Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Last night I braved a 2 hour jam just to get to Shah Alam stadium for the Chelsea match.

Yes I left KL City at 7.00PM and I reached the stadium only at 9.00PM. And when I did, I had the hardest time trying to find some people that I was supposed to give my Heineken sponsored tickets to.


Well because we all happily agreed
"I'll call you when I get there then we meet up".

Only to find that the phone lines were jammed when we got there, probably because there were just waaayyy too many people there at one spot.

Parking there was tough too.

After going round and round I couldn't find a place and I happened to notice that most people started double-parking.
Hence I decided that it was a situation where you either double-parked or BE double-parked...

I came back later that night that in spite of me double-parking someone, I myself got triple-parked so the person I double-parked got quadruple-parked.

Yes, there were 4 layers or cars!
By the time I got settled down and found Abby to pass her the tickets, I had already missed the entire first half of the match but it didn't seem like I was the only one.

There were a lot of other people there going in during half-time which must mean to me that everyone was stuck in the jam going there as well.

Some more just before we were about to go in, the bloggers I were with did the typical thing...

"Come come take picture take picture"
And we took that badly taken picture by KY.

Woi KY!

We eventually rushed inside the stadium and struggled to get a seat before the second half started.

I have to say this about my first LIVE football experience. The view is a lot better on TV thanks to guys like this who get to stand so near the field with camera lenses so huge you could probably see through walls with them.

But the thing about a LIVE match is... the 40,000-strong crowd and the way everyone cheered.My gosh.. it's like you've never heard anything like that before, 40,000 people in a go screaming or sighing.
I sat and watched the match for a while. From where I was seated, I couldn't recognize who was who on the field but one thing really impressed me.

Now everyone before the match was under the impression that before the match, Chelsea was going to beat the Malaysian team so bad there wasn't even any hope. Yet, in the crowd that I was in I saw some very hard-core Malaysian supporters (and also some hard-core Man Utd fans that looked really out of place where they were).

These were people who were so into the game and supporting the Malaysian team so much they cheered really loudly at any attempt any of the Malaysian players had at scoring a goal. Made me feel proud for a minute there, that our general Malaysian crowd, is still very patriotic.

Only funny thing there is that they threw away our water bottles but allowed everyone in the crowd to keep their ciggys to smoke so the crowd was like a freakin chimney and Sam who was sitting on my left was extremely agitated by the smoke.
Though she didn't really show it in this pic.

Seated on my right was Audrey who wasn't exactly cheering away.

We left the match 5 minutes before full-time to avoid the leaving crowd and some of us headed off to McDs in Subang for supper.

At supper were Eri, Cindy from MDG, Kenny, Ringo and KY too.

We sat at McDs and chatted till the wee hours of the morning which was when I said
"Okay guys.. time to go.... I need to work tomorrow morning".

And bloggers being bloggers.. *sigh*

Our exit took half an hour because everyone kept going
"Wait wait take picture take picture!!!"

I have to thank Heineken a million times for sponsoring us the wonderful tickets for this great experience.

Thanks Heineken. I shall drink more BEER!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Chelsea Tickets Go To

Alright this is a follow up from the previous Heineken mini-contest I posted a few days ago for anyone who wants Chelsea tickets to post up videos of themselves singing the Chelsea song “Blue is the Colour” and holding a Heineken bottle.

Well here’s the irony… I always thought football was a guy’s sport, but all the entries I got were all from GIRLS!

Here are the best 2 winners.

The winner is Abby Chu who gets herself 3 Grand Stand tickets.

Abby if you notice your video is a bit senget Haha.

And the runner-up is Audrey ooi who gets herself 2 Grand Stand tickets to watch the match.

Enjoy the match everyone!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nuffnang Gift Ideas

Nuffnang has this new initiative lately that gives a chance for Nuffnangers to give other Nuffnangers gifts.

Yes yes... it's a bit of a shocker right? I mean we run lots of contests on the Nuffnang Community because somehow lots of our Nuffnangers love these contests but all the contests so far had prizes for the person who participated instead.This time we thought that it might be a good idea to allow the spirit of giving among our Nuffnangers, where we all suggest gifts to our fellow Nuffnangers and if our entries win, they actually get the present.

It's the spirit of giving!!!

So well I spent the last half an hour on the Realmart website looking for gifts that I would give my fellow Nuffnangers and here it is (for the actual contest we're only allowed one gift for one entry by the way, but I thought I'd do a bit more).
A bit of a disclaimer first. I'm not paid or asked to write this entry and chances are the people at Realmart won't let me win the contest either since I'm... well.. Timothy Tiah *sigh*... but I'm just doing this because I think it would be good fun.

Okay here goes.

To Yee Hou

Yee Hou is one of my colleagues at Nuffnang. Just like everyone else at Nuffnang, he works really really hard and spends quite a bit of time in the office.The thing about him though, is that he has a very sensitive nose. Before any of us feel that the office is dusty and it's time to call in the cleaners, Yee Hou's NOSE picks it up and he gets the sniffles.
So Yee Hou, as a present to you I shall give you a VACUUM CLEANER worth RM500!!!To Pinkpau

One of my dear favourite friends, Pinkpau is going away to the USA soon to study in one of the top universities there that I can only wish I could've gotten into.It's going to be the beginning of her college/university life for her... that means lots of drunken nights and waking up next to someone you don't know (No I'm just kidding. Pinkpau is a very very good girl).

Anyway one of the things that I feel is important for every Malaysian student that studies overseas is.... A RICE COOKER!!!That's right!

I never had a rice cooker while I was there because I was trying to save money so instead I boiled my rice using a pot. That's a lot less inconvenient considering that you need to be constantly watching the pot to tell when the rice is ready as opposed to just leaving it in the rice cooker and let it do all the work for you.

So my dear Pinkpau... A RICE COOKER FOR YOU!!!

To Barry & Suet Li

Barry and Suet Li is probably one of the blogosphere's most well-known couples.They've been together for ages.

And I mean ages.... like since the Great Wall of China was built or something.. maybe even longer.

When you know couples like that, you can't help but wonder to yourself... how much longer before they get married!!! I mean why wait anymore!!! They've been through the tests of all tests throughout the many many years they've been together.

So here.. I am going to give them a china set that every married couple by tradition is supposed to have to jump start their marriage proposal.

Please go get married Barry & Suet Li...

To Wong Wen-Qi

In terms of traffic, I have seen few bloggers who have grown as fast as Wong Wen-Qi.

Within a month of her starting to blog, the traffic she got was almost equivalent to the traffic of me running this personal blog for a year.And here's the joke... if you pay a visit to her blog, you'll see not too many entries with pictures in them and let me give you the behind the scenes reason as for why that is the case.


That's right. The only time she takes pictures to put up on her blog is when she leeches off my camera or when she uses the webcam on her computer!!! That's the truth!!!

So Wong Wen-Qi... for this I think you deserve.. A CAMERA.

And I intend to give you one of the best.

A Canon Digital IXUS 960 ISSay thank you :P

PS: If you wanna give a fellow Nuffnanger a gift, check this link out.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Look Ma... I'm on TV!

A few days ago, the Nuffnang Wild Live Blogging party was featured on NTV 7's Breakfast Show. Quite a number of our Nuffnangers were on TV that morning!

If you missed it, check it out here.

This is my 3rd time on National TV. The first time was on another talk show on RTM 2, where I was extremely nervous... being it the first time and being it a LIVE show.

The second time was on the NTV7 Prime Time News and that was okay.

Now the third time, I must say that I look extremely dorky talking in that lion costume. And I just realized that I talk really quick and am way too animated for a real person... someone's gonna mistake me for a cartoon one day and drop a Grand Piano on me or something.

Gotta cut down on the Caffeine. NO MORE CAFFEINE FOR YOU TIMOTHY TIAH!!!

Oh well... we can't always look our best :P

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Yesterday one of our team mates at Nuffnang (Yee Hou) made a mistake when dealing with one of our big clients that I will refer to here as GOLDFINGER!!!

So I said I was sorry and then Yee Hou said he was sorry and fortunately Goldfinger understands that people make mistakes but anyway we jokingly came up saying "Okay okay Yee Hou will do 10 push-ups as punishment for the mistake he made."

But Goldfinger said "MAKE IT 20!!! And take a video of it post it on your blog."

So Goldfinger... this ... is ... for you!!!

PS: In Goldfinger's defence, she said that she was just joking about the push-ups but we did it anyway :P

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What I Look For In A Girl & Why I Wanna Get Married

For those of you who remember, I was in Vancouver last week mainly for my cousin's wedding.

Being there at his wedding gave me some food for thought about marriage.

I'm 24 this year and I admit that I have thought more than once about what is the right age for me to get married.Back in the younger days, while I was still a student, marriage was something totally out of the question and for good reason. We were all still young and our minds had yet to mature to a stage that we know what we want.

Now however, even at my relatively young and tender age I feel that I know what I want in a wife now and if I do find it, I won't hesitate to get married.

So the question is, what is it that I really look for in a girl.

Well... shamefully I have to admit that when I was in my teens all the way up to say... 21, my only criteria for a girlfriend was that she had to be HOT.
But now as I grow relatively older I see that the things I look for in a girl kinda change. Now a girl's looks become really really secondary.

She need not be hot, she just needs to be decent looking but what she has to have is a good sense of humour, a cheerful personality and most importantly intelligence.

I like an intelligent girl who can be mentally stimulating and the kind where I can go home after a long day's work and talk to her about my problems at work and she'll give me a real solution or put things in a perspective that may make me not worry about it so much anymore.

Something rather than the usual "Don't worry... I'm sure it'll be okay" because unfortunately, that line doesn't work too well in helping us manage the stress right?

Well unless she gets me to put on my lion suit and makes me ROAR!!!

Surely I'll feel better after that.So if I find a girl like that and I'm sure about what I see then heck I'll go get married.

And I don't think I'm the only one.

Just a couple of years after graduation I've been seeing so many of my friends get married one by one (sure some of them were shotgun marriages but I don't see the big deal with that. Dammit if I loved a girl and we had a shotgun marriage I would gladly tell everyone at my wedding dinner that it was an accident, but an accident I'm glad happened).

Heck, 2 of my ex-girlfriends have already gotten married and at the end of last year, I attended the wedding of one of my best university friends with my Middle-Eastern buddy Hasan who flew in to Malaysia just for the wedding.

But yet, when I talk about getting married, some people try to discourage me possibly for my own good and here are the main two concerns people have.

1) "Build your career first then only get married."

Well I tend to view things a little differently.

I believe in the saying that in any successful man, there is a woman behind him. I believe that the wife has a direct influence on a man's success (or failure).

So that tells you that your wife is going help you get to where you want in your career, and you don't have to do it all alone! Besides, I'm sure our parents didn't marry at the peak of their careers, they all got married when they were still building their careers and were there for each other during the hard times.Of course there is the question of financial stability and maybe my opinion is a little skewed now since unlike 2 years ago when I just graduated, I feel like I now have achieved some kind of financial stability.

But either ways, I believe that whether rich or poor, a great couple is a couple that endures hardship together.

I know of this successful entrepreneur in Malaysia who got married at a young age while he was still struggling. During the first few years of his marriage, his business that was doing well for a while eventually failed so his wife supported him by working to put food on the table for the family while he worked on another business.

That other business he built today is worth hundreds of millions and today his wife doesn't need to work no more.

2) "Don't marry so early. Enjoy yourself while you're still young".Well the way I look at it is that marriage is just the next phase in our lives.

The stigma or at least the influence from many movies we watch is that once you get married, you lose your freedom and you're tied down forever. While there is some truth in that, I like to think the cons are a little exaggerated and the pros of not getting married are a little overplayed.

Ok one of the pros people talk about is that you get to be in a variety of relationships throughout the years. Well to be frank, I can't say that I've been in a lot myself but I think I've been in enough to feel that after a while, each different relationship feels kind of the same anyway.

Then there is the fear of getting married.

I mean sure you probably would have more responsibilities but look at the bright side, for the rest of your life you get to wake up to someone you love and whenever you're in trouble or worry, you know that someone will always be there for you when you go home.
Now if you think about that, why try to delay marriage? If you meet the one, go for it.

I know I would if I met her.

Any of my married readers disagree with me or think I'm high on weed?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Whistler Mountains and Canadian Girls

So okay a few days ago I took a 2 hour drive from Vancouver all the way to the famous Whistler Mountains. Whistler is apparently the best ski resort in the world and quite a popular place among Malaysians for skiing during the winter.

Yes I'm told that during winter it's crowded with rich Malaysians all going to ski.

In Summer instead where the place is less popular, poor Malaysians like me go to visit the place.

Naturally nobody goes there during the summer since THERE IS NO SNOW.

Well fine, some people do go but it's mainly for mountain biking down the huge slopes.I was there more as a tourist to look around and well do a request from KY and KS.

Yes, I've been asked to go around to take pictures of Canadian chicks by some of my readers. KY included.

I can say this... Vancouver is full of really really great looking girls. I mean I would say at least 40% of the population here is Asian but when I say Asian, it's mostly Korean. And Korean girls are hot.On top of that the Canadian girls here are hot too... but I didn't manage to take many pictures of them mainly because... when they walk past, I'm too stunned to whip out my camera and secondly because... SHY LAHH.. after people think I what.

So here are whatever random pictures I managed to take.
And here's of one of the very nice waitresses at a restaurant I went to.

Over here, it's almost compulsory for people to tip at restaurants because there is no 10% fixed service charge like in all the restaurants we go to in Malaysia.

It is customary to tip anywhere at least 10-15% of the total bill but as a result of that, most of the time you get really great service.

I had dinner with Adrian last night and one of the nice waitresses there even left us this bill.

Notice the heart she drew on the bill. How do you not tip someone who draws a heart shape on your bill?

*I just got back to Malaysia btw :P Woohoo so nice to be home

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ad: How I Lup My Oreos


If anyone ever asked what was my favourite cookie of all time, it’s gotta be Oreo. Heck, Oreo is a part of my life, much like other things I grew up with like Milo, Ribena and ICE-CREAM!!!

I remember how I used to steal Oreos from the jar when I was a kid, hoping my mum would never find out (though she always did because she loved them too and she almost took a mental stock count of the Oreos every day).
Then there was when I went to the UK to study alone. Being overseas can be depressing sometimes seeing that everything is different and it feels good sometimes to have some things that remind you of home.

I remember when I had my first Oreo there, I had a little quick flashback of myself being in my home in Penang munching on my jar of Oreos… far far away from that cold and tiny apartment I lived in in London. It felt nostalgic, and it felt good!

What I later learned about Oreos is that different people tend to have different ways to eat it.

The original Oreo has a traditional routine where to eat an Oreo, first you:

1) TWIST – Twist both cookies apart to open it
2) Lick – Lick the cream
3) Dunk – Dunk the Oreo into milk
Well… I have my Oreos differently and it’s something I have carried on with me since I was a boy.

Here’s how I have my Oreos.

First I twist to take off the top and bottom.
Then … I don’t “LICK” the cream… no I don’t…. I scrape the entire thing off and put the cream all in my mouth.

I let the cream then slowly melt in my mouth…. Yummmmm.Then only do I go for the remaining biscuits.

Now Oreo seems to have a tendency of knowing what people want. Addicted to the cream in between the cookie, I never seem to get enough of it.

So you can imagine, when I first started eating Oreos when I was young, it was okay.

Then… they came out with the DOUBLE STUFF OREOS… and holy crap were they good!
Anyway before I end, I’m gonna do a poll on my blog sidebar among my readers.

Tell me how you guys have your Oreos.

Do you:
a) Twist, Lick and Dunk
b) Twist, scrape off cream and swallow cream.
c) Eat it like a regular cookie.

Do the poll on my sidebar.

I lup my Oreos.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cycling in Vancouver's Stanley Park

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