Thursday, March 01, 2007

The First Few Days of Nuffnang

"Okay here's what we'll do. On the 27th, we'll get about 5 blogs to sign up with Nuffnang. We'll see how the system holds with just these few blogs and any small number of blogs that join us in this first week. We do this so we can run more tests before we get to the second phase of the launch which is when we will invite all the other bloggers that have agreed to join us."

That's what I told our team long before the soft beta launch yesterday.

I was expecting a slow gradual launch.

I have never been more wrong.
In just two days since a launch that was meant to be small, news of our website has somehow got around and we've been fortunate enough to have almost a hundred bloggers sign up with us!

So much that our server started overloading causing certain functions to stop working consistently, most importantly: Our default ad units stopped appearing consistently hence affecting the accuracy of the blog stats that we track.

The good news is that most of the bloggers signed up with us understand that this is a beta phase and beta phases are meant to weed out problems like this.

The bad news is.... all of us at Nuffnang haven't been getting much sleep and we've been relying too much on Cheezels and Peanut Butter Sandwich biscuits to keep our stomachs full.

We're rushing to get a new dedicated server of our own that can support this many bloggers.

Stay tuned guys... and thanks for understanding.

I am particularly touched by the few bloggers who have e-mailed me and said
"You know, I'm not interested in whatever money you can pay me, I'm just joining to support you".

Another blogger said
"Let us all be your guinea pigs! We support Malaysian products!"

It is indeed very heartening to hear these kind of comments though we know that we just can't simply take it for granted and assume that everyone feels the same way.

Many people expect us to perform... and perform we shall... (as long as our supply of Cheezels keep up).

I walked into the office yesterday morning only to hear a fellow Nuffnang Team Member say
"So... uhmm... 5 blogs eh???"


Jason Lioh said...

For money or for you, it doesn't matter. The thought of supporting something started out by you, my friend is good enough for me to put down my principle and put that ads at my sidebar.

Well done!

And I still want that Ipod Nano.

Can't believe I am the first.

- PC - said...

So kelian ah? dis is so not true!! haha..

Anonymous said...

yah.... it's not my ultimate intention to earn money. it's showing our supports to you that's more vital.

Boss Stewie said...

jason: ahh thank u thank u... i still want mille crepe :P

pc: true lar.. we very ke lian u dunno onlyyy

vicky: aww thank u vickyy

Anonymous said...

Not to potong stim again or anything but the other netccentric pages (about us, career, etc) are still online.

Other than that have you sent a press release to the press like In Tech, etc or maybe Jason here can propose something.

As word of mouth spread like wild fire, I hope you and your partner know how to deal with the press and their questions which can sometimes be nasty, humiliating and evil. Prepare yourself for the worst as investigative reporting will dig up anything and everything.

Gosh, I sound like a party pooper when everybody else is on cloud nine...oh well - I think I beginning to sound like the Simon Cowell of blogs...muahahahahahahaha.

Boss Stewie said...

anonymous: aww dude!!! haha u're observant.. ok we've taken it out...

thanks for your words of advice.. simon cowell is loved for a reason.. because he tells you the truth.. even if it sometimes hurts.. thanks for being my simon cowell

Anonymous said...

i dunno the programming, i dunno what to do to help, i onli know i wan the ipod nano..

so i help to spread the news :)

This is the only way i know to support u :)

No need to thank me, thanks your partner and ur team.. so much effort.

electronicfly said...

tambah minyak boss!
gambatte! don't yamette!!

Robin Wong said...

I have a feeling this project will turn out to be an interesting one.
Heh, and I thought I was the only one addicted to Cheezels.

Unknown said...

Boss, we dun support you... its ur mole we're supporting. u lose that mole, then sapak pun tarak sapot

Anonymous said...


so boss, any other criteria other than being a blogger to join ah?

-silent reader FeR-

Boss Stewie said...

cely; hahaa don't worry.. we're doing okay.. thanks for ur support cely

undecided: why u undecided leh efei


william:hahahaha and i was jsut thinking of removing it

anonymous: well uhmm.. ur blog should get at least unique visits each day

electronicfly said...

ehhhh...take out the mole for what?? It's as famous (or even more famous) than Malilyn Monloe's!

mae said...

I joined in just to support you too! GO GO GO BOSS STEWIE!!

PS: Don't remove your mole la.. How many times do I have to tell you that your mole is a fatt tatt mole? It gives you the PAHHWER!!

Anonymous said...

waaaaaaaaa makes my fingers itchy wanna join also.. but i think i only get 1 unique visit per day. from myself. :P so i'll just sit here and give u all the moral support i can afford while gossiping about ur site like a bored uncle la hor?? now do i get to sit next to you or not man??? bwahahaahahaha

MaN|acZ said...

wa lang ai support jik keh Boss Stewie n Nuffnang nia... lu lang zai nyia boh?

Boss Stewie said...

undecided: hahaha!!! pls larr.. few people are more famous than marilyn monroe... :P

mae: hahaha ookokok i wun remove wun remove

suicidal: hahaha i don't think u get just 1 a day.. i do read ur blog whenever i find a bit of free time on my hands :P

maniacz: hahaha tenkiu tenkiu

Sharon said...

way to go! and yes, there are still people out there who do support Msian product still ;)

Jess said...

Well done! Boss!

I just joined 2 days ago, come here only know you are the founder!

Hey, let's hope I can make more $$ here, then I can be SAHM real soooooon!

Anonymous said...

ehhhh i realised i got STM coz i posted two very similar comments. oops. btw do the ads change everyday?? coz they're damn funky wei! i is the liking them :p

Anonymous said...

Great! Let me be frank with you. I want the iPod nano, and want to make lots and lots of money so that I can buy an island in the Pacific!

xes said...

go nuttnutts!!

HK said...

I love the ads, they are so unique..oh, teh tarik is t3h s3xy~ and btw boss, i think you can see how much your fan base is huh..

my unique visits are soooo low.. :(

Anonymous said...

hahahahhaha 5 blogs ...

err any of your staff read your blog?

Eccentric Staffs, demand OT!!! start negotiating the bonuses for this year end ...

Boss Stewie said...

sharon: :P yes yes i'm still a little shell shocked at the strong Malaysian response :P

jesslyn: thanks so much for your support! we'll get to the light at the end of the tunnel soon!

suicidal: yeah we made it to change every time the page refreshes so there's a little bit of variety...

neo: hahaha dude!! alright alright we all want the ipod :P

xes: DUDE!!!

ares: ehh why ler.. i wouldn't call it a fanbase.. just a group of nice people who read my blog :P

earl: hahaha!!! yes yes..all my colleagues read my blog

Anonymous said...

i'd be glad to lend whatever support i can, too :) eheh congrats at the overwhelming response, you sound absolutely thrilled!

cheers :) -meldee

Anonymous said...

siao siao boss stewie, so many supporter adi although still in beta, the 1st time i saw the ads(forget from which blog) i thought this was on for quite sumtime, but later on i only realise it's juz launched not long ago!!! haha...Malaysia Boleh :P