Saturday, March 24, 2007

Everyone Has His/Her Price

One of my friends yesterday just said to me
"Eh!!! You're coming up with all these one line posts nowadays ar! Getting lazy to blog ar?"

Ahhh my dear readers.

The truth is that it's not that I'm getting lazy to blog, or that I'm neglecting you guys, but Nuffnang has been keeping me very very busy this week, especially since our first paid ads are rolling out tomorrow.

Yes we're a relatively quiet bunch at Nuffnang. We don't talk too much about what we're "planning" to do and end up not delivering in the end.

We'd rather spend all that time focusing on getting the job done.

So it doesn't mean that we're not doing anything at Nuffnang if we're not announcing to the world about what we're doing.

Anyway on another note, I was having dinner with some friends yesterday and one of them asked me.
"Eh... if Google came over today and offered you USD 1 million for Nuffnang, would you sell?"

I said
"Probably not at this early stage... but everybody has a price right?"

That was the theme of the night...


My brother and I were watching Fear Factor the other day only to see a healthy American woman drink down some drink with fungus and maggots in it for $5,000. It was disgusting.

I asked my brother if he would do it for RM10,000 and he said "NO".
"How about RM100,000?"

And he thought for a while and said "Yeah okay... I'll probably do it for RM100,000".

Back at the dinner table last night, I asked one of my girl friends there.

"So if a married but wealthy man in his 50s who goes around in a Rolls Royce offered you RM100,000 would you sleep with him?"
She shut her ears and said

Then I raised it "How about RM500,000?"

And she went on
"NO NO NO NO!!!! I WON'T NO!! EWWW!!!!!"

Then I said
"How about RM2 million?!?"

She suddenly paused for a few minutes only to say later
"Okay for RM2 million I'll think about it.".


sadsarcasm said...

Everyone Has A price!!

That is sooo true, lolz

electronicfly said...

one!!! since vegemaster didn't claim it..hehehe

yay!!! first time leh!!

Boss Stewie said...

vegemaster: so u have a price? :P

her feiness: hahahaha u see?? i see your comment ... and i REPLY1

James said...

So whats your price for giving up Nuffnang and joining the Advertlets crew? 10 trillion? haha

Observer said...

Well, Surely everyone has a price.. fundamentally it's the "price" that drives us.

Boss... so fast 2 million... 1 million she okay already need call life line and audience....

mae said...

Money money money. Money is dirty paper. According to a movie I watched. :P I don't know if I'd sell out if anyone asked me to do something outrageous (and dumb). Anyone wanna try me? XD

Note: Person must have a few billion sitting in the bank, a few properties would be helpful and a nice expensive car will be gladly appreciated. *grinz*


unnamed said...

YAH..everybody has a price!
hahaha..But you and ur nuffnang is priceless!!!!


Wingz said...

boss! i will sleep with you for 2 millions USD pulez!!!

Lance de'Cypher said...

I'll give you one shiny chocolate dollar coin for your Haagen Daaz's. ;)

Horny Ang Moh said...

U r so correct!! Everybody has a price!!That is why u can see rich old man with young chick!

Anonymous said...

so boss what's your price for baring that cute lil tummy and doing us a belly dance huh?? muahahaha

Boss Stewie said...

james: hahaha that's a difficult answer to question.. i love the guys at Nuffnang too much

free: eh no wor.. i said RM1 million and she said no

mae: but but... everybody has a price.. are you saying you don't? if someone offered you RM100 million to kill a cute little bunny.. would u?

vicky: yes yes... quite priceless to me at this point

wingz: hahahaha but then u'd have to give me back that USD 2 million to get me to sleep with u

lance: hah! too late.. it's all in my tummy now

hor ny: hehehheh thank u

suicidal: that i'll do for RM5,000

her fei: red man?

electronicfly said...

boss: ang moh = red man ma....

Unknown said...

ang moh = red bulu... LoL

electronicfly said...

william: ahahhaha..serious r? yer, like orang utan liddat...XP

Anonymous said...

Hear ye!! Boss says he'll belly dance for RM5,000!!

I dare say we can pull one of those everyone donate 10 cents stunts and raise RM5,000 in no time! who's with me?!?!?! muahahaha

Unknown said...

Ice Cream: RM600
Mac: RM4400
Waking up every working day with a purpose in life with great associates: Priceless

Unknown said...

fei, yea... in canto its 'hung mou lou'

suicidal... okay set! lets make a fund. who wants to start it? i put in my blog, then whoever wants to donate, state how much u wanna donate in my comment box. then at the end of the day, we count and ask boss to do his stunt... game?

Anonymous said...

game! i donate rm10 first.. hehehe

Anonymous said...

eh wait wait tt was s'posed to be 10 cents. wat rm10 pulak. people rich now izit??/ :p

Unknown said...

suicidal.... its over at my blog.. NOW spread the word WORLDWIDE~!!!

Anonymous said...

muahahaha boss it won't be long before you have to belly dance in front of all of us.. *rubs hands in glee while salivating*

mae said...

Boss Stewie: Of course I will kill la! Can eat the bunny for satay afterwards? =P 100 million summore who dowan?

Suicidal: EEEYER can salivate wan ar? So geli wan yer!!!! ><