewie said...

koyuuken: please lar.. 'celebrity blogger' is a term reserved for bloggers like xiaxue

jackson/albert: AHAHAHAHAHAH I've heard that before... but i've heard the car version where men with big cars try to compensate for having a smaller 'something else'. so albert, men with small cameras like myself have big... :P right?

skyler: i was the one who should've been shy to see come up and talk to you. everyone seemed to want to talk to you.

anonymous: if you had the chance to meet jasiminne in person then you might change the way you look at her.. she's a very very easy person to talk to... very very nice

dr tan: sorry lar dr tan... i prefer my little rarely visited personal blog more than leng mou :P

jolene: i'm still waiting for your blog entry on the meet

jasonmumbles : and i'm still waiting for yours too

Boss Stewie said...

whew.. that was a lot of comments to reply... but look... i kept up with my word of at least trying to reply every comment .. right?

Anonymous said...

look so happy.. i actually passed by.. wahahaha... i saw all of u.. Saw jason with his new camera, saw boss peluk leng lui and take pic...

wow jasiminne looks like an actress... boss who stand next to her macam her fans saja...

NO, i was just kidding..i din pass by else, i will get kill by jason. :p

I onli drop by klcc lrt station..

Anonymous said...

Haha, well I kept talking to those I already knew since I didn't have the nerve to talk to new people! Yes, yes, there'll be a next time.

Yeah, from pictures I kinda thought Jasiminne was snobbish, probably because she's so hot, but she was really sweet in person.

Mischique said...

Wow..look at all the hot chicks surrounding you...excuse me but is this a playboy party or a blogmeet :P

cute PINK shirt.

Ianfluenza said...

HUGH HUGH! Oh, you're boss stewie? I thought you're Hugh Hefner!

Boss Stewie said...

cely: you dropped by klcc lrt station and you still didn't come down to burger king to say hi? that's inexcusable!

skyler: you seemed nice in person as well...

mischique: hahaha as much as i wish it was a playboy party.. it was a blogmeet :P

ianfluenza: hugh hefner has got to be the happiest man on the planet

Anonymous said...


i see myself in LENGMOU!!!! :p

Boss Stewie said...

ahh jen.. this is not really leng mou... i certainly don't have the readership that leng mou has (or had)

Posh, Broke, & Bored said...

being between 2 bosses is my fantasy come true!
*slaps self*

ok that sound very the salah.


Wilson J Q Quah said...

My boss was damn shy that day......

so was i......

Boss Stewie said...

jasiminne... i think it was the other way round.. being beside jasiminne was a fantasy come true to us

boss: yes... we are shy guys aren't we?

Cheng Sim said...

eeyer. i got read ur blog ok? just malas to comment only. yay! i took pictures with both of you. you guys make me a happy Banana. *hugs*

Lance de'Cypher said...

Oh, I was there at the meet, just about 30km away only somewhere in Port Klang.

Boss Stewie said...

lol lancee

chengsim: yes.. we took pictures but didn't get to talk.. what a waste