Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Belly Dancing Boss Stewie

In one of my previous blog entries, one of my readers (Suicidal), asked me how much would be my price before I do a belly dance for everyone to see.

I said RM5,000.
And just recently, another reader (William) recently made an entry on his blog to start a fund collecting RM5,000 from everyone to see if they could get me to Belly Dance.

The bastardo William even photoshopped a preview of how the dance might look like if I were to really go through with it.

Now this is how I look like in person (Just taken yesterday. Not my best picture, I know)

And this is what William photoshopped me to look like if I were to really do a belly dance.

(Notice my mole was too small in the picture he took so the bastardo photoshopped a bigger one for me... aww how sweet)

Will someone please go over to William's blog and tell him what a SILLY SILLY idea this is and how NOBODY is going to pay money to see Boss Stewie Belly Dance with his BIG TUMMY.

PS: But okay, in the miracle that William really manages to gather the RM5,000. I will keep to my word and do the belly dance. But I won't keep the money. I can't bear spending such HARD EARNED money on myself. I'll give it all to charity :p


Sharon said...

hahaha its so cool

hey at least he gave you a hard rock body with abs! and not to mention a little hairy too hehe


Admin said...

bwahahahaaa!!! he should have used my tummy instead! that belly is too muscular!

unnamed said...

awwwwwww so cute!!!
i'm so surprised by ur muscular body. LOL///when you wear your dress make sure it's pink! :D

Horny Ang Moh said...

I will look forward to that!! Have a nice day.

Unknown said...

long live the boss~!!!!!

Unknown said...

hor ny, come come, faster chip in.

Observer said...

5000 is not a big number nor is a small one... Depends how much Nuffnang pay us la...

I mean if NN pay more...we pay Boss.. Boss Dance... $$ to charity..

Good idea !

Boss Stewie said...

sharon: yes i don't actually hve that much hair on my body :P

ah pek: why not u dance with me leh? then we can both donate to charity

vicky: Lol...don't keep your hopes up.. i doubt the RM5000 will come about

hor ny :lol :P

william: hhehe you bastardo!

freethinker: wahh.. so are u expecting Nuffnang to pay you RM5,000 by the end of this week.. die lor liddat

Jason Lioh said...

Lower the target and I might just come up with something to do the charity. Say, we produce 100 limited NuffNang T-shirt and we sell it! :D

electronicfly said...

nyahahahhahaha..boss stewie belly dancing!!

Eve said...

boss such a good sport~ Better start practicing now...heheh

Anonymous said...

woohoO! that's a darned good idea la jason! i'll start work on it immediately. meanwhile everyone puh-leeze puh-leeze puh-leeze go will's blog and support hIM! such a genius at work there. hehehe :p

Anonymous said...

btw don't u just adore me for coming up with such a fantastic idea boss? no hard feelings hor, HOR? hehehe

mae said...

Haha! My first paycheck from Nuffnang shall go to charity.. I love this idea so much!! Hey, if you want the shirt designed I'm willing to lend a hand :D

Boss Stewie: Boss don't be pessimistic la.. You have no idea what extents your readers are willing to go to for charity and also to see your belly jiggle in sync with the music! Who has a hindi/ lebanese song track? *evil grin*

Unknown said...

Jason, if u manage to make the tshirt... and if the design's not half bad, i'd be the 1st to buy 2 from you, one size L, one M. Can be a couple-shirt.

mae said...

William: Wooooooo :D

Jason Lioh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jason Lioh said...

My suggestion :

Assuming a belly dance will last more than 5 minutes and Boss will only dance with the price of RM5000, we will just buy the deal at RM1000 for a 1 minute belly dance show by Boss Stewie.

RM5000 - 5 minutes.
RM1000 - 1 minute.

Fair, right? I mean, for the boss. Besides, it's not going to be easy to raise RM5000 and after all, we just want Boss to do the dance, right?

So, we shall do this :

We gather 2 or 3 graphic designers or friends with good photoshop and design skills to design a T-shirt for Nuffnang, with all the logos and etc inside.

Then, we will set out a target of 50 to 100 T-shirts, in various sizes and if possible, various type (Baby-T, Polo-T, T-shirt).

If we can gather enough people to buy the T-shirts, we produce them and sell them with a reasonable price or maybe higher if the order is little.

100 T-shirts, a profit of RM10 per T-shirt for the RM1000 fund. I know it sounds really expensive, but it's for charity AND Boss's belly dance.

Its more than a 3 wins situation.

1) We got a T-shirt for ourself.
2) We did charity.
3) We are advertising for Nuffnang.
4) We get to see Boss's belly dance.

Who knows, maybe the guys at Nuffnang decided to foot a small part of the cost since we are doing advertising for them by wearing the T-shirts?

So, what say you guys?

mae said...

Jason: I SAPPOTTTT!!!!

Lance de'Cypher said...

I love you william!
and i'm not gay. =)

Observer said...

Boss, don't worry, I don't worry I don't expect in lum sum 1... u can pay by installment.. interest free... HAHAHA

Unknown said...

its ok lance, i think i've got more than enough love from my baby.

and jason's plan is a great plan.

i'll work on this once my midterms are over.

Cely said...

i will write a few payperpost, donate it to the fund!

Chee Hsien said...

2nd to buy the t-shirt.
RM50 for each of it! hahahahaha!!

Boss Stewie said...

jason: BAHHGERRRR.... now u're giving people ideas

her feiness: it's such an awful thought isn't it

eve: hah... i'm guessing u belly dance?

suicidal: IT ALL BEGAN WITH U!!!

mae: what what? so i'm supposed to perform in front of a live audience??

lance: lol dude

freethinker: wahh... how many years installment ? :P

william: nooo dun waste ur time... study for ur exams!!!

- PC - said...

I support!! LOL!! come on BOSS.. DANCE DANCE!!

Jason Lioh said...

Anyone here is willing to do the design? Hehe!

I would suggest a sky blue base since its soft of the official color of Nuffnang. Yeah, sky blue instead of white / black.

pinksterz said...

i go to his blog...

,....nd tell him what a








pinksterz said...

anyway, i can give a good arabic tune. easy to get one from egypt bwahahaha!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

jason, i was thinking of white base, then the logo will follow back the original nuffnang logo. then the website address at the back.
and since the base is already white, we only need 2 colors, blue and black. so production will be cheaper = more profit.

hmmm, or actually baby blue base for the shirt also can, then use a darker hue of blue for the logo. baby blue looks more attractive than white.

Unknown said...

Following Sir Richard Branson's footsteps eh?

Wilson J Q Quah said...

I say DONATE!!!

anything to see my boss dancing, as usual my offer to top off the last RM100 :P

question is will i be back in malaysia on time

Kiss my ass said...

i'm sooo with jason..

Jason Lioh said...

Donate or buy T-shirt. Both also can! Ha! The more money coming in, all the better.

Anonymous said...

oh. so we're actually using the original nuffnang logo here is it??? wasey man fantasticos! i think baby blue is nice on t-shirts but if u're thinking of having polo-ts i think white should be better, no?

Boss: C'mon la I started it for CHARITY! bwahahahahhaa you get free publicity for nuffnang AND good karma for doing your part for charity too! and yes i do think you're supposed to shake that booty in front of a live audience. :P

electronicfly said...

eh boss, liddat la..ask your sponsors whether they want walking advertisements anot, then if they do, we put their ad on the shirt oso..yu earn money, we get free shirt..

ho boh?

mae said...

Me and Willy willing to work on T-Shirt designs :D Baby blue is more attractive and pleasing to the eye.. White is conventional lo. So depending on what you all looking for loh. And also budget. :P

Boss: Aiya, why shyshy la, show everyone la! Kaki lang ma.. XD

Jason Lioh said...

Ask Boss to announce a T-shirt competition design in his blog. I mean, the more designs the better and more options for us to choose from, right? :D

Hannah said...
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Hannah said...

Mae, baby blue is a nice colour! This is for a good cause anyway, the 5k goes to charity =)

Boss Stewie said...

pc: nooo dun support!!!

jason: ehh dun waste ur time.. spend that precious time bringing down mille crepe for me instead :P

pink: how.... could... u.... go with them!!!

william: oioi!! dun count ur chickens before they hatch

giovoni: hahaha no no no dude.. richard branson's case was different.. he had to do it to make a point... i don't have to do anything cuz they're not gonna reach RM 5K

boss leptoN: HAH!

shireen: how... could.. u...?

suicidal: eh like i said.. dun count ur chickens before they hatch

her feiness: i don't think any company would like to sponsor an ugly man doing a belly dance

mae: dun waste ur time maee.... u're not gonna have the 5K to print the t-shirts anyway :P

baby: hahahah so cliche for u to say that

Jason Lioh said...

Like I have suggested, if it takes RM5k for you to dance to a full length of belly dance show, we will just buy a 1 minute length of belly dance show from you. :P

And like you said, don't count your chickens before they hatch because with all the supports from your readers, RM1000 isn't too difficult, especially when we are getting a T-shirt and a dance show in return.

Now, wait till we, MMU students are done with our mid terms. Willian and I will come up with a more detailed proposal.

So, are you going to announce the T-shirt design competition in your blog? I can do the favor for you. :P

Hannah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mae said...

Boss Stewie: Ya la, why don't you do it for 1min, 1k? That's very not impossible :P It already has become a charity thing anyways so why not boss? Don't let us down please... *full blown big sad puppy eyes* Pweaaaaseeee...

Sha: Hahaha! I know la you like babyblue.. Dahlah name BABYBLUEgurl.. Its blaringly obvious you want the shirt to be of that color :P

Chee Hsien said...

all bloggers post this on your blog and get more ppl to donate..

Unknown said...

yea, like CH said, if u want the same thing post as the one in my blog, jz email me, i send the html codes to u right away. no editting needed. just copy and paste.. and i wont charge you for copyrights ;)

- PC - said...

too bad la boss.. sudah support!! 2 thumbs up! LOL!

Wilson J Q Quah said...

Boss I've found a perfect place for you to go learn

Let's dance!

Come on boss, plus u get to know joo nee who is hot!!

Anonymous said...

ooh yes yes boss lepton is right joo nee is not only hot, she's enterprising! just like you! i bet you'd have a LOT to learn from each other, no? hehehe

Anyway, name us a charity organisation already will you? and if some company REALLY decides to sponsor the t-shirts, is there anything in for them? say maybe discounted advertising rates on nuffnang for a month or so?

Boss Stewie said...

jason: ehh??? who said the dance was for 5 minutes? and either ways.. it's RM5,000 minimum... i must maintain my market rate for belly dancing rite?

Boss Stewie said...

mae: 1,000 would be tooo eaassyy

chee hsien: HAH! not gonna happen weii

william: eh that's... cheating!

pc: HMPH

boss: yeah.. based in penang some more rite

suicidal: yeah yeah that's something we could work out

Jason Lioh said...

If you insist of RM5000 to do the dance, I shall counter offer you by 3kgs of mille crepe thrown in for free to lower it to RM1000. Haha!