Friday, November 09, 2007

Boss Stewie's New Toy

Funny thing happened to me yesterday. I bumped into one of my readers back in Penang, her name's Jane.

The moment she saw me she said
"TIMOTHY!!!! You look .... so different... from your blog".

I lifted an eyebrow and asked curiously
"Different good or different bad?"

She said "Oh... definitely good.. you're much better looking in real life".

Hear hear everyone... what Jane meant to say was
"Timothy, you look fugly on your blog you make me want to reach into my screen and bitchslap you... could you at least try to look a little less fugly... just try..."

So what she's trying to say is instead of posting more and more pictures like this.
I should post more and more pictures with me posing like this.

and this

Right Jane?

Anyway, since Panasonic sponsored me their camcorder a couple of weeks ago, they have went on to further spoil me by giving me another two cameras.

A Lumix DMZ-FZ18 which has a lens that is soooo cute it looks like a whale's big big eye.
and this compact.Upon receiving it, Skyler and Samantha were very very quick to camwhore in the office.

Now I was really excited about the Panasonic DMZ-FZ18 because I have never owned anything close to an SLR before and this Semi-SLR is the closest I have ever gotten.

So last weekend I made my way to Fridays' at The Curve determined to snap some pictures of something... ANYTHING.
Now every picture with "not so great lighting" that I used to take with my old digicam used to come out blurry and dark. But my Lumix DMZ-FZ18 caught in enough light to take a pretty decent picture, even with a bad photographer like me who doesn't play with the settings much and knows pretty much nothing about photography.

Note that NONE of the photos are photoshopped ok? All natural.

Anyway at Fridays' I snapped away pictures of the food we had from my yummy potato skins.

To my half rack of Beef Ribs.
To... my "date" that night Samantha who I never really gave a proper chance to pose properly.

The poor girl had to have her picture taken while she was halfway talking to me.To when she was trying to swallow her drink.

But I didn't care!!! I was TRIGGER-HAPPY STEWIE that night.

Finally, Samantha gave up trying to talk to me or do anything.

And I was told that if I didn't stop taking snapping annoying pictures of her, she would storm out of the restaurant and I will be left eating alone.

So with a frown on my face, I put down my camera only to have my new camera hijacked by Sam to annoy ME.

She grabbed my camera so fast all I remember hearing were the two words

right after my camera touched the table.

I went through 10 minutes of the night having my picture taken at the most candid shots ever... and realized that it was actually really quite annoying.

And there Sam was shouting

After a while, even Sam got bored of snapping pictures of me so we finished off our meal and walked around The Curve for more people to shoot.

Fortunately we bumped into a couple of old friends of mine to shoot pictures at.

Nahri was a natural.. and loved the attention of my big fat lens.
Simon on the other hand, was more... shy shy in front of the camera.

After snapping pictures all over The Curve, it was time to go and I headed for my car parked in Tesco.

The Car park was filled with cars parked everywhere!So many of them even ILLEGALLY PARKED!!!

And there I was thinking
"What the hell? These people not scared kena clamp wan ar?!"

Which was then did I only realize...You gotta love Tesco.

Good value, great prices... even for clamp penalties.


Cely said...

I love each and every single pictures of SAMATHA... SExy and CUte lehhhhhhhhhhh

Samatha, u without the glasses... so Sweet!

boss, you 'caught' the right angle of her! Good SHOT HOR!! haha :p

Boss Stewie said...

cely: ahhaha she sure blush wan wheen she see this

Jason Lioh said...

Wen Qi : Yes, you should start wearing contact glasses. Yes, and every candid photos of Wen Qi is really cute and sexy.

Boss : Damn blargy good angle, what were you looking at when you were focusing har? LOL.

Boss Stewie said...

jason: eh eh what waht?

Jason Lioh said...

It's okay, boss. I assume you have fully recovered?

*right click, save picture as*


princessladyjane said...

Hey boss...

I did not mean that la...

When i first spotted you... i tot u looked familiar.. i asked mel whether is it you.. cause u know, ur mole.. hehehe... then she confirmed, it is... I wasnt so sure its u, cause in pictures u look like 10 pounds heavier but in real life u actually looked thinner than i had expected... ehehhee... thats y..

but yeah, u really look better in real life... hehehee...

and you r not fugly.. u have the sexy mole.. like mine.. hahahaa... but urs r just bigger than mine.. LOL...

But it was nice meeting you yesterday... Hope to bump into you again soon!

Observer said...

sure bo ??!! u look same as your blog la

Boss Stewie said...

princess: hahahah ... so u say that i look fat on my blog lar!!!

free: hahahahah!

kimfei said...

the photo really nice...wat i can say is FZ18 really did a good job...Can offer me one or

Hui Yi said...

wah, so nice, another new cameras. I'm wondering what will be my respond if one day i meet u somewhere. Haha..

Cheng Chun said...

Boss are you turning to a camwhore now. :P

John Ong said...

The purpose of a SLR is TO play with the setting for sharper better picture.
Now pass that camera to me before Panasonic withdraw their sponsorship.
I dunno how to use an SLR either but I WILL play with all the setting... please...

Boss Stewie said...

kimfei: hahahahaha really?? i pass to you then what is panasonic going to do to me ? :P

hui yi: well.. come come.. accidentally bump into me!

cheng: haha yes yes.. slowly.. in time !!!

kee lin: hahahahahaa if i do then panasonic is goign to have my head rite ??

Mr Gin said...

I go to this tesco nearly every week and i've never seen such a sign...Not zero at least!!crap..hehe..

Boss Stewie said...

gin: hahaha it's true.. i didn't photoshop it

KY said...

get me the panasonic dmc L10 please!

Chocoanut said...

the photos taken by pana not that so...

Phil said...

Boss damn lucky. always get free stuff. One day I will be like u! ahha

Anonymous said...

Omg new stuff again! SLR this time. gosh ler boss i'm getting jealous of you XD

Unknown said...

Now that you already got a good DSLR, play around with it, Boss! The auto mode is fine but the semi-manual & manual mode of any DSLR is to die for.

With this free cameras you getting, when will you open up a contest for them? Or at least, more hot chick piktorz? :P

HK said...

wei.. boss.. how...come.. you.. are.. so.. blessed.. with..luck..

I want to be sponsored also!! T.T

Evil Chica said...

jeng2....Boss..u purposely took tat angle of Sam eh...sheeshhh..noti2...she looks cute though even if its a candid one..

its fun to play wif new gadgets's best fren..

Danny said...

If that's the same Samantha from Nuffnang, I prefer her with glasses on. Makes her more...I don't know...sophisticated. :P

Okie okie...glasses make her look cute and adorable. LOL!

OI! Maner says punya compact camera. I still have to replace it! ROFL!

Boss Stewie said...

ky: hahahaha ookokok i'll try

clement: ehh.. i think it's my terrible photography skills rather than the camera

philip: i'm sure one day you'll get better

cbb: hahahahaa ... don't be ler.. it's just every now and then

chapree: okok i'll play around with the semi manual mode later

hk: yah i know i'm damn lucky... nehmind.. one day i'm sure you'll come to be as lucky as i am

ricci: eh what angle? sam approved it!

danny: ohh... really? well depends.. sometimes she has the glasses on, sometimes off... hehehe ur camera haf to wait what they say... you got iphone... make me geram only!

BumbleBee™ said...

Can I have the camera too ? =P

giap said...

Boss... I met you too at Queensbay that day.. But I never come up to you lah... because you were busy talking to Leng Lui!!!! haha...

nadnut said...

*drools at Lumix DMZ-FZ18*

Genova said...

whoa. boss, sooner or later, ur gonna try out each and every new model of panasonic. awesome :)

David said...

Oh my god!

SLR Camera? Holy ___!

I wish i was sponsored too.

p/s: Write something bout Apple, maybe they will be happy enough to give you an iphone to ads on your blog =P

iamthewitch said...

Were you watching Bee Movie on Saturday? I thought I saw you there with a girl but I was too shy to say hi, plus it was too darn crowded... :)

Melanie said...

boss , you're hansem la boss :P

mae said...


Got new cam liao, faster camwhore la.


meiphing said...

thanks for the bee movie ey !
and you look younger in person. lol

Belle said...

bosss!! sorry i am late woh!!!
i must say this..........
boss you look fat la..don scare sam away =(

btw totally agrees with cely =D SAM SO CUTE AND SEXY! she took all the limelight la ~