Thursday, November 15, 2007

Boss Stewie Gets FREE BOOZE!!!

One of the perks of being a blogger these days apart from being given free digital cameras to use and free food is being invited for exclusive invitation-only events and… FREE BOOZE!!!

Last week, I was at Velvet for Heineken’s launch of is Extra Cold beer.
Now I know you’re all probably wondering what the hell I’m talking about since beer is BEER… and is always cold anyway right? (I pity the fool that serves WARM BEER).

Well this beer is a little different.

First off, while normal beer is chilled between 4-5 degrees Celsius, Heineken’s “Extra Cold Pint” is chilled between 0-3 degrees Celsius. And yes, the few degrees of “coldness” does matter.
For one, the extra cold beer tastes a lot less bitter and a lot more icy and it gets you high equally as fast, kinda like having your cake at the same time and eating it.

As usual in every beer launch event there is always the “BEER GIRLS”… well-dressed and sexy girls serving beer. The ones at the event weren’t like the ones you see at wedding dinners with nylonish clothing but were instead dressed in little white hoods like this.

Damn cute right!!!

If I weren’t so distracted by the booze I probably would’ve made a fool of myself trying to hit on them.

Anyway, the event started off with a short speech, a video to educate us on the difference between Extra Cold beer and normal beer, a quick performance but was very quick to move on to the drinking part where everyone got their bottles together to Yam Seng!

I wasn’t the only blogger invited.

Suanie, Fireangel, Shaolintiger and Kimberlycun were there with me.

Shaolintiger isn’t in any of the photos I have on this blog because well.. he was the one taking the photos.

Kinda sad huh, being the designated photographer of the night… kinda like being a car valet… you get to drive the Bentley but all you get to do is park it.

Shaolintiger took this picture too, which was why he’s not in it.
If you’re a Nuffnanger, pay attention to the guy on the most left right beside me.

His name is Desmond and he is the ONE that gives you all your ads!

Well okay not ALL your ads, but a LOT of your ads so if you ever bump into him in The Curve or something, make sure you go up to him and say

Anyway, the rest of the night was wonderful partly because of the beer and partly because of the company.

I even met a particular celebrity there. Joey G from Channel V.
Towards the end of the night and with a little booze in her blood, Kimberly got high enough to drag me on the dance floor to dance with her.

Now everyone who has been clubbing with me before knows that I lurrveeeee to dance.... not that I dance particularly well but I just love dancing to let lose every weekend.

That being said, I wasn’t quite feeling it that night partly because all our Nuffnang clients were there and the last thing you want to do is make a fool of yourself in front of them :P
All my reasoning and begging Kim didn’t stop her until I finally gave up and she scolded me for not being sporting.

The night ended not too late for us since we all had to go back to work the next morning. I really really really enjoyed taking the night… nothing like having good beer with good company.

Plus I really enjoyed the beer they launched. Whoever knew that drinking beer that was chilled just a few degrees colder than the average beer would make such a difference.

Maybe it’s just one of those little things in life where small changes have big impacts.


Jess said...

haha in the last pic you look so happy with "your" bottle of beer

Unknown said...

it's really good beer if you can chill it lower than 0 degree celcius. i used to chill all my beer using a bowl of ice added with salt and put in the freezer for an hour or two

Caneeliea said...

Ooh Free Heineken! Lucky you Tim!

lovie said...

What a fun night. Guess I'll have to try out the beer.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

cold beer..thats life..just after work on a friday eveing..

Super Gentleman said...

i wan free beerrrr!!!

Michelle said...

you and your perks and the girlss!! lucky lucky you.. hahaha..
looking hot there... ^^

John Ong said...

Complain.. not enough pic of the models la.

Anonymous said...

The beer looks nice!!

HK said...

... .always so lucky. I Want beer too! To be honest I never noticed the difference of a few degrees towards the coldness of a beer. But, generally the colder it is the better it is!

Cheng Chun said...

Boss boss, you didn't turn into a red lobster leh. :P

Evil Chica said...

u really had a good time eh..its nice to see ur pic being taken hvg a some chill outs...

Boss Stewie said...

jess: hehehe yes beer makes me happy

effrick: isn't that even below 0 degrees?

jacq: heheheh :P yes i am lucky

lovie: yeah.. i'm sure you can find it everywhere now

joe: oh but that was a monday evening :P

super: don't we all :P

michelle: really? i thought i looked drunk

pencil: hahahaa okokok!!! shall put more next time

cbb: yah it is damn nice wei

hk: yes.. COLD BEER!!!

cheng: hahaha i was wat!

ricci: :P glad you like it

Horny Ang Moh said...

Hi Bossy! Tq tq for this informative post! Now I will just buy the cheapest beer I can find & put it into my freezer! Oh please help me to pass my message to Desmond, tell he his is very very very handsome!( & please ask him to pass me more ads as I need the money to buy cheap beer )! & to u Bossy tq very very much & have a very nice day!

a n n n a said...

si beh songg... u sure enjoy urself there.. the last picha u look so ham fook with the beer in ur hand..

hansem desmond, pls gimme some ads! XDD

Eric said...

pls check out my blog



Piggy said...

hehe i love beer too !!! but i had tried only australian local beers, especially premium beer in cold glass :)

Eric said...

check out my blog today!!!

the video is uploaded already!!!