Friday, February 02, 2007

We Penang People

We Penang People are an amazing bunch.

We think that helmets are for pussies.

And number plates are for whimps.We also think that it is only polite to spew black smoke in front of other motorists.

Just like how we think that there's nothing funnier than parking at spots meant for the disabled.

We Penang People find side parking to be a waste of time.

Especially when we have a 4WD.

To further decorate our city, we love to hang dirty plastic bags on the water meters of our neighbors.
and since we think it is inefficient to have fire hydrants only serve one purpose (provide water for firemen).

We find other uses for them.

Oh and lets not forget that we Penang People love signs which warn us that we will be fined RM500 if we were to litter.

We get high just from ignoring them.

We Penang People are caring and helpful.

Whenever any fellow Penangite is in need of help, we will be at the scene along with the rescue crew.
To watch what's happening so we have another story to tell our wives and kids when we go home.

We Penang People are smart people.

We know when a truck is too big to go through a road.

But we do it anyway... for the kick of it.

When it comes to pumping petrol, we Penang People love to talk on the phone while filling up our tank.

Not because we don't believe the theory that the phone will ignite an inferno, but because we feel that we just have to do it since other people tell us not to.

We Penang People ignore any wordings that are not in Hokkien.
Even if it's as simple as "NO PARKING".

If you want us to listen, please have it say "Beh sai park chia".

We Penang People love to keep our roads clean.

So much that we often wash it with red/pink water.
But most importantly... we Penang People are a patriotic bunch.

We proudly hang our country's flag wherever we deem appropriate... and we take damn good care of it.

Don't you all wish you were Penang People too? :P

Dedicated to all my fellow Penangites!!!

PS: Thanks to Cely for the pics.


chanraymond said...

Penang rocks! Malaysia Boleh! :D

chanraymond said...

Not forgetting Penang Kway Teow rocks!

Gwendolynne said...

I ... don't particularly think that those things are isolated Penang incidents. I think it's the Malaysianism, period.

Anonymous said...

it's not just penang. CONFIRM. it's all over our very progressive and penuhdengansemangatbangsamalaysia watever country. malaysia HOOOOoOOOOoOOoooooOoo

mae said...

What's so abnormal bout it? I see it everywhere, even my own teachers do it (mind you they are the ones asking me to "keep the school clean") Its so normal its part of life.

That's the the prob innit? Its a part of LIFE.

Eve said...

Penang Ho Liau Ma..

AhPau said...

well at least we make some pretty awesome food in penang ;)

"beh sai park chia"...LOL!

Anonymous said...


And u posted it. :p

I onli remember u are from penang, so ma send you lo...

Unknown said...

what's wrong with all the pictures? seem perfectly fine to me. the only wrong pic i see in the lot is why la the stupid fire truck still wan to squeeze thru there? no other road is it? we pay gahmen so much tax for you to dilly dally to fire scene is it? ishhhhh!!!

aL said...

errr...whats wrong with those pics ah? nth new also. LOL! LOL! LOL!

Boss Stewie said...

nicholas: hahahaha! you're a penangite as well? HELLO PENANG LANG!!!

little ray: HAHAHAH!!!! yes we love penang long time

gwen: LOL!...

suicidal: hahahah... I love Malaysia.. Saya Anak Malaysia

mae: hahaha.. so we all ARE indeed a normal bunch

eve: hehehe yes indeed

ahpau: hahaha!!! i'm surprised you're still reading my blog all the way from russia ah pau

cely: thank u :P hahaha thank u for thinking of me... make hong kiat jealous hahah

william: hahaha!! u arrrrr

al: hahaha ... it's sad but true

electronicfly said...

it's not just penang lang, but west malaysia lang..

jlshyang said...

thanks for the entry. I'm one proud Penangite :)