Sunday, November 25, 2007

Life on the Island

After my business meeting in Singapore on Thursday, I hopped on a flight straight back to Penang for the weekend.

Every now and then I try to make it a habit to come back to Penang most importantly to see my family and remind my parents that they still have a third son, but also to soak in a bit of island life.

How different is life in Penang from KL? Take yesterday for example, it was dinner time and I went along with some friends to this hawker centre that was at the backyard of this old bungalow house right by the sea.
There were all kinds of hawker food by the sea, everything from your usual Penang Char Kuey Teow to even French Food with a chef really from France,
and Wunderbar German Sausages... all at a fraction of what you would pay in KL for the same thing.
We took a place on one of the tables by the sea and sat down to enjoy the sea breeze and start doing what we like to call "Talking Cock".

In no time the food will come.

I had the typical Char Hor Fun

but one of my other friends on the table even had this macaroni and cheese bake thing.

You can't help but take a look around at the other patrons of this hawker centre and notice that you have everyone from the typical tourists

to more tourists

and to the true blue Penangites!

And you know what's the best part of all this?

In Penang, we can wear whatever we want when going anywhere, even if we go to the nicest shopping malls here and I take advantage of that.

No accidentally running into clients in public... so I take every opportunity I have to wear silly shirts, like this one that Nicole gave me.

Shirts like those make me happy. So funny how whenever I walk around, everyone stares at my chest to read what my shirt says.

Words just attract attention. Especially big ones.

I remember when I was in London, I used to share a flat with this really hot British Born Hong Kong girl.

She loves to wear pants like this.

And I find myself always staring down at her ass reading the words even if I already know what they say from before. I can't help it.. big words just BEG you to read them.

Let me prove a point.



See? You read it anyway didn't you.

Fortunately that friend of mine is a nice girl, and she enjoyed the attention... right Julia? :P

Anyway, whatever shirt I was wearing could NOT even come close to the shirt another shirt another one of us was wearing.I mean.. how do you compete with a tag line like that?

You just can't... You can't!!!

Anyway after we're done with our dinner and have had enough time talking cock and enjoying the full moon that was coming up,
we would all adjourn and head home.

As I leave the old bungalow house, I would come heads on to a number of office buildings, one of which (the one in the center) is where our Nuffnang Penang office is located.

That is the fascinating thing about Penang.

You have a bit of a tropical island kind of feel, and at the same time you have a bit of a city feel with all the skyscrapers we have around.

After dinner, we'll all take a slow drive home and since it's Saturday night, it's time to go out.

So we go home, take off our silly shirts and dress up a little.
Now in every city in the world, there HAS to be a place where people can go to POSE and act cool.

In Penang, that place is a seaside bar called QE2.

That's right, I said seaside bar. Yes we eat by the sea, and party by the sea too :P

Now if I were an economist (which I actually am by training), I would consider measuring the performance of the economy in terms of people's drinking habits.


Because here's what I notice.

When the economy is booming (and all my friends feel rich), all my friends who go out will always buy bottles of good whiskey or vodka to drink.

When the economy is not exactly booming, all my friends... well... we drink beer, the cheapest option.So cheap that even the girls in our group are shy to show their faces on my blog thinking

"I can't be seen just drinking a few bottles of beer in QE2... no!!! no!!! I can only be seen if we're drinking Premier or Blue Label."

Too bad for you guys because this particular girl who covered her face is actually a really hot Penang girl. But fret no more, she'll be coming to KL to finish up her studies soon... so KL guys, please ensure you're single by then.

We spend the rest of the night there drinking in the rather open air seaside environment and people-watching.
Always interesting to see how some guys and girls pose in bars and clubs.

The poser guys who are often a little red from the alcohol would see each other then shout out loud

Of which the translation of that is often
"Bro... I know we don't really know each other but act like you know me damn well okay? I got some chicks behind me that I need to impress".The poser girls on the other hand would scream like this when they see a fellow poser girl friend.

And then hop like little birdies to hug each other like they've never seen each other for 10 years when the truth is they just saw each other at the same time same place last week.

Of course the next question is.. do any of my friends act like this?No... we're more like the more passive crowd like this couple you see here.

We sit down... talk, joke... laugh... and sometimes when we run out of jokes to tell... we just sit there looking bored.

We really should start learning to pose one day though....

Posing is an art!

All pictures in this entry are taken by my trusty Panasonic DMX FX-33


JacJac said...


ahhh... I feel so sien staying in Bworth...sigh...wish i can be in the island so can go minum wit frens... (and DON ask me to move k? ;) )

yehh.. your tshirt is kewlll

Boss Stewie said...

wahh you are damn fast!!!


Boss Stewie said...

wahh you are damn fast!!!


JacJac said...

told u not to ask me to move lor...

sien yess... but kenot get used to island life dee... =.="
eh.. butterworth oso got good food k?

and yes i was quite the fast eh?... :p
checked by luck eh... lucky internet is not crazy eh

Cheng Chun said...

So Penang or Singapore better la boss. :P And I thought you wanted to be an ultimate camwhore kan. Lol. Just kidding.

Evelyncyl said...

wow.. penang sounds a wee bit like kuching (in Sarawak, for those who don't know where kuching is)... a city cum seaside place... on an island too (Borneo island that is..), eat at the seaside.. (Buntal village).. party at the seaside? (Damai Beach / Santubong).. seaside bar not so sure though.. heheh..

oh and.. your post makes me feel like visiting penang lar..... ;)

Super Gentleman said...

ehh i tot u go velvet lehh... LoL... mebe d lesbo looking out for u lehh... so sad for her... LoL... i wan go seaside bar... most kch bars very d lame lahh... no seaside 1 oso... LoL..

Anonymous said...

Hmm boss should go learn abit of posing then can attract girls maa... =P

Orange Armada Inc. said...

aye for that!your group has some similarities as mine.we love to talk cock stories and sit aimlessly anywhere everywhere to talk dirty jokes and stuff.talking cock is a

eStee said...

Talking cock sure is everyone's past time. Tok kok. sing song. play mahjong.

ahhh. the life...

Boss Stewie said...

jac: checked by luck hehehe

cheng: hahahaha!!! no lar... slowly i shall reach that goal of camwhoring

eve: hahaha yes!! come visit penang! damn nice wan

super: hehe i shall go next weekend to velvet!

cbb: yah i know!! i'm missing out on so much rite

orange: hahaha really? then i won't feel left out in your group will i?

estee: sing song!! i likey! not like i can sing lar.. but i likey

[fong88] said...

u was at QE2 on sat nite??@@
i was there on that nite too..LOL!!

Genova said...

boss back to penang to feel like penangites eh. sure feel proud to be a penangites

pinkpau said...

wow i think your shirt is such a nice and thoughtful gift :))))))))

pinksterz said...



Suet Li said...

yeah i'm with stupid, it can't get more thoughtful than that =)

Horny Ang Moh said...

I wander what will happen if I write this on my t-shirt
"Horny Ang Moh!One Poke Free One Poke!".
Woah u have so many hot chick with u arrr? See that mole very attractive to ladies wan!
Have a nice day!

electronicfly said...

You know the art of poser-ism what, remember the 1-10? Lol. Love the new Nuffnang btw!

Piggy said...

y ur pics like a bit blur one ?

Quistreous said...

The "Will Shag for Food" shirt is worn by Hui Li! Yeah!

Quistreous said...
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