Monday, June 30, 2008

How Long Does Sex Last

Last night I was out with some friends at Laundry and we started talking about How Long on Average Does Sex Last?

What happened was this.

One of my friends, lets call him Jacob was away in the toilet when the rest of us who were there talked to his girlfriend and asked her "Hey how long do you think?"

First she asked what the definition of it meant, whether it included foreplay or not and we said NO. Only actual intercourse is counted.

Her answer then was...
"10 Minutes".

So fair enough right?

We went back to our beers until Jacob came back.
Now the thing about asking this question to guys and girls is. Most girls will be honest about it but most guys find it natural to exaggerate a little bit. Obviously Jacob's girlfriend's answer should be pretty accurate right?

Then we waited for Jacob to come back from the toilet and we asked him the same question.
His answer.. true enough was... "20 minutes!!!".

What's the actual answer then.

I was browsing through YouTube the other day, looking at the Most Watched Videos of the day and I happened to come across this video that interviewed what people thought was the average duration of sex and what the actual duration is based on certain studies.

You can watch the video for the answer.

Or if you're in the office and can't watch it fine let me give you the answer.
The average duration of a sex session is 3-7 minutes.

Compare this to the poll results that you guys submitted.My readers must be awesome in bed.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Prom Queen

So today I was at Suntec Convention Center again in Singapore for the Ad Tech Conference Day 2.

Now in these conferences you meet a lot of other people and I happened to meet this American guy who is the Asia Pacific Vice-President of a very very big website... and I mean a HUGE site.

This particular site is one of the most highest trafficked sites in the world and most certainly one of the most well-known. They're so big they even have a huge dedicated sales team.
When I met the guy, we were just casually talking when he started telling us how when all the ad networks there at the conference met him and found out who he was, they immediately wanted to get him to join their network eventhough he's representing a site that is already so huge that it probably already brings in ad revenue in the hundreds of millions each year.

He seemed okay talking to Ming and I though. We weren't trying to sell him anything.
So anyway, he was saying why he prefers to handle his own sales team and all that and how they already make huge amounts of money which is why he hasn't really found it in himself yet to sign up with one of those huge ad networks.

But I particularly liked the analogy in which he used to describe his situation at the conference.

He said
"I'm like the prom queen... and everyone wants to fuck me!"


PS: Hey on another note. I was surfing the net when I happened to find an interesting statistic about the average length of sex.

Very interesting answer but before I give you the answer, lets do a poll on my blog to see what my readers think.
Okay guys.. be honest and answer the poll on my sidebar! I'll post up the answer tomorrow or the day after.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Ad Tech in Singapore

I left KL yesterday to head to Singapore.I've been sitting on so many airplanes lately I've been getting a bit uncomfortable on planes so I decided that this time I had to take a bus down instead and let me just say it was a refreshing change... though I may go back to taking planes again soon.

The reason why I'm down in Singapore these couple of days is for an event called Ad Tech. To the online advertising industry all over South East Asia, Ad Tech has got to be one of the biggest conferences around.
It's the kind of conference where everyone who's anyone in the advertising industry goes for. If you're not going for the workshops they have there, it is at least worth going to meet all sorts of interesting people there.

The conference covered a lot of topics about online advertising, whether it's measurements or video ads or even whether it's bridging the confidence gap for online advertising.

Yes it's a joke right?

In Malaysia there are said to be 10-12 million internet users and yet... many many advertisers are reluctant to try online ads or even online mainstream ads like MSN and Yahoo let alone something like blog advertising.

Anyway this year's one was a little bit special.

One of the workshops we had was on blogs and... my partner Ming was one of the speakers on the panel discussion they had to the huge crowd of people.

It was truly an honour for Nuffnang to be on such a panel along with Xiaxue and Jeff Ooi.Being the cheeky partner that I was. I kept trying to make Ming nervous before his speech.

I mean this was not only a huge crowd that he was speaking to but it was a crowd that carried a lot of weight. Everyone in the crowd had some kind of influence on his/her organization.

So I kept saying
"WOW.. I counted the seats.. there's like 650 people here!!!"

And his reply was

So to distract ourselves we took some pictures. One with Jeff and one with Xiaxue.
It was a pretty great talk, although the audience was a little more captivated by another talk we listened to earlier in the morning when a few of the industry leaders, one from an advertising agency and another from Yahoo compared online advertising to sex.

He said something along the lines of
"Online advertising from a marketers point of view is a bit like sex. When you're a teenager you hear everyone talking about sex so you're curious to try it. When you do, you get disappointed the first time.. but the great thing is you keep trying and when you do you get better and begin to enjoy it".That sure woke everyone in the audience up.

Anyway, after Ming finished his speech, I went for a few more workshops and we ended the day late in the evening with this networking session they had for all the industry people.

It's the kind of thing where they just served drinks and everyone met everyone else, exchanging name cards.

I met all sorts of people there... apparently even the owners of Friendster were there and fortunately when I handed by card to anyone I met, the response I got was

Ahh... being human, sometimes it's just nice to get a leeetle bit of recognition for your work.

Got another full day at the conference tomorrow.

Thursday, June 26, 2008



Watch this video.

Bloody hell!!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our Nuffnang Wild "Live" Blogging Event

When Ming and I first started Nuffnang a little more than a year ago, we did almost everything ourselves.

Everything from answering e-mails from bloggers to hiring more people to doing our own accounting to doing sales pitches to get the sales in.

Then as the network grew and our clients became bigger and bigger, the team grew bigger and we had more help but the growth of Nuffnang has been so fast that even till today we haven't been able to hire everyone we need.

For a startup entrepreneur, it's a very liberating yet worrying feeling to have more people working with you. Liberating because you have more help and can afford to delegate but worrying because you have to start trusting your colleagues that they will do a better job than you.

In the past, whatever community events were all mostly planned single-handedly by myself too (though of course they were in a very much smaller scale then since Nuffnang was a lot smaller then compared to now). That means I even did all the packing of goodie bags too.

But last weekend's Wild "Live" Blogging event was a first for me.

One day many months ago my mum called me up and said
"Son.. you are working so hard you are going to burn out, you MUST learn to delegate and just focus on the things that really really matter".

So in the Wild "Live" Blogging, I really let go. Rather than go through all the details, all I did was oversee to make sure everything was going as planned pre-event and signing all the cheques.

Robb and my other colleagues at Nuffnang handled the rest, even the sourcing of my LION COSTUME.


Okay I just have gotta say this.

Nuffnangers are among the most sporting people I ever know.

I mean... have an animal-themed party anywhere else and chances are.. maybe only 20% of the crowd will really come as animals.

But have one with Nuffnangers and almost EVERYONE turned up in their animal costumes.

I'm just gonna show you guys some pics of the wonderful night we all had.

Lets start with Michbaby who came as a bunny.

There were quite a few girls there that came as Playboy bunnies hehe.

The "COW BOYS" of the night. Check out their nipples.

Then there's PinkPau who came as a ladybird armed with her own leaf.

I have never seen a gorilla cross the road before.

A few MDG girls were there too including Hanis over here who came as a moth

And Ringo who came as a LIONESS

Or otherwise known as my LION QUEEN for the night so to speak.

Kenny came as Winnie The Pooh!

My colleagues have a talent for hiring the hottest "Nuffies".

The big crowd of everyone playing around that night.
Look how everyone is smiling...
such a nice feeling.

Michelle, PinkPau, Sam and Fayth

It got a little crowded there at some points but sooner
or later everyone learned to space out a little.

We had 5 laptops there all hooked up to Maxis Broadband for
anyone to LIVE BLOG about the event.

Kenny dancing with one of our "Cow Boys"

Sam, Audrey, Ringo and Suet all looking wonderful. Can you see Sam's bunny tail?

I'm too short to take good pictures sometimes.

Check out the butterfly!
We had a few butterflies that night, all with big big wings. It was so cute.

And finalllyyy...

A group picture of everyone (well okay almost everyone) who work (or used to work) at Nuffnang.

Including our Nuffnang PR, Kim from KimKomm.

To my colleagues who did a fantastic job, congratulations.

Thanks very much to Maxis Broadband for whom without... we would never be able to hold such an event for all 200 of us.

And finally... thanks to all you Nuffnangers who made the party WILD beyond our imagination.

If you guys wanna see more pictures, click here for Shaolintiger's set and here for Kid Chan Studios our official photographer of the night.

Monday, June 23, 2008

No Animal Testing

A conversation I had over dinner today

Jane: Hey you know, sometimes you go to places like Body Shop and they put up a big sign that says "NO ANIMAL TESTING". If they don't test their products on animals then what do they test it on?

Me: Ermm.. maybe like.. lab rats?

Jane: But rats are animals too.

Me: Oh uhmm... then maybe the chemists tests it on themselves

Jane: I highly doubt there are enough chemists to test all the products they have out there.

Me: Well then maybe.. they just don't test it. If you have some kind of reaction to it, there's always a hotline number you could call and that's how they'll know...

Jane: Well I guess that's better than testing on animals......

*3 seconds later*

Jane: No wait...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Pics We Put Up On Facebook

Choosing what pictures you put up on Facebook must be a very tough choice.

I mean here is a site that many many millions of public people have access to on a daily basis.

It's almost like you're choosing what picture to put on a giant billboard.

I chose mine very very carefully and picking the most simple picture that can't go wrong.

But I guess the guys at Facebook saw that coming so they were a little smarter than that. They allowed your Facebook Friends to upload pictures of YOU and tag you so your friends could see them.

So what you get are people uploading unflattering pictures of me like this one here.
So anyway, I started paying some attention to the pictures that some of my friends put on their Facebook profiles.

There are some who go for the "CUTE CUTE" poses.

Some who go for the very EMO poses

Some who do funny poses.

There are even some who go for the very SERIOUS BUSINESS LOOK.

And there are some who just go for the poses that say a lot about their character.

This friend of mine also known as Boss Lepton, loves food so his only Facebook profile picture is of him eating.
Then just yesterday PinkPau showed me a random Facebook of this other Malaysian girl.

At first I thought her pictures were not very different from the other Facebook pics.
Then they got a little different from what we're used to seeing.

and then even more different...

And more different...

and finally...

Now this just makes all our other Facebook pictures lame.


Time for me to update my profile picture.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

While We Malaysians Suffer...

For some of you who have been following my blog for the longest time, you would know that one of my best friends in the world is this Middle-Eastern dude named Hasan whom I spent 3 years with in London.

Hasan is now working in the Middle-East and earning in a month what many Malaysians earn in a year. As a result of that he's always going for holidays and always trying to drag me with him but so far I haven't been able to find the time to go.

Just recently we've been exchanging e-mails and here's how the conversation kinda went.
*After forwarding him an e-mail that our UCL Alumni was having a gathering in Kuala Lumpur*

Me: Another reason to come to Malaysia dude. Hopefully a good enough one. Hahahaha.



Mr. Timmy Tiah,
No! I refuse. I'm very very tempted, but until you show your ugly face here in Bahrain I'm not coming to Malaysia. Final! Old man now huh? But hey, at least you've achieved something.

A lasting friendship with one of the coolest and smartest guys around, me.

Happy belated birthday buddy. I would buy you a new camera but apparently you get them for free now.

What to get the man who has everything?
Wanna go Hawaii? Your bestest bud in the whole wide world, Hasan
Me: Hawaii? You wanna go Hawaii? I don't mind. Or lets go to California!


Hasan: Okay, how about we go california and hawaii? early august? 2 weeks

Me: Hey I'm have to go to Canada in July for my cousin's wedding so 2 weeks in August is way too long for me. I have to work. How about we make the trip in December, near the end of the year and when the recession we're all expecting finally comes, I may have less work to do then.


And his reply to that

"Bah, what recession, there is a boom like never before here my friend. I love oil at $130."


You bastard! When I get enough time and money one day, the next business I go into is going to be in alternative energy. By the time us alternative energy entrepreneurs are done, crude oil will be so cheap you guys in the Middle-East are going to be giving us Buy 2 Barrels FREE 1 Barrel offers!!!
and and... by the time we're done.. we're going to have cars that run on SHIT!... in fact.. by then it'll be shit that costs $130 per barrel...


I know I know... easier said than done to quell our thirst for oil but oh well....

The irony is... while many of us in this part of the world suffer from the increase in oil price, the other net exporting oil countries boom!!!