Saturday, April 19, 2008

Recovery Underway

Hello Everyone!

Yes according to the Doc I'm not supposed to be online now but he did give me a quote of minimal computer usage each day which allows me to update my blog regularly again.

I used most of the quota earlier today when I checked the hundreds of work e-mails I got for being away in the past two days but I decided that hey I should write one last entry first before I go

Let me tell you about my surgery but unfortunately I can only do so in words because I didn't get to take any pictures of myself getting my eye lasered.


A TRUE BLOGGER would have said
"Excuse me nurse, when the Doctor is zapping my eye with the laser, could you please help me take a picture... it's for my blog".

But alas.. I didn't...

Now here's what surgery was like for me.

First, they brought me into a very very sterile looking room lit by white fluorescent light. Then they got me to change into a surgery gown that looked like this... yes... hat included.

I changed, looked at myself in the mirror and couldn't help but giggle.

The nurse ignored me, almost as if she was thinking to herself
"I'd like to see you giggle in about 10 minutes when we start the surgery".

After I got dressed, the nurse put many anesthetic eye-drops to numb my eyes so I don't feel them scrape off my cornea later on.

Then it was time to go into the operating theater.

Inside, there was the doctor waiting there with two other nurses and a table for me to lie on.

Directly above the table was a HUGE machine which was what must've been the laser.

I lay down and the doctor told me to look at a red blinking light while he operated at me.

Then he started the surgery.

First he took some metal blade to slowly scrape off my old 'unhealthy' cornea that kept falling off resulting in my recurrent corneal erosion.

That took him about 5 minutes.

Then he shot me 4 times with the laser.... and the operation was done. In something like 10 minutes.

Throughout the whole operation though, I was squeezing my eyes at the discomfort and the doctor kept telling me to relax but hey.. it's reflex if anything. I didn't know how to NOT squeeze my eye when someone is scraping off my cornea.

Anyway here's the really scary thing. Each time after I got lasered, I could smell a burn smell... which I think was cornea being fried.

That's right.. BBQ Cornea.

But overall it's okay.
I've been down and in pain for the past two days with my eye patched up but have fast been recovering with a full recovery expected within another week. At least now I can watch some TV and spend some time online.

I even went grocery shopping today with my eye patch. My mum told me to wear my sunglasses or something so I might look better but I wasn't in the mood to look vain. Hey if I look like shit I look like shit.

I was feeling so bored the past couple of days just lying in bed you know I actually counted up to 841 sheep before I fell asleep.
841... NO JOKE.. that is a record for me.

Okay my next entry is not going to be about my cornea surgery anymore. I think that's done and past with (unless I have it again which I hope not).

Thanks to all of you for your kind e-mails and SMS and comments.

I'm terribly Sorry that I haven't been able to reply them all at the time. I could barely open my eyes.

I can't wait to get back to normal life.


Aaron Tan said...

hello, long john silver!

get well soon! ;)

Anonymous said...



You cut hair ahhh hahahah.

Anna T said...

hmmm.. BBQ cornea.

Boss Stewie said...

aaron: hello! :P

michelle: yeah.. hahaha yes i did

anna: yes BBQ cornea

*MysL* said...

get well soon cause u are so not handsome with your eye patched up.

MaE : ) said...

getwellsoon boss!!!

Cheng Chun said...

Have a speedy recovery boss boss. Take your time and get healthy yes. :)

MrChrispy said...

get well soon boss =)

JuLJuL said...

Hope you're doing well there. =) Get well soon~

Miss Nobody said...

errr...personally think you look abit fatter with the hair cut aa

MikeM said...

speedy recovery ya!

Simon Seow said...

Hope you're doing fine, Captain Stewie Sparrow.

peggy said...
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Unknown said...

get well soon boss. did u hear a crackling sound when the laser hits your eye?

peggy said...

whoops made a mistake on the previous comment.
it read (edited):

ahahah i agree with miss nobody.
oh wells, we still love you.
hmm.. maybe you look fatter cos of swelling?

may your cornea behave for good.

Geek @ Kedai.TV said...

Get Well Soon timmy..and No more XBRAIN NINGS for U ok....

U still owe me lunch.

azrin @

XiangMei said...

Get well A.S.A.P!!!!!!!!!!
You look so different without your glasses!!!!

Genova said...

boss is back !.

Daniel Wong said...

Get well soon~ =)

Belle said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! boss where are u. for real..please post your picture..
this is definitely not your picture..its a fat 10yrs old boy!

gimme the real boss please

Jess said...

get well soon!

hmmm... did you put on a teeneeey weeeeneyyyy bit of weight? or did the eye surgery make your face a little swollen? :P

Owh maybe it was because you werent wearing spectacles~ haha

Sharon Q. said...

looking forward to your next post. Get well soon :)

[fong88] said...

get well soon...^^

meow said...

i thought u said 'recovery underwear'... hehe...

take care!

Leon said...

Captain jack sparrow!!

§pinzer said...

yea you're not a true blogger at all...

a true blogger would have taken pictures of my face on fire that time in Penang when you just stared at me burning away!

pffft. anyhow, glad it's all settled la haha