Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Woman Sues Man For Having Sex with Her and Then Not Marrying Her

Every day I visit the Star Online for my daily dosage of whatever goes on in our dear country.

In yesterday's paper, I happened to come across an article titled
"Woman sues former lover for not marrying her".

The title caught my attention so I read on.

The story goes that this 38 year old woman was suing her 40 year old ex-boyfriend for having sex with her 31 times and not marrying her.

Notice the article said exactly "31 times" and NOT "About 30 plus times".

That's because Miss Nagamah here recorded down the time and place of every time they had sex from 1998 to 2001 though Miss Nagamah denied any ill intention in doing so.

31 TIMES!!!

She must love Baskin Robbins.

So after all the sex (31 of them), the boyfriend decided to run off and marry another woman so Miss Nagamah is using her right as a woman to sue him for changing his mind.

Now I don't know about you guys but I thought that made perfect sense!

Hooray to Miss Nagamah for being brave and standing up to her rights.

There is much that we can learn from her.

From now on, here's what we should do.

First, go out and spend a little bit of money on a "Buku 888" like this.Then every time you have sex with your partner, record down not only the time and place but as much details as possible ie (how long it lasted, how it was, what positions you did it in and in what order) so that it can be used in court.

Remember that it is PERFECTLY NORMAL to record down the date and place of every time you have had sex with your partner.

So when your partner decides to break up with you, just bring him/her to court and don't worry about having any SIGNED LEGAL CONTRACTS like this

to prove that your partner was having sex with you only because he/she promised to marry you because a verbal agreement is good enough for use in court.

Take for example last Friday night.

I AGREED to meet a friend for drinks but at the last minute something came up and he decided that he couldn't make it. Now I could very well take him to court and sue his ass and the judge WILL rule in my favour because I only agreed to go out with him because he told me that he was going to show up.

But he didn't!

So I feel "deceived" for agreeing in the first place!

So... a verbal agreement is all you need.

And when I say verbal agreement I don't mean going through the hassel of taking an oath like this
All that is required is


Of course, the silly man denies that he ever proposed to her but in cases like this, we must never believe the man because he is the offender.

We must believe the woman because she is the victim!

But not only did the man deny that he proposed to her, he went as far as to say that "he had slept with Nagamah... “more than 20 times” but only because she had wanted it."


How could Miss Nagamah ever want sex?

The only reason why she would have sex with him is to do him a FAVOUR...

NOT because she gets any joy or pleasure out of it. Right?

After all, only men enjoy sex.. women don't. Right?

So good luck to Miss Nagamah.

Be strong woman!

You have STRONG case and I'm sure the judge will rule in favour of you.

Girl power WOOHOO!!! PS: You can check out the full article here.

PPS: I would personally prefer a wife with some 'experience' but hey... what do I know!


Boss Stewie said...


lets see what the others think my stance before i comment about wwhether i'm being sarcastic or supportive :P

KY said...

"She must love Baskin Robbins."


linsey said...

kudos to Miss Nagamah bwahahaha!!!

Wingz said...

oh no!!! what if all the women use this on their bfs??!!! how to cari makan ledi lidis??!!!

albert said...

I love the Girl Power banner. Kapow!

J said...

Now I've seen it all.....

Boss Stewie said...

ky: LOL

linsey: yes.. kudos to her.. hats off!!!

wingz: u better be careful from now on wingz

albert: KA POW!!!

cely: that is a good point cely..

j: that's what i thought too when i first saw this

maniacz: hahaha... nono.. i think now i finally have seen it all

Cheng Eng Aun said...

Alas, I wish Miss Nagamah good luck as I am not aware of any precedence of such cases in the court... And she sue 'the other' under what section? Must be a tough case...

Another funny thing: The caption under the small pic says "Punnosamy: ‘I accept her as a friend, I never said that I loved her’"...

Chao kelenga, friendship got involve sexual relationship one meh?

Cheng Eng Aun said...

Btw, about the startups I mentioned days ago... The one at Sri Weld (behind British Council) is my friend's venture, they'd asked me to join them but I turned down their offer (I got SPM le!). Nothing 'fresh' actually, just selling peripherals, building networks etc etc. Still visit them once in a while, but now in Singapore, so cannot d...

There are several startups in Gurney Tower if I'm not wrong.I only know one of them. I think they are IT solutions provider or something like that. I haven't contacted them for some years, dunno they're doing well or not. I heard (heard only) that some of their partners have gone away because of some disagreements. So, now also dunno how they're doing la...

MaN|acZ said...

in today's modern world, even sexual relationship between friends are considered normal for some too. So, things have been harder to defined nowadays.

The problem here probably was due to the miscommunication between both parties.
Guy for not telling the lady the truth. Lady for not insisting the guy to tell the truth. (that's what I assumed from reading the news so far).

Either way, both parties are to blamed.

electronicfly said...

poor guys..

Don't have sex, get sued (for divorce)
Now, have sex, get sued (for not marrying)

What happened to being a virgin till marriage??

Boss Stewie said...

ea cheng: wow.. how cool is that.. and i thought kl was the place that had most of the dotcoms

maniacz: ahh don't worry about the lady.. i'm sure she'll win the court case..

e-fei: hahaha yeah... it's tough being a man sometimes

Anonymous said...

She reminds me of my Math teacher back in primary school.

yuin said...

actually it be better to use buku 555. smaller and easier to keep in your pocket.

BaBy JeE said...

That's certainly something a women should do... yeah, I agree with you that afterall, it's the guy who had the "pleasure".

Boss Stewie said...

lance: HAHAHAHA ... because of the way she looks or because of what she did :P

i actually had one teacher in college who wanted to "SUE ME FOR DEFAMATION" once after she overheard me telling my friends what a bitch she was...

yuin: ah yes.. that is true.. buku 555... cheaper some more

baby jee: YEAH!!! only guys get pleasure from sex... i agree!

MaN|acZ said...

baby jee, I beg to differ. It is not necessary the guy haves the "pleasure" all the time. Unless he's a rapist.

In this case, both parties agreed to have sex. So, both parties SHOULD'VE enjoyed it. However, it seems like one of the parties didn't enjoyed it.That party didn't express his/her displeasure which leads to crap-ass lawsuits like this.

Again, both parties are guilty. But, I have no idea what law or by-law punishes someone for having sex with a woman and not marrying her .This case should've been settled outside court peacefully.(I wonder would that be possible.)

If the lady wins the court case, it might be a good thing after all. People
stay virgin until married. But, then again. People might just be afraid of getting intimate with the opposite sex.

MaN|acZ said...

Probably someday we might see headlines like this,

"Man Sues woman For Fondling Him and Then Not Marrying Him."

Anonymous said...

Now Now Now ,u guys are truly judgemental PIGS.Is she a Virgin?i would say yes.the last i checked there are 7 orifices in a female.Do u think she would dare to announce to the world that she has been devirginised?i believe her market price is as strong as the recent surge in KLSE!

As for Baby Jee,shame on u for such irresponsible comments.which sex can attain multiple orgasm on one sitting?

Unknown said...

so lance, u were part of the 'play' back in school with ur maths teacher?
oh oh, back in sec school. i went to form6 class to kacau2 a while before semester starts in uni, sat with my fren at the back. then this effing lady teacher (blardy sombong) came in and yapped away (mentang mentang came back from overseas, started using super heavy english accent). so i jz plot with my fren, im supposed to teach him how to pronounce bitch properly (he's from chinese ed. And of coz he knows how to pronounce it properly in the 1st place) we kept saying 'bitch' louder and louder at the back of the class. and finally when she asked whether we were talking about her, i said.. "no no, i'm teaching him how to pronounce female dog"
she had nothing to say after that. i left for uni 3 days later :P

Anonymous said...

or are all female alike Sally in 'When Harry Met Sally' feigning the 'BigKahuna'?

Boss Stewie said...

HAHAHAHAHA you guys are turning this into quite a debate.. hilarious!!!

i think baby jee was being sarcastic when she said that guys get all the pleasure.

maniacz: "
"Man Sues woman For Fondling Him and Then Not Marrying Him.""


MaN|acZ said...

boss: I think that just happen within a few months time.

Keep that comment in the blog. Time will tell what kind of crap people can think of to sue the crap out of each other.

MaN|acZ said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
MaN|acZ said...

boss: I think that just might happen within a few months time.

Keep that comment in the blog. Time will tell what kind of crap people can think of to sue the crap out of each other.

Boss Stewie said...

maniacz: lol... i don't think it'll happen.. cuz if a man were to do that.. the judge would throw out the case and the cops might even arrest the dude for being stupid

Anonymous said...

The way things are going right now..

I'm gonna record the place and time everytime I wank. and 50 years from now when my lil bro refuses to stand (heaven forbid), I'll sue the cum outta him! and by then I'll have everything on my side, old age, senile-ness, everyone will agree that my lil bro deserves to be sued and pay for the damages.

:p *goes off to pet lil bro.. "nah i'm just kidding lil bro!"*

Anonymous said...

Boss: Could be both... U know... Well... She does look almost EXACTLY the same as my Math teach tho...

suicidalconversationjunkie: *vomits*

Anonymous said...

william: SHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<

Gwendolynne said...

The feminist in me says, serves him right, because the men in Malaysia really don't respect women enough. What kind of asshole dumps a girl after 7 years of being tugged to London and back, and withered abuse from his family. Grr ... if she didn't love him, I would have hold him underwater until the bubbles stop.

On the other hand ... where the fuck she think she is la ... America? Only in California are women protected in such a way that lawyers would fall at her feet to take up a case like that and actually win some kind of compensation. As you said, good luck fucker. LOL

Mmmm ... experience ... *goes off to play WoW*

Boss Stewie said...

suicidal: *vomit*

lance: don't worry.. as long as your math teacher is not from ipoh, i think it's a different person altogether

gwen: "I would have hold him underwater until the bubbles stop."


Sharon said...

hmm.. i cant quite agree with you there. I think sex between 2 ppl is consensual so there is no right or wrong. or else she would have accused him of rape, no?

furthermore, woman at her age ermm.. pardon me for my language but i think she's getting a little desperate lor.. you know woman can "expire" too right, so all she wants a man to wed her and when the bastard gave her all the empty promises she did only what other women would do too, give sex for love.

but honestly, i think both are also in the wrong:) thats just my 2 cents worth point of view

Anonymous said...

Hillariously sarcastic, boss stewie... HAHA!

Boss Stewie said...

sharon: hahaha sharon... i think she's a silly silly woman.. hence the confusing sarcasm of my post

ian: lol ian.. thanks

Sharon said...

ermm urggh eerrr :$ :$ :$

ok i might be taking this the wrong way >_<

sumimasen :$

MaN|acZ said...

"but honestly, i think both are also in the wrong:) thats just my 2 cents worth point of view"
finally, there's someone agrees with my point oso.

YEs!!.. Yes!!! Yes!!


Wingz said...

omfg!! 39 komensss!!!!

Boss Stewie said...

sharon: 'sumimasen' hAHAHAHhaha

maniacz: right or wrong is probably not the issue.. the issue is... whether these kind of things should even BE IN COURT... this case should've been thrown out right away

wingz: u just made it 40

Anonymous said...

Boss: Well, I did mention that she looked like my primary school teacher... You could... move... within... a few... years...

*koff* WTF *koff*


Anonymous said...

lance: ahahaah boss memang slow one

*clears throat loudly* :p

Boss Stewie said...

siewkee: that's why she's trying to sue now.. to earn something back for her 'asset'...

lance: lol okok

suicidal: *ahem*

angelicgirl98 said...

dear boss stewie,
i see you are still up to your old mischief, despite being a business man!!

old habits die hard-- but damn, that article was hilarious.

hope your week's going well, mine kinda sucks. :P

Boss Stewie said...

yuen: gosh! i haven't seen u around in a while! how's london?

Anonymous said...

I agree too. Both people are in the wrong. Man got itchified kkc and the woman is so desperate and since she is suing him for compensation, definitely gold digger material..

You don't have sex with your "friend" i've never heard more nonsense!! I mean, its pathetic la, if you wanna show girl power you should go attract a very gorgeous and rich Muthusamy and then flaunt him in front of your ex..

This is one of the most nonsensical pieces of news i've heard after the "chicken that got sued for crossing the road".

Boss Stewie said...

mae: "itchified kkc".. LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

bodoland's becoming more like bushland each day. aye.

Boss Stewie said...

lol bodicea!