Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Rate My Service

I was driving down from Penang to KL just yesterday when I decided to stop by a petrol station for a little pee pee.

After emptying my tea-cup sized bladder, I decided to go into the store to pick up some Cornetto (Yes.. I'm addicted to Cornetto... sue me).

It was a typical store... but as I walked over to the cashier, something caught my attention.

There was a little machine by the side of the cashier and it had two buttons with emoticons on it with the words "Rate My Service".
I asked the cashier
"So uhmm... what's this for ar?"

And she politely replied
"Rate my service!!!"
There was even a little counter there that counted how many times people gave her a smiley face and how many times people gave her a frown.


What a simple yet creative idea.

I mean.. think about the NOVELTY... this is just the BEGINNING... before you know it... entrepreneurs all over are going to be applying this new gadget EVERYWHERE!!!

Now lets say we were to have a computer version of this placed in front of every cashier at Tesco.A smiley face indicating it's good service and a frown indicating bad service.

But even this can be innovated upon.

From a happy cartoon indicating good service to a cartoon throwing up indicating bad service.
From Gold indicating good service to crap indicating bad service.

From a thumbs up indicating good service to a not so thumbs up indicating bad service.

And finally, for brothels we could have...

From.... indicating good service to ..... indicating bad service.

The innovations are ENDLESS!!!!


TheBeerCrusader said...


How about giving Nuffnang stuff an experience on these feedback widget ??

Maybe Boss you can ask the programmers to provide such a feedback programs on Nuffnang !! LOL !

MaE : ) said...

AHAHAH boss u so lame!

Boss Stewie said...

gila: yah... then let them feedback me as well right? I sure die wan.. they will crucify me

mae: :P

Kiss my ass said...

eh... err no one claimed 1st? hrm weird...


Boss Stewie said...


MaE : ) said...

wahhh so efficent ar boss, reply so fast!
BTW i added u in facebook!

Boss Stewie said...

mae: okok i added u back di...

KY said...

actually first saw this type of gadget in airports and hotels.

Boss Stewie said...

mooiness: hahaha i'm only as dirty as the people who get it are :P

ky: yah damn cool rite!

Horny Ang Moh said...

I am most interest in the last pic! Can apply to my blog or not? Eg if I post up hor ny entry if I can stimulated my reader then got up 'bro' sign! He!He! Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Walau, macam ini pun boleh? Did the staff know that you used her post for this? lol

Gwendolynne said...

They actually have those on the touchpad here when you swipe your credit card. It says "Was your cashier friendly today?" and you can pick. Finally they implement it elsewhere? Good.