Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas at BSC

I found myself at Bangsar Shopping Complex yesterday afternoon.

BSC is famous for many things.

To some people it's the infamous place where Canny Ong was kidnapped, but for others, it's famous for being the place where rich people hang out and where poor people go to look at the cars of the rich.

I was there not so much to look at the BMW M5 parked right outside

or to look at the Ferrari parked just a little behind the M5.

I wasn't even there to look at how cheap the Nissan Skyline looked when put among the M5 and Ferrari.

Tokyo Drift doesn't sound so cool now does it?

Tell the owner of the Ferrari that you own a Nissan Skyline and he'll say

"Oh I've heard about your car... it's one of those cheap Japanese cars that people buy when they can't afford a car like mine right?".

But do not fear my dear Skyline owners... there will always be people who will be impressed with your car. Just not when it's parked in front of a Ferrari.

Anyway, I was at BSC because I heard that they brought Christmas... to BSC.

After feeling sorry for the Skyline and envy for the Ferrari, I walked into BSC and the first thing to greet me was this.

Christmas carols were playing and people were moving all around exploring the cute little items on display.
There were Christmas trees everywhere, decorated with ornaments on sale that were specially imported from Thailand.
Now I am used to seeing Christmas trees being decorated with fake candy sticks, socks, lights and little plastic balls.

What I am not used to is seeing Christmas trees wonderfully decorated with ornaments like this
or this

or even this big one. I walked around to explore the space and to check out the little ornaments they were selling.

But after admitting to myself that even if I bought this particular ornament that I liked
I wouldn't have the patience to go home and put them all on my papaya tree (poor people or people in the lower income bracket like myself use papaya trees as our Christmas tree.... DON'T JUDGE US!!!!).

So I walked pass the ornaments to see what else there was

There was the usual gift section which sold photoframes

But more importantly... there was... FOOOD!!!!!!!

Freshly baked bread that were either made in small pieces like this

or HUGEEE pieces like this.

But alas, after I felt I had enough time walking around the place and looking at things that I couldn't afford, I decided it was time for me to leave before I was tempted to steal something.

On my way out, I looked back at the beautifully decorated high ceiling and couldn't help but think...

"All these beautiful decorations but WHY NO GREEN TEA ICE-CREAM?!?! ".

So much for having something for everyone during Christmas :(

PS: Ok but seriously, if you're looking for some Christmas-sy things or even for some Christmas events to watch, do check this place out at BSC.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

after seeing those gigantic gingerbreadman decos at midvalley, it struck me that Malaysia has pretty good Xmas decos.

I mean, in the UK, you get some nice displays at Harrods and random lights along the road. But otherwise, pretty boringly decorated trees at malls in UK, and definitely nothing to match those huge-ass fancily decorated trees in malls here.


Boss Stewie said...

anonymous: yeah.. malaysia never really used to have such nice decorations but i guess we're picking up.

*deleted that first spam msg.. i hate it when people use my blog to post spam advertising comments

Anonymous said...

NUMBER 3!!!!!!!!!!

finally i'm in the top 3!!!!!!!!

thank you thank you all you're all too kind.

too bad i don't celebrate christmas boss, if they had giant tubs of haagen daaz rum&raisin for sale for decor i'd might consider though hehe :p

*post-exam syndrome leads to fatty behaviour*

MaN|acZ said...

I really like to know how papaya tree look like when you hang all the christmas decor and ornaments.

Jackson said...

Rofl @ those ornaments... You don't even have to decorate your papaya tree with it, just paint the papayas in a different, shiny color ^^

Anonymous said...

come i advertise! hahahahha
im single, henchem (ahem) and a fun guy HAHAHAHA i kid ;>
eh boss if ur coming down to pj tell abit earlier laaa
then i can come shopping with u AHHAAHHAHAHAHAHHAA
but really, what are u doin down here?
ioi puchong sucks btw, not really nice decors sigh.

p/s. dont delete my comment because i advertised myself, k thanks bye haha!

Eve said...

i'm too poor to even pay for the transportation cost to go Bangsar and see the decos *sob sob*

Ianfluenza said...

LOL Papaya tree... Then what do you leave next to the tree on Xmas eve for Santa? Roti Canai and teh tarik? LOL!!!

Boss Stewie said...

suicidal: actually if u count that spam ad.. u're number 4.. hahaha :p

maniacz: maybe i'll take a picture for u when my family puts it up ok? :P

jackson: ahh yet another good idea to save me some money

andrew: haha it's ok.. i'll let u keep ur advertisement andrew :P

eve: wat? just duduk bus only mah

ianfluenza: actually... papaya juice and fruit...

Wingz said...

mahem lu!!! come kl no call me la!!

Unknown said...

note to stewie: its best not to mention that ur anywhere but penang. or else sure kena shoot from everyone for not telling.

Boss Stewie said...

wingz: ehh.. u where got time for me?

william: aihh.. mati lor.. ok lar.. now i tell everyone that i'm coming back on thursday

electronicfly said...

i oso read your blog wat.

J said...

Hey, you're in KL?
No wonder I couldn't find any Green Tea Ice Cream in Haagen Daaz the other day!

william (wN) Ng | Remaining Humble said...

goodie post on the christmas section (althou i enjoy seeing cars) but this holiday season ticks off my mood (but not till the 15th dec).

Do stay tune for my Christmas around the City & the World (worldwide pics courtesy from my blogger friends - hopefully) in my blog. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

e-fei: hahaha yes yes u do read my blog do u? :P

j: what?? how did u trace it back to me so quick!!! argh!!!

william: will keep a look out for that william..

Gwendolynne said...

hahahahaha madelines at a dollar a piece??? Gotta be kidding. You can bake a ton yourself, and I'm right now craving kuey talam more than anything >_<