Saturday, November 17, 2007

Youth Malaysia's '08 Launch

Some of you may or may not already know but I was invited to speak at PWTC for the upcoming Youth Malaysia Entrepreneurs event in January.

Last Thursday was the launch of Youth Malaysia '08 also held at PWTC and I was invited to go by Joel, the winner of reality TV show The Firm and the big boss at Youth Malaysia (Joel's not the one in the picture btw... that's just one of the "Donald Trump's" in the TV Show).
Funny thing is, just a day before the launch event at PWTC, I received a call from Joanne, one of the lovely people at Youth Malaysia.

"Hi Timothy, I just want to confirm if you'll be attending tomorrow".

Without hesitation I said
"Yes... I will be there to support. Don't worry!".

Then Joanne unsuspectingly said
"You do know that you'll be going up on stage to launch the event with our Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports right? So the dress code for you is formal."

My jaw dropped
"WHAT?!?!?! I thought I was just going there as part of the audience... I just brought my suit back to Penang for dry cleaning!!!".

I knew I had to find a suit anyway.

So that afternoon itself I headed to KLCC to buy a suit from... HUGO!!!
HAhahahahah yes... HUGO was my first choice simply because they've advertised with us at Nuffnang too!

I walked into the store, was treated very well by the very friendly staff and picked up a suit that was altered to fit in two hours.

I had Vivian, one of my colleagues at Nuffnang pick it up for me later on and I had everything set for the next day.

Damage to my credit card: RM3,000... but it was worth it. A suit is an investment.

The next day I put on my suit and head straight for PWTC.

I was punctual and the minute I arrived was showed around by the wonderful Joanne there who treated me like a VIP. The poor girl was so occupied with the other parts of the event I eventually told her not to worry about me and just go do her thing.

So she left after I was interviewed by some very friendly young journalists and taken some pictures of.Then I explored the event we had going there.

There were booths everywhere set up all by youths with all sorts of interests.

Yes, apparently DOTA these days is also considered a HOBBY/INTEREST... what has the world come to.

There were booths that focused more on mind games, booths focused on music but most importantly for me, there were booths focused on games like Counterstrike which really reminded me of my teenagerhood!

They call it Counterstrike Solo challenge where the winner is the one that kills the most people in the shortest amount of time.

Then there is this little thing called Project Eye where they got youths from all over to take pictures with a whiteboard and any message that they want to put on to it.

All the pictures are put on a wall like that.

I didn't want to miss the opportunity of being on the wall with a lot of other youths so I grabbed a whiteboard and marker myself.
And guess what I wrote.

I know, it's not too easy to read thanks to the flash and the size of the picture but the whiteboard says "Nuffnanger at Heart".

Soon enough, the event started and we all took our seats overlooking the stage. I was lucky enough to be put into VIP seating with a front row view of everything.

First Joel Neoh, the entrepreneur behind Youth Malaysia gave a very inspiring speech.

Then the biggest VIP for the night, the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports gave his speech on why he supports youth development programs like these and why the government is trying to promote entrepreneurship.
By the time it was done, I went up on stage with some other youth entrepreneurs and officially launched the event, sort of like cutting ribbon but more of pressing a button. Youths should be more high-tech right? We don't cut ribbon.. we PRESS BUTTON!!

After the event, we all headed together for a Press Conference with the Deputy Minister and we all got together to take this picture for the press.
I don't blame you if you can't spot me in this picture since I'm overshadowed by all the other successful young entrepreneurs around me but I'm the one third from the right.

After the press conference and being HUMBLED by the other entrepreneurs there, we all adjourned for lunch.We chatted a bit and I got to take one picture with Joel and Kid Chan (left).

I know I know, Joel is tall and leng chai... don't ask me for his number... DON'T YOU DARE!!!

I jealous of him so I wun give it to you!!! HMPH!
Congratulations on the succesful event to Joel, Joanne and the rest of the Youth Malaysia team. It was one hell of an event!

I wish there was something like this when I was a teenager.

At least then maybe I would've spent a little less time on Counterstrike and a little more time trying to do something more productive.

All pictures in this entry were taken by my Panasonic DMC-FX33


Meldee said...

wah, padanlah your suit so cantik, from hugo! *marvels*

Evil Chica said...

oh my gosh!!is tat Hugo Boss?? i wish i can adorn my bf wif tat de way, Boss, u look so hensem in de yes, Joel look so leng chai...nw can share2 his number??? lol

Super Gentleman said...

no lahh boss u more leng jai... joels face 2 long n hair 2 high... rite? riTE?? RITTEE??? nw can u buy me a hugo boss suit?? =)

Boss Stewie said...

melody: aww thank you:P credit to hugo for that.. not me

ricci: hehehe.. well i only paid so much for it because HUGO is my client and since they've supported me.. i want to return the favour directly or indirectly :P

super: hahaha i can't afford another one dude :P

Caneeliea said...

Wah Hugo suits are very nice! Excellent choice! :)

Unknown said...

The suit worth every damn ringgit. Doesn't matter at which camera angle, it looked beautifoooolll! XD

Meanwhile, does any of the booth there did something related to blogging?

Daren said...

That joel guy very 'hemsum' meh?
Boss Stewie,if you agree with my statement,then you have BAD taste.'Joel's face is rather...broad.I think your face is much,much better.Except for that 'beauty spot'.

Anonymous said...

omg 3k just like tht!! but nice suit la =)

Michelle said...

hugo suits are always really nice..
though it's a bit ex but like u said.. investment.. heheh.. u look really good+smart+MAN in suits.. should wear more. =P

errr.. joel is really hot. hahaha
y u look so shy nex to him? hahaha..

Eric said...

hey timothy,

did u see the video of your karaoke moment?

Nicole said...


RM3,000 for one suit?!!

*strangle Tim*

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

what an investment indeed..can only dream of such a suit..thats more then 1 mth my salary!

ZB said...

JOEL is HANDSOME and I have GOOD taste :p right, Boss???

Unknown said...

craving joe: what to do, boss got da open tap... we dont... cant evny so much one

Unknown said...
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Cely said...

Boss wearing hugo BOSS... super yeng jai wo... :)

JacJac said...

BOSS!!!RM 3 000!!!



I'm helping nicole....

bah... rich boi

Sasi a.k.a Saz said...

AWesome - i wanna get me dem suit also - after i loose some Kilos le :) eheheh - i want get the pimp karer !

Stella said...

I know where the best egg tart in HK are now! Your suit very nice.. can buy 3 of the painting I got today! :P

Stella said...

I know where the best egg tart in HK are now! Your suit very nice.. can buy 3 of the painting I got today! :P

Cheng Chun said...

Terlalu yau yeng la boss in your hugo boss suit. Congrats. :)

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

Hahaha I found your blog lol. Hugo boss ehh... impressive.. very smart looking too.. the suit that is.. haha... and just to spite u.. I want Joel's number.. muahahahhahhaa..

Cool blog man!

Btw.... site is not the blogspot one. cheers

Weird Dan said...

Hugo Boss suit. Hmm... though for me now, there wasn't a need for me to get one.

But I can spot u too in the photo

Unknown said...

is that a 2 button suit?