Monday, April 14, 2008

Doctor Says

Ok so I'm down in Singapore again for work and also to see my eye specialist about my recurring corneal erosion.

I went to see the good doctor today after just experiencing another corneal erosion attack.

Here's my vague recollection of the conversation we had.

Doc: Okay so it seems that this is happening a least once a month for you huh. Very disruptive of your usual life huh.

: Yep. So how ar?

: Well we're gonna try to do without the laser surgery first and hope it heals itself and doesn't happen again but if I were to guess, I think you might not have a chance but to go fo the laser surgery.

: Ohh.. cool.. how does that work? They shine some kind of light into my eye or something right... or something like lasik?

Doc: Uhmm.. noo.. nothing like lasik. Well what we're gonna do is use the laser to burn off your entire cornea.

Once its all off, then you won't be able to see for 5-7 days. The surgery is going to take 5-10 minutes, really quick but it's just the healing that is going to hurt a lot. Imagine burning a medium-sized hole through your skin and waiting for it to heal. Now imagine that the skin is actually your eye.

Me: Great... sounds like fun. So after I go through this that's it? I'll never have this problem again?

: Well not quite, this surgery has only a 70% chance of curing you. 30% chance that it might do nothing the first time round and you might have to do it all over again.

: What??? Okay so what happens if I still don't get it right the second time round.

: Well then you do it again.

: And if that still doesn't help?

: Well if you keep doing it, Sooner or later you'll get it right.

Me: Wow Doc! That's a GREAT PLAN! Anything else in the procedure that could make it any more painful? You know like shoving a durian up my ass during surgery or something.

Doc: You think you're funny don't you?

: Okay okay fine fine.. zap me with the laser.


meow said...

take care, tim! and i think ur doc is cool~~~


MaN|acZ said...
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MaN|acZ said...

you take care Boss.

pinksterz said...

haha exactly the kind of patient i am hoping in the future! :D

DeViLisH Est said...

oh my.. take care.. hopefully u can tahan not being able to work n blog for at least a week though..

Unknown said...

er.. ouch... such a painful procedure..

Silhouette said...

Sounds like one of thos electric buzzer things! Trial and error!

peggy said...

one word: PAIN.

and did you REALLY have that amusing conversation with your doc or were u just humouring us?

Michael Teoh said...

Well, whether it is amusing or not (Which it was), good luck for the treatment! You will be fine! The road to recovery is nothing more than a challenge, that once overcome, it makes you alot stronger! So you would not get hurt that badly anymore!

Unknown said...

boss, did u watch awake? becareful when u r on the OT...they might laser something else!!!

Anyway, gud luck and speedy recovery!

Kyle said...

you dare kidding with doctor..
nanti he really shoving a durian up my ass during surgery or something.

take care a~

KY said...

I think you should still sleep with helmet

immi said...

oh wow, sounds painful. good luck though. :)

Boon said...

yo dude, remember this word, u will be using it quite in the future.


David Cheong said...

omg, I think a porcupine would have been a better choice =D

Zephyr said...

if u do too much then u will became the cyclops character in X-men movie XD

i'm juz joking only

hope u can heal 100% in juz one try

JacJac said...

ouch boss

do take care boss..

one suggestion.. instead wearing a helmet to sleep...why not get a rope and tie yourself up b4 u go to bed? :p
(of cos u need help.. u need ppl to tie u up :p)

painful procedure..dunno if u should go get 3rd opinion or 4th b4 u go for it..

take care dude

Belle said...

laugh hard on ky's comment!
*pray for uncle tim*

hope u are in the 70%!!!

Miss Nobody said...

burn off the cornea??
omg dts....
hope u get well soon!

Genova said...

oh boss.. kena again

Unknown said...

hahahahha, boss kena scolding by doctor..... no sweets for you


i guess boss kenot read these comments for whole week d, since boss will be temporarily out of service this period...

.kitty said...


best wishes!!

optic BOOM!! lol

take care..

JuLJuL said...

Haha. Good luck. Take care. =)

Simon Seow said...

...and the doc cashing it out on WaterFish Stewie.

MuFFy said...

oh dear... sounds painful alright.. yikes! good luck!

look at it this way .. 7 out of 10 come out alright .. there's a higher chance of being in that 7 right? =)

Cheng Chun said...

Boss boss. Have you done your op already? Good luck then.

We don't want durian going up ppl's asses. :)

RealGunners said...

durian flesh is fine, just don't use the shell :D

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

aiyo you pooor thing!!! So that means you are actually gonna go through with it? you're eyes may feel terribly dry le with that kinda surgery uuughhh which makes it very gritty and painful

fie the elf said...

my uncle did something like that last month =/