Friday, April 04, 2008

How To Get Your BF To Stop Watching Porn!

Okay so I was looking through all the questions I was getting for the 20 Questions entry I was about to do when I saw this reader of mine write this e-mail to me.

hey TT.. :)

so my question is, is it wrong for a guy who is in a relationship to watch porno? i feel unappreciated and degraded by the fact that, eventhough a guy who has a gf, the guy will still watch porn when the gf is not around.

Is this normal? do i need to be angry? and when i question him, he doesnt wanna talk about it... he'll get annoyed and say that its normal for all guys.. is this true?
I'm hoping that u can answer my question... thanks so much for your time !!"

I felt compelled to answer her first!!!

So here goes.

Dear XXX (I'm gonna not disclose her name here),

I'm not going to answer your question and try to help you understand this. Instead I'm going to tell you how you can go about getting your way as to make your bf stay so far away from porn you're gonna think he's a priest.

You know the saying that goes that if you tell people NOT to do something, they'll do it even more? Well that in my opinion has some truth in it.

Back when I was still in school, there used to be grass patches with signs that said "DO NOT WALK ON GRASS", those signs really made me want to walk on the grass even more.Now I actually applied this theory to a co-worker of mine.

When he first joined Nuffnang, he was a chain-smoker. He had been smoking for many many years so nothing was gonna stop him now. Everyone in the team wanted him to stop, and tried to help by discouraging him in all sorts of ways but it didn't work.

One day I decided to try the reverse.

Instead of telling him to stop smoking, I kept asking him to go take a cigarette break and get some 'oxygen' into his lungs. When my other colleagues nagged him to stop smoking I defended him and said
"HEY!!! Don't nag! He hates cigarettes!!! That's why he smokes them... to help destroy them".Then Christmas came.

Christmas was a nice time for us at Nuffnang. The whole team got together for a big dinner at San Francisco Steakhouse.

Before the dinner we all had a little Secret Santa kind of thing so we each had to buy presents for each other (with a maximum limit of RM50 each).
I was supposed to buy for this particular colleague of mine so I bought him an ashtray and a packet of high-end cigarettes to encourage him to smoke more.

I think that was the last straw.

Barely a week after I had given him the ashtray and cigarettes for his Christmas present, he announced that he was quitting smoking. Cold turkey style!

So you see? When you want something, sometimes you gotta do things the other way round.

Now apply this to your bf who likes to watch porn.

Now whether it's normal or not, and why he does it... is not important!!

Because like I said, this entry is about how to get him to stop.

So what you gotta do, is overload him with porn so much that he never ever wants to see a porn video again in his life.

Once a day e-mail him a "Nude Hottie of the Day".

Every night ask him

Even when he's done watching porn you should urge him
"Watch some more lah!!! just a bit more!!!"

And if his birthday is nearing, buy him a 1-Terabyte (1,000 GB) Hard Disk and fill it up with porn. Then wrap it up and give it to him with a label that says
"My Lucah Stuff".

Keep at this mood for a few months and I guarantee you that at the end of it, your bf will stop watching porn.

Problem solved right?

You can thank me later :P

PS: The co-worker I was talking about has stopped smoking for 3 months now... and he's still going strong! :P... am I right dude? You're not fagging behind my back are you?


.:Baby Gin:. said...


vss3t said...

gud one, boss! i like the way u deal smokers!

JacJac said...

i agree as baby gin

=_=""" *sweat*

but quite true...sometimes make them sien enough to quit...

one thing i want to say about your method of trying to make your co-worker quit ciggie by encourage him to smoke out his lungs... please dont "accidentally" kill a person the next time when u wanna try this method ok boss?... don wanna see u update your blog in jail..

aniway boss...leng!~ XD

Amilyn said...

hahahaha porn overload! i have a feeling it would work. if only i could try it for own where do i get porn?

ZB said...

wow! he really did stop?
i guess that present you and ming gave him did work.

i'm happy for HIM :)

Chris said...

That's just AWESOME!

So the next time I want to stop my gf from having too much ice cream, I'll just keep on buying her Ben&Jerry's.

It's just until she fed up of ice cream or until I broke.

And guys, don't you think it'll work for Vincci (or Charles and Keith for Singaporeans) as well? I think it might be possible.

.kitty said...

you're not serious are you?

who on earth would fill a 1-terabyte ext hdd with porn??

if she mailed u and said it worked..
you've got to tell me.. (^O^)

Unknown said...

wow..reverse psychology..and looked like it might just work too..(*off to hit the download on bit torrent and tonite to the pasar malam to pick up those DVDs stashed inside little boxes under the table...sssshhhhhhh... :)*)

Cheng Chun said...

Yau mou... Kam to tak... Lol... Well, I suppose reverse psychology works. :)

p/s: Boss boss famous already on Malaysian Dream Girl. :P

David Cheong said...

LOL! Next time I got gf, you tell my gf that k! hahaahahahaha.... Especially the part where 'watch together' *wink*!!!

ps: you can actually have your own The Star, Dear Thelma column ady LOL..

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wah looks like 1 question answered a day..u got enuf posts going for the whole month!

so are you planning to stop sommore frens from smoking? you still got 1 (the 1 tat eats klang bkt only) that is still smoking strong

Super Gentleman said...

boss... dun mislead d poor gal lahh.. cz i noe if my gf filled 1tb of porn to me i would b as happy as hell... LoL...

MrChrispy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MrChrispy said...

ahahahaha, that's not gonna work on me.

but I appreciate the 1TB worth of porn though, that's humongous!

Suet Li said...

yay for firdauz!

JenKin Yat said...

hmm..i believed a lot of BFs watch porns..and i also have frens that their GFs didnt let them to watch porns..but's normal to watch porns la..

boss u wan? *flashing my 80GB external HDD in front of boss*

btw..he did stop smoking? YAY *throws confetti*

immi said...

smart... law of diminishing marginal utility... :P

Genova said...

haha... 1TB. holy god.

Qi Wen said...

imo, i think what the bf really wants is sex with the girl but since the girl refuses/idk, he had to resolve to watching porn. it's going to be sooner or later he says "if you want me to stop watching then do it with me."
you know, typical guys, love these stuffs a lot.
idk, it's just what i'm thinking of what the guy's thinking. *shrug*

ahlost said...

hahahahaha... good one..

will try this next time :P

LogicYuan said...

good method!

LeangFM said...

boss, u r the man!

u know, the ashtray and ciggie, who is the sender also plays a role lor..
if say oth ppl give him, dun think is that effective already

Princess said...

Don't think that's gonna work for my bf though. Some people can never change.

XiangMei said...

Aiya,as if there is no man in this world who didn't watch porn...sup sup water lar nowadays,not to say man but girls also enjoy watching it...after we watch,then only we know how is it done mah. Sooner or later,u will also watch it....

joshuaongys said...

i have a fren who have 200gb of porn... i give him 1tb harddisk den he sure dl more only.... O.O

Anonymous said...

i'm pretty sure u've seen porn with ur girlfriend around. cos she's watching it too HAHA. oH c'mon now! LOL

Unknown said...

That's a very good way to STOP. Instead of telling straight on the face. NO USE!
I tried it too!


*wink* Good luck! =D

MikeM said...

its ok wat watching porn... should happy he only watch... i second boss idea... my ex used to watch porn together wif me... so much so, i got sick n quit...

C said...

i like this post very much, however to a certain extent don't you think reverse psychology works only on certain situations?


what if the gf did encourage her guy to watch them, the more his eyes are glued to..won't you think the chances of him becoming a porn addict increases? but hey, no harm trying :)

C said...

oh to add on...

hey girls! give your guys a break! guys who watches porn ( but not a porn addict) is a norm! its like a daily guy's diet v_v give em' a breather!

why not explain why we can't stop shopping for a week? lol

Falcon said...

WAH..I salute and bow to you..once he has stopped watchin porn..Can i get that 1 terabyte hard

Pam Song said...

Wah! Aneh pun eh sai ah??

But I feel the same way as the girl lah. It seems somewhat 'off' when your bf lusts after another woman.

Even if she's stuck on screen.

Macam salah lah.

Pam Song said...

*blink blink*

Whoa. So many languages.

Silhouette said...

Fill it up with gay porn!!!! Muahahahahah!

Anonymous said...

I can't help laughing as I read but is true. Sometimes we need to do the reverse way. Sometimes I watch with my hubby & slowly irritates him. Eventually he'll stop watching at that moment.

luving u 4-eva said...

boss dats a gd post, i going to try it on my own guy ^^

JuLJuL said...

Like dat also got one ah? Haha. But you did a great job on making your co-worker stop. Indirectly. =D

mushroom said...

good tactic!

Simon Seow said...

Let's stop smoking. Going Cold Turkey next week.

Better yet when watching the porn, keep praising the male actor.

Anonymous said...

give me the 1 terabyte hdd full of porn ler......................................................
i wan

ti3nD said...

ohhh really? will it really gonna work? i bet ur gf will do this to u one day also.. ahhahaha..just kidding.

good one dude :P

Ken Wooi said...

Nice post! =)

The reverse psychology technique on the smoker was witty! XD

Ron Jerem Lee said...

that pretty much sums up their relationship - the porn is more exciting than the bitch. so lady - dump him , before he tell u he already did so in his mind. :)