Friday, November 17, 2006

This is a sponsored post.

I visited Cely and Jason’s blog and noticed how they both recently made some money from this new site called

What ReviewMe does is they work out a price for your blog using some fairly complicated algorithm and leave it to advertisers to pay the price to ask you to review their site or their product.

A brilliant idea!

Now there seems to be a little stigma when it comes to bloggers making money from advertising, for fear that they have sold out.

But when you are poor like Boss Stewie, you go for it.

So may I suggest to my readers.

Just go to and follow these simple steps to make more money than you would probably make from Adsense in a month.

1) Register for an account.

Sign up for an account which takes just a few minutes.

2) Submit your blog / URL / site.

Leave it to ReviewMe to determine your site’s ranking based on Alexa ranking, Technorati ranking, RSS subscribers and popularity of the blog. Once they’ve done that, you would have your price, a range of USD20 to USD200.

3) Take a quick nap while waiting for assignments.

Advertisers who registered themselves would then scout for blogs / reviewers / bloggers who they think can write a review on their products / services.

Once they decided you are the one to write the review, you will be assigned to it and it’s up to you to accept the assignment or not.

4) Accept the assignment, write away and submit to the site.

Upon accepting the review, you have 48 hours to write the review and then submit the URL to ReviewMe for verification so they can make sure you’re not cheating!

5) And for the best part.... GET PAID.

If your review is accepted by ReviewMe / advertisers, you will get paid accordingly.

And earn yourselves some money.



Anonymous said...

Good luck boss~ :p

Wingz said...

wuah boss can write very good review!!

Boss Stewie said...

dun be sarcastic wingz lol

thanks cely

Anonymous said...

you should really stop saying you're's getting really annoying.