Saturday, November 18, 2006

Netccentric Pte Ltd

Netccentric Pte Ltd.

That's what my leetle dotcom is called.

My creative Singaporean partner Ming came up with the name (which is meant to incorporate the words "interNET" and "eCCENTRIC")
Netccentric Pte Ltd (our parent company) is based in Singapore but we also have a Malaysian company Netcentric Sdn Bhd to handle all the R&D work for the company which explains why I spend most of my time in Penang right now.

For those of you who noticed, the Singaporean company is spelt with an extra "C".

The joke behind that is, months ago we incorporated Netccentric Pte Ltd.

But when I came back to Malaysia to try and incorporate Netccentric Sdn Bhd, the Registrar of Companies in Malaysia didn't allow it.

They only gave us the permission to incorporate the company name with ONE C in the middle ie Netcentric Sdn Bhd.

So we settled for that eventhough our company logo was spelt with a double C.

Of course we later found out that used in our context, "Netcentric" is the proper way to spell it so the Malaysian Registrar of Companies was right and they were just trying to correct our bad English.


Malaysia Boleh!

Anyway, our leetle dotcom at the moment comprises of 4 people though there will be another 2 joining us in the next couple of months.

We have two offices, one in Singapore and one in Penang where I have a tiny office with a table like this.

Notice the fan I have right next to my chair.

The central air-conditioning shuts off after 5.30pm so my office turns into an oven after working hours.

The fan saves my life every day.
Our office in Singapore though is a little hidden shop-house somewhere in the city that gives me a very dotcom feel to it.

Every time I walk in there for my meetings I think about the little garage that the Google Guys started Google from.

The Penang Team though is a little more spoilt.

We work from an office located in this building.
So what exactly does our leetle dotcom do?

In time to come, I will slowly reveal bits and pieces here on my blog but as for now, all I can say is... we're working on something that doesn't quite exist yet in Asia.

No it's nothing as certain or tried and true like web designing or e-stores that but rather... something new that will either grow to be really big or fail miserably in the near future.

So it could be anything from having a new search engine to even selling fish online.

An online fish market. How cool is that?

No longer will you have to go to a smelly fish market like this to buy fish.

All you have to do is go online *click* *click* *click* and voila!

You have fish for dinner!

I bumped into the owner of an international publishing company headquartered in our building just a few days ago and he said to me

"Timothy... I should buy some shares in your dotcom then when it grows big, I won't have to work anymore."

I laughed and said
"HAHA! Mr Chew*, need I remind you that 9 out of 10 dotcoms fail miserably".

*Of course... Chew isn't his real name


Anonymous said...

Aiyooo, I look so fat in that photo lah! Hahahahahah! Yo tiam, there's a little request for company funds in my blog, go check it out.

Anonymous said...

been reading your blog since the lengmou days (though i never posted a comment till now), but heck i'd be inteterested in buying shares if you were selling them :)

Boss Stewie said...

ming: hahaa ming our dotcom can't afford to throw money on a YACHT.. even if we're just renting it!

g: hahahaha do I have to remind you as well that 9 out of 10 dotcoms fail miserably?

jlshyang said...

who knows, your dot com might be the one of of ten. :)

Wingz said...

netccentric the best in singakpoh, penang and kl!!!

Boss Stewie said...

jason: ahh well i guess we're just going to have to see

wingz: but still nowhere near as big as ur company wingz

Anonymous said...

wanna intern wanna intern wanna intern stupid lousy ntiu rob me of my precioussssss chance. boss please take me nxt year!


voch said...

Your dotcom is definitely going to be the tenth! Cos you're boss stewie ma...hehe. All the best bro!

Anonymous said...

ahhhh finally
lama sangat gua tunggu lu punya post on dotcoms.
iv never known wat it is and now im...err actually after ur post i still dont know wat a dotcom is hahaha
fai tit fai tit!! :| :| :|
d'u think u can make money out of doing nothing?
just personal thoughts on my future hahahAHAHHA

Anonymous said...

err scratch the last sentence..
wat i meant to say was
do u think i can make money out of doing nothing?
cause thats wat i wanna do hahaha
make money...but do nothing hahaha

Boss Stewie said...

suicidal: ahh it's ok dude.. there may be a next time

vic: thanks vic... we'll just have to wait and see :P

andrew: yes u can make money for doing nothing apparently.. at least that's what the lampe berger people tell me

Anonymous said...

we'll have to wait and see...and if i don't end up buying i may kick myself when you become the next google-like success story :P

Boss Stewie said...

g: u mean "IF" we become the next google... not "when" :P

Jackson said...

Still though, if you have shares, they'd be what, RM 0.0000001 a piece? Nothing to lose, possibly lots to gain ^_^

Think about it, the first ever company not to simply have shareholders that invest in stocks, but shareholders based on a weblog fanbase!! :P

Anonymous said...

aiya dunwan guess la, its a malaysian made adult gay friend finder site rite ...

wakakakaka eh need any people to head hunt for u ar?

Boss Stewie said...

jackson: hahaha no jackson.. it doesn't work that way.. the shares must correspond to our startup capital and that's not 0.0000001 a piece :P

earl: u're a headhunter?

-blake- said...

where do I line up for the shares? ahha

Anonymous said...

hey.... can i invest?
How much per share? hahaha...

electronicfly said...

SG office got mini playground 1?
Wah....landed property in Singapore woh...Their one bedroom one story house oso cost more than our bungalow edi..

Boss Stewie said...

blake: hahaha no blake.. you wouldnt' want to put your money with dotcoms would you? you might lose it all :P

ta wen: hahaha not a good idea ta wen :P

e fei: where got mini playground? the sg office is a little SHOPHOUSE!!! tiny one

linsey said...

i know where you work!
i shall stalk you!!
just that i have to figure out which floor =.=

Unknown said...

linsey: i KNOW which floor.... muahahhaha... wanna know??? hmmmm, a meal at The Ship should do the trick

Cheng Eng Aun said...

Thus far found out three 'hotbeds' for startups in Penang: Gurney Tower, Northam and Sri Weld... But looks like Gurney Tower 'hosts' most of the startups...

Btw, all the best in your endeavors! Can't wait to see you make it big n_n

Boss Stewie said...

linsey: haha! there are 23 floors for the office building.. you could all of them

william: YOU BASTARDOO!!!!

ea cheng: oh really? what are these other startups? i'm interested to know!!!

linsey said...

william : i think i shall go ask the security guards working there. it should probably be FREE of charge =D

Unknown said...

well, probably they will.... and probably they won't.... but i've BEEN up there ;) or u could take ur chances :P

Anonymous said...

eh bugger, where is the full version? i still tak puas!

Boss Stewie said...

linsey: hahaha my building very poor wan.. no security guards

william: hah! what if i change floor?

crabman: what full version?

Anonymous said...

LINSEY: Easylar..just go to the lobby of the building and ask for NETCCENTRIC or look at the office directory. If all fails, which I doubt, wait for the postman & ask him.

Lagi fail..set off the fire alarm. Wait for Boss to run down for his life then follow him up.

But sooner or later, u'll find out wan lar..all dot com co needs publicity..

Boss Stewie said...

ray7: ahhaha u're soo sneaky!