Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dancing with the Hottest Chick in Velvet

After a dinner at Fridays' last Saturday night.
Joel: Come lets go Velvet tonight.

Me: What? Just me and you? Two sausages going to Velvet?

Joel: It'll be fun.. we'll go there and meet people.

Me: Uhh.. ok.

I figured that this is Joel Neoh I was talking to, ex-model, ex-reality tv show star and CEO of Youth Malaysia so how wrong could it go?

By the time we arrived at Velvet it was about 12AM and the party had already started. Guys were downing their drinks and girls were shaking their booties.

Joel and I headed first to the bar to get a drink then straight off to the dance floor to startedancing. Yes, Joel... like me is one of those guys that loves to dance. So we get along just fine.

True enough, within 30 minutes we met a couple of girls on the dance floor, exchanged names and started dancing away together.

I was having so much fun I didn't realize that I was being pushed away from our group on the dance floor.... which was about when I saw her.

Her slim figure was clad in a short green dress and high heels that were almost enough to take my attention of her big adorable eyes and beautiful face. She was no doubt the HOTTEST girl in the club that night.

She said a quick hi to Joel almost as if she knew him.

Then to my disbelief, she set her eyes on me and made a bee line for me, cutting across the dance floor. I looked at her stunned, thinking maybe she wanted to say hi or something but the minute she got in front of me, she put her arms around my neck body close to mine and started dancing away.

I couldn't believe it.... there she was, the hottest girl in Velvet that night and she was dancing with me.

It was a short dance though... someone from a distance called her and she went on her way (THAT BASTARD!).

She left me alone on the dance floor... alone... but with a big smile on my face.

I went back to the group I met where Joel was and started dancing with them again.

Later on that night I looked around and didn't manage to find her. I shouted in Joel's ear
"The hot chick's gone!"

Joel was calm and whispered loud enough that the loud Black Eyed Peas song playing in the background didn't drown his words.
"Don't worry... she'll come back".And came back she did.

This time while she made her way back, every other guy on the dance floor wanted to dance with her so she obliged and danced with them for a bit.

Then she made her way to Joel who was in front of me and danced for a while with Joel too.

Shortly after, she looked at me again and walked straight to me and started grinding her body against mine.

After another short but intense dance, I asked her politely
"How does it feel to be the center of attention in the club?"

She giggled and replied with a

I said
"I'm serious... just about every guy AND GIRL in this club seems to want to dance with you".

Suddenly, she looked at me with a bit of anger in her face and said

I said

Then she said it again

And walked away.

I was confused.... really really confused... how the hell did I even "MOCK" THIS GIRL!?!?

Soon enough the night ended and it was time for us to leave.

I was walking to the car park with Joel when he told me
"You know that hot chick just now... I think she's lesbian... "

I was in shock!

Joel replied
"Well maybe she's bi.. but I think she's somewhere along those lines".

Then it struck me that I had stressed that EVERY GIRL in the club too wanted to dance with her... NO WONDER SHE THOUGHT I WAS MOCKING HER... WTF!!!!

Next time I'll just stick with Joey's tried and true line
"How you doing...?"

PS: You can actually see that hot girl in the last picture I posted up. She's the girl in the green dress right in front. I know I know there are coincidentally 3 other girls in green dresses as well but this girl is the one to the most left. Even this photo doesn't do justice to how HOT she is.

All the pictures in this entry were taken with my trust Panasonic DMC-FX33


Twinkle said...

Oohhhhh.... YEah, U should stick with Joey's line.. 'How ya doin?'. Eh.. maybe you go to the club next Friday. She might be there and you can try Joey's line this time. Hehehee

Twinkle said...
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Cheng Chun said...

Eh, still can't find her in the picture. :S Anyway, bossie ah, don't feel down, sure a lot of sexy sexy one out there kan. So, conclusion go out more lor. :P

JacJac said...


kesian boss

*pats boss' back*

Super Gentleman said...

wahhh boss... les bohh... hahahaz... still okie rite?? at least nt trans... LOL... u go in next week den if c her, trap her by saying u r gay lohhh... c can work o not... wahaha... like chuck n larry... hohoho...

Evil Chica said...

hmm..i dont knw wats "mocking" in ur statement..but well best of luck next time...there are more hotties out thr la, Boss..maybe u jus happen to get de wrong person at de wrong time..

KY said...

next time increase the ISO and disable the flash, else we'll just get the smoky effect and can't see the hot chicks laa

Boss Stewie said...

twinkle: hahahahaa yes i'll try that if she gives me a second chance

cheng: hahaha i already go out often enough wor

jac: :(

super: haha.. so lie that i'm gay to get my foot in the door first? is that the strategy you have in mind?

ricci: *sniff*

ky: hahahaha sorry... all i know how to do is point and shoot

immi said...

hey immi here. now aren't u at least glad that u made some new friends that night? *hint hint*

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha.. did u have "I love lesbians" on ur forehead?..dont worry, velvet is here to stay and wont close shop nxt wk..

Horny Ang Moh said...

She is a lady isn't she??? Lesbo so what! U can poke don't u??? See I know u r a handsome guy! Some ladies will got nut over ur mole!!!U r real lucky! BTW Panasonic take such lousy pic meh???
Have a nice day!

Boss Stewie said...

immi: hehehe yes yes :P

joe: hahaha okok good

hor ny : hahaha pls lar.. nobody likes the mole :P

giap said...

hey boss, i just wonder you take your Panasonic DMC-FX33 along even you go to dance??? So amazing....

YT said...

Question - what if there is a 2nd go with her? how far would you go?

Boss Stewie said...

giap: yah i do :P hehehe it fits right into my pocket

yii toong: a little further :P

Genova said...

time to change camera for a clearer picture. lol. cant see the chick clearly

Leon said...

Give better Pics or it didn't happen! Soz LOL.

maysnow said...

Haha...For a moment I thought she was the girl to the right, clutching the white handbag... =p

Unknown said...

I'm sure she's a frequent visitor at Velvet. You still haven't lost yet, Boss. FTW!

immi said...

lol, i happen to like the mole. :P it's sexy... hahaha.

yep go velvet more often to "catch" her. i can go with u... *wink*

Michelle said...

*imagining her grinding her body against yours..."

so who got the sexier body? you or her? hahahaha