Thursday, May 31, 2007

Press Interviews

Nuffnang has been getting a little bit of attention in the press lately. There were some magazines here and there and even an article in The Star that many of you seemed to have caught up on.

There was also Ming's interview with Marketing Interactive in Singapore.

But of all the press interviews.

The most difficult one for me was the one with Guang Ming.
Why? Because that was the FIRST TIME I had to do an interview about Nuffnang in MANDARIN.

Now I can speak Mandarin... learned it from a particular someone... but having to do an interview and talk about Nuffnang in it is...

I mean.. how the hell do you say "Unique Visitor" in Mandarin?

Now if that wasn't enough, the journalists who interviewed me asked me in Chinese
"What is the Chinese Word for Nuffnang ah?"

I said "Uhmmm....
Na Fei Ne ? Na Ne?"

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Best Siu Yoke in Malaysia

I was driving around in KL the other day with some friends looking for a place to eat. I've been feeling thrifty lately, so I wanted to pass on the more proper restaurant food, and go for some hawker food instead.

Then I thought of a place that I haven't been to in a while, hidden somewhere behind Berjaya Times Square.
Yes..... the famous PUDU SIU YOKE!!!

Lunch time almost every day, this coffee shop here is packed to the brim! I went for a late lunch so fortunately it wasn't too hard to find a place. I sat down and ordered the food.

First came the chicken... which was okay lar.. not great but not too bad. Then came... THE SIU YOKE!

Now let me tell you a thing or two about siu yoke.
The best siu yoke must fulfill 3 conditions.

1) The skin must be crispy... not too hard or too soft.. just CRISPY.

2) The fat between the skin and the meat must not be too rubbery.

3) The meat must be smooth and tender.

Now let me show you a picture of the siu yoke we had.

Let me tell you about this siew yoke.

1) The skin is crispy... almost like double decker potato chips.

2) The fat MELTS in your mouth!

3) The meat is soooo smooth and tender you can almost call it Kobe Pork.

The bill kinda broke my balls because it added up to about RM25 per head for just a tiny bit of siu yoke and chicken.

But it was worth it, what else do you expect when you eat siu yoke from a man who once got an award from the King (check out the picture he framed up in his coffee shop).
And to answer some of the questions in your minds...

NO I DO NOT think he got the award for having the best siu yoke in Malaysia.

Monday, May 28, 2007

1-Stop Penang...

Welcome to Midlands 1-Stop of Penang.

Midlands used to be the Sungai Wang of Penang when everything happening happen there.

But years have passed since then... and now 1-stop has evolved from the Sungai Wang it used to be to a rather quiet place where not too much happens.

I remember how I used to love the 1-Stop bubble lift when I was much younger.

So while I was at 1-stop last week, I jumped at the opportunity to hop on to one of those.

Now when you enter a lift, the natural thing to do is to look at the buttons where you press what floor you'd be heading to.

And on that panel of buttons.... was a rather nice word being advertised for all to see.

So... sooo classy.

I pressed my floor and looked away from the foul word.

Only for the doors to close in front of me to hit me again.

Now if only advertising was always this effective.

The minute you look away from a spot, it hits you again from another place.

That is just soooo the way to go.

I wonder why advertising companies haven't capitalized on that yet.

Putting ads on the buttons of elevators.... come on guys.. someone do it before it's too late!

Pictures of Nuffnang's Pirates of the Caribbean 3

Ok guys!!!

I know you're expecting to have me post up pictures but check out our Nuffnang blog.

We've updated some pictures there.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Nuffnang's Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Screening

I am so exhausted right now, I'm struggling to blog... but I do notice so many of you still waiting for an update so here's the best I can let out at the moment.

TGIF... because the past week has been madness for me. I have had meetings day after day having to pitch to clients and/or work on the coming campaigns with clients. Just on the day of the Pirates Screening itself I have had 3 meetings with advertisers before I attended the event.

Then the morning right after the screening I had to wake up early for another meeting with an advertiser, with two more in the afternoon.

Now it's 9.39PM here on a Friday night and I can finally take a short break.
Pirates was quite a night for me.

Ming couldn't make it because he had to attend another huge blogging event in Singapore that Nuffnang was sponsoring alongside Microsoft.

So throughout the night I found myself trying to balance between making sure everything was going right and most importantly meeting in person as many Nuffnangers as I could meet.

Everybody who's anybody in the blogosphere was there from Jeff Ooi, Paul Tan, Wingz, Shaolin, Kimberly, KY, Xes... but the two that I loved the most that night was these two ladies.Yes... Suanie and FA!

HAHAHAH thank you both for making my day....

The minute the both of them saw me at the meet... they yelled

Haih... my dear readers... please tell them.. that I TRIED.. but I ended up only at genie.

I know you guys know it... quite a few of the Nuffnangers I met that night even said
"Lucky you didn't come in that genie costume".

So you see??? Nuffnangers always know best!!!

And Boss Stewie listens to his Nuffnangers.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Boss Stewie Drinks Hair


No matter where you are in Malaysia.. the MAMAK STALL.. is where you go if you're looking to kill time.
Mamak stalls are getting more and more creative these days with the new kinds of food and even a rather interesting variety of drinks.

I was having a drink last weekend with some friends and as usual, I ordered Teh Ais only to accidentally spilled my drink on the table which actually turned out to be a good thing.


That's right.. so apparently Boss Stewie drinks HAIR now.

I just hope it's HAIR from the idiot's head and not hair from his armpit or his ballz... cuz if it were hair from his ballz......

Monday, May 21, 2007


As the Nuffnang Pirates of the Caribbean 3 screening is coming up, I've been looking for a pirate costume.

I wanna go as a pirate.

So I managed to find some time on my busy day to pay a visit to a little costume shop.

My imagination was running wild!

Was I going to dress like Jack Sparrow?

Or like Orlando Bloom...
So I ran into the little costume shop with excitement!


The woman in the shop looked like she instantly knew what I was looking for.

She said
"I have just the thing for you.... one minute".

She came back with a stack of clothes and said
"Try this on... the most important part is the pants because that makes you look like a Pirate".

I jumped with excitement and ran into the fitting room.

5 minutes later, I heard her knock on my door
"I'm coming in.... I wanna see how it looks on you".

She saw me standing in the middle of the room like that.

I looked at her and said
"I said PIRATE... NOT GENIE...."

Anyone want 3 wishes?

Jenkin Yat is Santa Clause

I announced that the winner of the San Francisco Steakhouse dinner is Jenkinyat and this was his e-mail to me.

eh Boss..thanx for the dinner 1st..
but actually i got the answers in some kinda so-called inhonest way la..
so my intention is not to get the free San Francisco Steakhouse dinner..
just to play around with the questionnaire..
so if i suggest that u belanja all those who get 100% with a more reasonable meal instead of a luxurious one (u can X me out if u wanted too..hehe)
or else, just belanja Emily T la..ofcoz belanja chicks ma *winks* hahaha..
anyway, here's my contact number 012-*****
see u around and have a nice day :D
P/S - thanx for pimping me..kekeke

The dude wants to share the dinner with the other 2 winners Wingz and Emily.

(Nicholas is not counted because he was honest enough to admit that he cheated.. right Nicholas? HEHEHE)

Now I'm not sure what I should do. Should I just take Jenkinyat for that steak dinner ... or include Wingz and Emily and have a cheaper dinner instead.

I'll let my readers decide!

Vote in the comments now dudes!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I Owe a San Francisco Steakhouse Dinner To...

One week ago I put up a NEW Truefriend test and offered the person who gets 100 and is on top of the list, a San Francisco Steakhouse dinner.

I thought nobody would have got a 100... but apparently.... 4 of you guys did!

So as promised, the person on TOP of the list is Jenkinyat.

Yat, I owe you a San Francisco Steakhouse dinner that we can have some time this coming week. Just e-mail me your contact number at lengmoublogs [at] yahoo [dot] com and I'll give you a call so we can arrange for our romantic date.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Boss Stewie Plays the Piano 2


You guys made fun of my previous Piano video.

Some said that my hands were not visible so don't know whether I was really playing or not... some also say that it was too dark, cannot see my face.. and some... SOME SAID I was playing a KIDDY SONG!!! (touche... that I really was doing).

So here.

Here's another song I can play on the piano.

Don't laugh! I don't really know how to play the piano... so don't laugh!!!

And yes I know I made a mistake somewhere there... just can't be bothered to record it again...

The girl on my right.. is my piano teacher :P

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bruce Willis's New Girlfriend

Ahh Bruce Willis.

It must feel good to be THE BRUCE.

Think about it this way.

Bruce is not known to be a pretty-boy kinda man.. he's known for being a MAN MAN. You don't exactly see girls drooling over him all the time saying "OMG HE'S SOO CUTE".

But if any man in Hollywood has balls the size of turnips... BRUCE IS DA MAN.


He can be the nice clean-shaven casanova.
He can be the nasty tough comic-book character.

He can be even be a run-down dirty man in uniform.

Or he can put on his celebrity pose and hang out with anyone who's anybody in Hollywood (

So when you're a man like BRUCE... at his age, with his wealth and fame... who do you date?

Well we all know our dear friend Tom chose to marry the much younger Katie Holmes.

But Bruce on the other hand...Bruce is a piece of work!

At 52 years of age... THE BRUCE is going out with 23-year old Playmate Tamara Witmer.

Now Tamara Witmer is only 5 years older than Bruce's daughter... so why would he do such a thing unless she's really h.....


It's official.. BRUCE IS THE MAN.

I wanna be wealthy and famous too!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What I Do on Friendster

After a long day of work one day, I decided to free my mind by visiting a site I haven't been to in a long time:

Now the Friendster hype is something I completely missed... missed not because I was too slow but because I was too quick.

The first time I learned about Friendster was in 2002. Back then, few people I knew were on Friendster, I went around meeting whatever friends I had and quickly grew out of it. I grew out of it by the time it became really popular!

Since then.. months go by before I even login to Friendster but just a few days ago I decided it was time for me to pay my quarterly visit.


Yes it's true... my picture there hasn't been updated in 2 years and my profile still says that I'm "studying in London" and "In a Relationship".

Another shameful thing about my Friendster profile is... I haven't reached the Holy Grail of 500 friends!

So many of my friends have 3 Friendster accounts just to be able to insert 1,500 friends... and here I am... still stuck at 200 or something.

There was a link on my profile that said "New Testimonials" so I decided to check it out.

There were testimonials that were written 1 year ago by some friends and THEY ARE STILL PENDING APPROVAL. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

Now guys go to Friendster for different reasons.

Some to genuinely catch up with their old friends, but mostly to look at girls and send *winks* or messages. *winks* NEVER WORK since it tells the girl that you have no balls to even send her a "HI" message... and messages... well.. I've met a number of girls that way before.

But I've passed that stage...

So now when I login to Friendster... I go to see what my ex-girlfriends are up to.

Let me tell all of you one thing.

Your ex-girlfriends... especially on Friendster... ALWAYS LOOK LIKE THEY'RE HAPPIER WITHOUT YOU...
It doesn't matter if they really are or not.


And ladies.. don't you think that we guys don't know your tricks!!!

We know it's ALL AN ACT!!!

But touche ladies... it still works :(

So I started looking at what my ex-girlfriends were up to.

There was the very first one I had (on the right), who still looked great.

There was the one who was always up for a party.

There was the one I loved the most.

And the one I never ever deserved to begin with.

And guess what...



Sunday, May 13, 2007

PIMP Your Mobile

Some of you might notice that one of our Nuffnang advertisers this week is, a mobile content provider that allows people like us to download all sorts of fun things to our mobile phones.
Anything from ring tones to screensavers to wallpapers and most importantly... GAMES!!!

I'm a sucker for games. Have always been.. will always be.

I remember the days where I used to spend hours lying down on my bed playing Snake on my Nokia. All the time I wasted... but it was worth it.

But now... now the kind of games that we get on the mobile phone are.... unbelievable!

Anything from little tamagochi pets that you can even keep on your phone to F-16 Fighter Plane games to even... COUNTERSTRIKE.
I shit you not!


If we only had this while I was still at uni.

I know I would be kept busy at lectures for sure. My parents used to tell me that it's so easy to score in school now with the syllabus being much much easier. But I dispute that!

It's SOO MUCH HARDER for a student to score in school now... I mean.. heck.. LOOK AT THE DISTRACTIONS WE HAVE.... there are just SO MANY other things to do APART FROM STUDY.

Check out all the ways you can PIMP your mobile phone by clicking on the ad right after this entry. Please support our advertiser!!! PIMP YOUR MOBILE!!!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

So You Think You Know Boss Stewie?


In my previous Friend Test, everyone in the Top 10 Rankings got a score of 100!

Not to mention I even get people complaining "CHIUUUUuuuu SOO EASY!!!".

Among the comments that you guys left me!

nicholas g says : Eh give la hard hard questions boss. This one little kid oso can do one. Make the answers oso hard and close to each other. We want more challenge!

suicidal N says : No. Challenge. cheh :p

kristin y says : eh! i got 90% le. haha.

So now that everyone is lansi already... COME WE TRY ONE MORE TIME!!!

I have made a new test for everyone to do. This one MUCH HARDER than the previous one but not unreasonably hard lar... like I don't go and ask questions like how long is my kkc.

I am pretty sure NOBODY can really get a score of 100 now... but let me put my money where my mouth is...

FOR THE PERSON WHO GETS 100 MARKS and is ON TOP of the chart by the end of this little contest... I WILL BUY HIM/HER a dinner at SAN FRANCISCO STEAKHOUSE!
I mean it.. I KID YOU NOT.

I will give everyone ONE week to do the test... up to next Sunday at 12am 19th May 2007 and by then I will see who the winner is.

Don't try to cheat ar!!!

UPDATE: WOI!!! Don't try to cheat by doing the test over and over again ar!!! If I see your name come out many many times... I WILL KNOW YOU ARE CHEATING!!!

Very Cocky Now Ar?

Wahh... so many of you did my "Friend Test" on my sidebar... and so many people scored 100.

Some more got some of you say
"Boss... your test is too damn easy lar!"


Don't make me come up with ANOTHER test that you all will FAIL.. FAIL I TELL YOU!!! FAIL!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Office of Nuffnang Singapore

I was in Singapore just a week ago for the launch of

It was over the long weekend of public holidays so since our office in Malaysia would be closed at the time, I thought that I'd might as well go to Singapore and join the team there for some work and also to see my cute little baby niece who is still trying very hard to chew away the bars of her court.
She's adorable!

Anyway, welcome to Nuffnang Singapore's OFFICE!!!Hhahaha I wish (or THEY wish)!

Ok ok lar... here's how our real office looks like.

Lots and lots and lots of paper around a wooden table with plastic chairs for everyone to sit around. Oh, and one leather arm chair on that table for the Boss Ming.

I managed to take these two pictures with my camera phone during lunch hour. Here's another one.

Look at how hardworking one of our Singaporean team mates are... working over lunch!

Also notice the number of Macs the Singapore office has!

When Nuffnang Malaysia grows, I'm going to fill up our Penang office with MACS!!!

Ok lar.. enough of the sneak peek.

If we ever get a nicer office, I'll show you all next time okay?

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Reading CLEO's 50 Most Eligible Bachelors

Something I can never understand.

Every girlfriend I have ever had in the past... buys Cleo... and every one of them... LOVES CLEO'S 50 MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELORS edition.I never quite understood why but in the past I have learned to accept it.


Because if you look at an eligible bachelor and say "What a LOSER... how the hell can you call him eligible?"

Then you're jealous.

And if you say "Wow... that guy is hot!"

Then you're gay.

So the best thing is... NOT TO SAY ANYTHING.
In fact, when forced to read the magazine, flip past the 50 Most Eligible Bachelors and go to the more interesting content at the back.

Such as the sex column where you get to see questions like

"My wife screams the name of another man every time we're in bed... Oh CLEO.. what do I do?"

I mean.... it's human nature that we love hearing about stories like this.

Just like when we were in school and we would make sure we'd catch every Thursday's edition of Big Bro in The Star.

"Dear Big Bro, my boyfriend says he loves me long time and he wants me to make sexy time with him but I don't think I'm ready yet... what should I do? -Confused Girl".

Notice how we always read the questions but only SKIM through the answers (or sometimes ignore them completely)?


Because their answers are all sooo.... politically correct.

Big Bro would reply

"Dear Confused Girl, Your virginity is like a precious diamond that once tainted can never be perfect again. If your boyfriend truly loves you like he says he does, he will be willing to wait for until you are ready. If he is not prepared to wait then he does not love you and truly does not deserve you."

SEE??? TYPICAL. I bet we would all be reading the answers more often if Big Bro was used to replying like this

"Dear Confused Girl... the only thing you should be confused about right now is which brand condom to use... so pick Durex and go HUMP LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW!!!".

Anyway back to my friend's Cleo magazine that I was reading (*Whew I keep getting distracted sometimes). After I read past the sex column, I came across the QA Medical section where I saw this question. "I'm 23 and recently I've been experiencing a burning sensation whenever I urinate. Five minutes later, I'd feel the urge to go again but only pass little urine. It's disturbing my sleep. Am I having some kind of infection?"

Brilliant question from a rather intelligent lady. Why brilliant?

Well because... when you're "experiencing a BURNING SENSATION" when you PEE... what any smart person would do is to write a letter to Cleo's Medical QA Column and wait for the next issue to come out for an answer.

That's perfect right? I mean it makes perfect sense!


So now we all know what to do if we ever feel that burning sensation when we pee.
Right? Right?