Friday, November 10, 2006

What Women Want

A week ago, I had a long chat with one of my old friends whom I will refer to here as Carrie.

Carrie is one of those rare HOT girls that you can keep as a strictly platonic friend.

In the real world, if a guy thinks a girl is hot.. he's always gonna keep trying to hump her.

I mean... you guys understand that right?

Allow me to illustrate...

Now unless you have no penis (or a very confused one)

How in the world... do you be STRICTLY FRIENDS with a girl like this


Anyway Carrie was telling me about Janet, one of our hot common friends who recently broke up with her boyfriend.

Janet is a whole different ball game altogether.

Being the top in her class at college, Janet is clearly one of those rare girls that are not only incredibly hot and sexy but also unbelievably smart.

Not just book smart... but REALLY SMART.
(You'd be able to tell just by talking to her for 5 minutes)

Janet's boyfriend (or ex-boyfriend) on the other hand were one of those "cool" guys at college... you know... the kind that always dresses well and wears sunglasses like this So physically, they were pretty much a good match. Hot and Cool.

They went out for a year plus and were pretty much a happy couple.

So I asked Carrie what went wrong in their relationship.

And the answer that Carrie gave me... was a little of a shock.

Carrie said
"She felt that her boyfriend wasn't very smart or ambitious...".

Then it hit me, just a week before that I heard about another friend who dumped her boyfriend not because he was ugly or because she got bored of him... but because he wasn't "smart or ambitious".

The funny thing though... was that the guy she's with at the moment... is hardly smart or ambitious!

All he does is play games and surf Friendster all day.
So I asked her shamelessly one day (Able to be blunt because she's a pretty good friend)

"You dumped your previous boyfriend because he wasn't smart or ambitious.

Your current boyfriend is hardly ambitious unless working to have 10 level 60 characters in World of Warcraft and three Friendster accounts with 500 friends each is the kind of ambition you're looking fo

He talks about nothing else but cars, football and games... obviously not exactly the smartest person around... so what's the difference?"

She looked at me, giggled and whispered in my ear
"Well this boyfriend is already rich... he doesn't have to be ambitious."

So I started thinking...

"I like you... you like me... lets hold hands and kiss
Now not only do we have to "PRETEND TO BE RICH" but we also have to pretend to be smart and ambitious!!!

I don't know about you guys but I'm going to get myself a copy of Forbes magazine and MEMORISE EVERY LINE.

Then the next time I'm out with a girl I like I'm going to randomly recite

"The average Japanese couple spends $210,000 per child on food, clothing, entertainment and education".
Then she's going to say

And I would reply her

"The free linux operating system set off one of the biggest revolutions in the history of computing when it leapt from the fingertips of a Finnish college kid named Linus Torvalds 15 years ago".

And I'm also going to tell her that I have big big plans to be richer than Bill Gates one day.Then she'll think that I'm smart AND ambitious... and we'll both get married and live happily ever after

(at least until she realises that I'm poor, fat, dumb and a slacker... but by then it'll be too late... BWHAAHAHHA


Jed said...

That guy could probably sell off some of those WoW characters and generate some extra revenue, haha!

Sharon said...

hahaha this is really cool entry, love it :D

well i guess most girls today would want a smart and ambitious bf. Why? ermm one, so that they can show him off proudly (of course the look must also be ok looking la :P) and second, as a financial security in future perhaps? Smart + ambitious, surely the percentage of you making it is more right?

BUT then again, money speaks for everything (tops the brain and looks). I'm not saying i'm one of those but from what we can see from friends or acquiantances, its hard to deny the fact.yes, sadly :(

Boss Stewie said...

jed: i don't think he's got there yet... but he's still trying.. which explains his 12 hour WoW days

sharon: yeah it's true. though it's a little ironic how things change when we grow older. I remember when we were all young and idealistic, the worst insult you could ever give a girl was to tell her that she was going out with a guy just for his money... she would flip... but as we grow older, start being realistic and realise that it's all factored in the 'attraction factor'.

they once asked donald trump's new wife
"Would you be with Donald if he wasn't rich?"

and she replied
"Do you think Donald would be with me if I weren't pretty?"

Perfect answer! Showing how bias society can be some times

liss said...

i was reading your post..

getting more intrigued..

boss stewie?

that's so familiar. and then i checked my chatterbox..yes boss stewie was there! =]

hey there. i believe it's true, what you think is what women want. as we grow older we become more prctical? more manipulative?

at the end of the day, security of having a house, car and reliable husband to come home to goes a long way.

but hey, feelings still matters!

Joash Chan said...

haha... don't you just love cold, blunt truth?

Boss Stewie said...

liss: ah yess.. feeling surely still matter... maybe just not as much as it used to :(

joash: aahhh... the truth hurts sometimes

Anonymous said...

told u so there is a lotta SEX SHIT here.
can't agreed more,from personal experience that is.i guess i'm light years ahead of u at the moment in terms of dough but like u say u are gonna catch up and surpass me real soon with that zillionaire shit and all.
Carrie is confirmed smart ass as she went for the essentials of life until a bumbling geek cum Bill Gates wannabe like Boss Stewie takes her for a ride of a lifetime[this is ONE BIG RIDE].Later we have Carrie who is confirmed RETARD.

trust me it's difficult to get a decent angel nowadays

MaN|acZ said...

Being realistic aside, everyone pretty much would like put in little effort and get maximum results, which basically means... get a rich bf n enjoy a peaceful and happy life.
(hmmm i guess I get flamed for this).
but anyway... like joash said .. it's cold, blunt truth.

MaN|acZ said...

rich + (not so good looking) >
(smart + ambitious ) +(good looking)


Boss Stewie said...

daredevil: how are u so sure that i will even catch up with u one day... there's a good chance that i wouldn't catch up with u

maniacz: yeah.. maybe we should all get rich wives and bum around drinking beer in front of the tv all day hehe

Anonymous said...

do u not wan a hot, sexy, big eyes, long hair girl as a gf?

so, dun go and 'blame' what girls want in bf...

haha... same ge la.. guys wan gf to be hot, sexy blah blah blah..

girls sure wan bf to be rich, smart, ambitious, blah blah blah.....

J said...

The simple facts of the adult world.

It's true: Other than chocolates, I too want a ambitious, smart bf/ husband who is good to me!

The truth is out!

Besides, there's nothing sexy/ attractive (to me) about a guy who has no motivation at all, sits around scratching his @ss all day and drinking beer or something like that.

Anonymous said...

i trust that u will be,believe me as i'm a total slacker when it comes to the matter of served in a silver platter and my appetite just dropped,pathetic indeed.As for u ,i can see that entrepreneural skills runs deep in u and most importantly the desire and voracious appetite for it!

Anonymous said...

this is not a negative remark but a compliment

Boss Stewie said...

cely: big eyes I WAN!!!! nothing attracts me more in a girl than her eyes... not even her chest :P

j: what? u don't want a guy who sits around all day drinking beer...??? dammit.. that's one less girl in the world for guys like me :P

daredevil: ahh daredevil.. thanks for the vote of confidence but we're all yet to see.. i guess we'll find out soon enough.. i'll post my success and failures on this blog when the time comes

Anonymous said...

i guess in most relationship ,u can't get a ROYAL FLUSH,but most of us started out in that vein.once reality sets in ,MATERIAL WEALTH takes precedence.

Boss Stewie said...

daredevil: that's actually a good point... somethign to think about

Leon said...

Haha...i love your title....what women want. Hate to stereotype, but it's pretty much true with all hot/semi-hot civilized women. I think the only time when it doesn't matter is if the girl is rich or if she is a farm girl. But oh well....britney spears dumped her husband as well. So who the heck knows.

Anonymous said...

ha! that he very same shit i heard last nite with a friend ... he just broke up with his chick of 2 years ... why? coz she is always in friendster and has this dream of to be at every Wang Lee Hom's concert...

こうゆうけん said...

OMG!!!! Its like talking about me!!!!!!!! >_<

Wingz said...

mahai who got previous issues of forbes they dont need?? no wonder lately i kenot get chicks la!!! diuuu!!! i wanna read forbes also leh!

Boss Stewie said...

leon: even if the girl is rich.. i think it still matters

earl: hahaha so ur friend dumped his gf cuz she's... dump?

koyuuken: join the club !

wingz: cannot.. i wan the forbes first.. my problem more serious!

Anonymous said...

even ID marry donald trump hahaha!
eh boss when u surpass other ppl rite, and u get all rich rite, then i send u a photo of me and u marry me okie? HAHAHA kiddin! ;p
why cant girls just go after guys who are poor, lazy, in college and fat? susah la for me then haha

Boss Stewie said...

andrew: haih join the club lor

i also susah

Boss Stewie said...

andrew: and what u meant to say was.. "IF" i surpass other people

A Black Cat said...

Erm... pardon my interruption of such intellectual conversations, but I'd like to ask if anyone noticed that the girl-lifting-transparent-shirt has a head rather too big for her body?

Or is it just me?

n.emator said...

Yeah, it's true. I just dumped my girlfriend. She started hinting about pocket money and wanting gifts. Also dropped a lot of hints about what I do for living and getting me to change a car. Says she's a bargain, and she is not "cheap maintenance". To my face. At least she was honest.

I said, "You sound like a Singaporean girl." She said, "No, all Malaysian and Singaporean girls are like this."

Then I thought, "Vietnamese girls and xiao mei mei........ here I come!". If I'm going to be paying for companionship (and sex), I might as well go for the prettiest girl I can afford, that will even cook and clean for me. What the hell am I doing with you gold-digging Malaysian biatches?!!

Boss Stewie said...

june: ARGHH!! NOO JUNEE... don't diss the hot girl!!!! hahaha

n.emator: crap dude.. that sounds terrible.. i think u're better off without that particular girl... she took it to the extreme

Anonymous said...

I guess I have to agree. Money isn't the most important thing, I think men with amibition and drive makes them really sexy... it's in the brain. I don't completely agree that a guy who is rich yet a dumbass is attractive though. In that case, if the girl is going for the money, she's probably hoping he's dumb enough to give her everything and then ditch him.

Anonymous said...

... or rinse him of all he's worth then say bye.

Anonymous said...

Why so kiasu wan the chaboh nowadays? I guess I must be one of the only people who still believe a good prospective husband is one that has good character and morality. Or maybe I'm just naive. XD

Boss Stewie said...

bunny: hahaha 'rinse him of all he's worth'.. LOL... that sounds sooo criminal :P

mae: it depends on how old u are.. i remember an age where most my girl friends were still idealistic and believe in 'true love'

Anonymous said...

Oh.. I just turned 16 in May.. Feel so small here ><

MaN|acZ said...

"I don't completely agree that a guy who is rich yet a dumbass is attractive though."
bunny, unfortunately those type are the gals always fall for.

prospective husband is a one that has good character and morality.<-- hah! yeah. right.. total BS.

prospective husband is a one that has good financial background (b'coz of his bapak's family business pass down to him , not from his own effort.)

voch said...

Girls this days...complicating, sophisticating and demanding!

Boss Stewie said...

mae: ahh... yes u must be one of my youngest readers :P

maniacz: lol .... u seem upset maniacz

vic: ahh yes...

J said...

Wah, dicussion on this topic is becoming so deep....

Stewie: You drink beer all day and scratch you @ss? In the office too??

Erm... how, ... erm... sexy (?).


Boss Stewie said...

j: yes... sexy indeed... girls find my beer belly hard to resist

gwen: OI!!! don't diss the hot girl!

Anonymous said...

One thing for sure, you ain't gonna get any of your blog readers unless that post was deemed "Feigned & Fictional". =P

Boss Stewie said...

ahah what do u mean by that lance?

Anonymous said...

@: *We know your secret* Hmm.. hmm..

Boss Stewie said...

lance: what secreT? what did william tell u? AHAH!!!

Anonymous said...

you come one day later and you miss all the happenings. *sigh* i'll just have to dig for the secret then. HEHEHE

*listens intently*

oh btw i don't know if i'm the only one here but I believe in true love MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA and a tinge of jessica alba's sweltering charm please. :p

Anonymous said...

me too me tooO suicidal!!!
oh btw boss, just u
the last picture u put of jessica-goddess-alba?
can see her err how do i put it..
wats a nicer word for that huh...
ahhh well, ill just be a man and say it.
can see her tits haHAHAHAHA :)
not like, u know, i go and look DAMN closely lah..but just so u know lah boss HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Boss Stewie said...

suicidal: hahaha aww... it's comforting to know some poeple still believe in true love :P

andrew: ahahahahah yeah i noticed that

Gwendolynne said...

NOT HOT LAH! WE LIKE JESSICA ALBA!!! I'm not interested in Asian girls *cough* well, there was this one girl ... but she was too young for me.

Also, Nefarian pfft. But we're stuck on Twin Empys now in AQ40.

Wilson J Q Quah said...

Boss when u mention linux.....
I was just about to tell u that my hard drive is dead, so I'm buying a new hard drive

and I'm ditching windows



Anonymous said...

Lol, pretend to be smart and ambitious?! Be it lah. Hehe.

Unknown said...

Boss, I know what u did last summer... muahahahaha... Lance *shhhhhh* ok?

p/s: Boss Lepton's back in the scene! (after centuries of MIA)

Boss Stewie said...

gwen: wait wait... the part when u said "there was this asian girl... but she was too young for me..." that's something... uhmm.. i would say... gwen.. i just have to ask u something.. don't take it the wrong way ... but... are u a man?

boss lepton: i give u two months and u'll run back crying to bill gates and his windows

alynna: already doing it alynna... fooled 2 girls to date ... :P

william: what i do what i do?

Anonymous said...

Andrew: yeah i noticed her tits too!! i just didn't want to say.. coz i believe in true love! muahahahaha

william/lance/boss: wat DID boss do?? expose expose!! :p

Gwendolynne said...

I'm a man trapped in a woman's body. No lah ... I like women AND men.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

Boss... im holding 'whatever you think you did' on ransom for 1mil USD or both of your reclaimed balls for display... or else... the WORLD will knowww~!!! Muahahhaha.. *follows by thunders and flashes lightning*

Boss Stewie said...

gwen: great... nothing better than a woman who likes both women and men

william: wait wait.. what is that secret supposed to be again?

MaN|acZ said...

boss stewie: i damn upset.
. if ppl got no brain oso can gf, then.. i must become more stupid... then i can get a gf.


Boss Stewie said...

maniacz: eh? i thought i just said girls like smart guys