Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sony Ericsson K660i

Okay here’s the funny thing.

Everyone knows that I was on my trusty Sony Ericsson K800i right?A phone that I feel was and still is one of the best phones in the market in terms of pricing, features and reliability!

Then I fell for peer pressure, and got myself a very stupid phone that everyone was so hyped up about only to realize later on that the stupid phone was not only overpriced but didn’t have the very basic features of a phone!

I was just beginning to think that I should’ve stuck with Sony Ericsson when I managed to get my hands on a new Sony Ericsson phone to toy around with two weeks ago.I spent the past few days toying around with the phone and heck it felt good to have a phone with keypads again.

You gotta love new phones. I mean, they smell good… well not as strong a smell as say a new car but still a scent nevertheless. And you gotta lovee the box new phones come in these days.You also gotta hate the first few times you drop a new phone. It feels as if somebody just kicked you in the nuts.

Anyway, having the fun novelty of a new phone I decided to do some research on this new K660i.

Now the K660i has a lot of the usual stuff. 2 MP Camera, Video Calls, Bluetooth, MMS etc etc and most importantly a record video function. Dammit you guys have no idea how important phone cameras have been in recording controversial videos.

Think sex scandals, or “Hong Kong Bus Uncle” or “Correct Correct Correct”.As much as all those features are cool, we take many of them for granted these days but the big draw for this phone is that it’s one of the most affordable phones in the market with 3G HSDPA which can bring in internet speeds of up to 3.6 megabits per second. There’ also an “always on” feature where you can constantly be online the entire time.

That’s like bringing your laptop and broadband with you everywhere you go.

So the next time I’m in a traffic jam, I’m gonna bring out my phone and BLOG. DAMMIT I’M GONNA BE IN THE MALAYSIAN BOOK OF RECORDS FOR THE FIRST MALAYSIAN TO BLOG IN A TRAFFIC JAM! (None of you had better read this then beat me to it!! It’s unethical to steal other peoples’ wind ok!!!)

To me, as a phone brand, Sony Ericsson has never disappointed me in any of its phones and it wasn’t about to start with this one.

Dammit I should learn to get my priorities right next time.

Apple for computers, Sony Ericsson for phones.

If you wanna get yourself a K660i, you can go buy one from Lowyat or you could try to win one from a contest on their website here.So if you want a K660i, there are two options.

One you could go play the surfing game on their website.

Or two… you could complete a slogan here and I just MIGHT give you the phone.

Complete this slogan.

“Cows have nipples _______________________________ “

No no I’m kidding about the slogan ok?

Haha.. don’t really go doing it.


KY said...

now which nipples? I heard cow has a few more than human.

ShaolinTiger said...

You won't be first to blog from a jam ok :P

Boss Stewie said...

ky: lol

shaolin: HMPH!

Deric said...

Cow have nipples, So do you...

So i win? =)


Boss Stewie said...

deric: hahaha!

Unknown said...

but boss....wat is this slogan related to la?

XiangMei said...

that video quite long d lor,i watch it when i was 14 years old...haha
but it was a funny wan.

rockdandy said...

Actually Boss said he was kidding about the slogan, he asked us to play the game. I just played the game, can I get the phone from you?

Anonymous said...

cows nipples...

are just like yours.

Joash Chan said...

Cows have nipples... to be grappled?

Boss Stewie said...

victor: uhm it's related to... cows, nipples and sony ericsson bwahaha

xiangmei: yah... bus uncle haha

leo raj: ajhaahah

rock: hahahaa i dun ahf the phone!!

samantha: eh my nipples not so big and long

joash lol!

RealGunners said...

i actually took photos of the traffic jam when i got caught in it lolz..

BeWhoYouWantToBe. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BeWhoYouWantToBe. said...

"Apple for computers, Sony Ericcson for phones."
So right! :D

Cows have nipples......

because they're hot like that.


Milky cavana said...

Cows have nipples so sweet and juicy, best of all taste like milk, :P

Boss Stewie said...

realgunners: ah! but u didn't blog about them rite!

bewhoyouwanttobe: ewww!!! hahaa

smilu: good observation! haha

michael: HAHAHA EWW!!!

Cheng Chun said...

It's too white for my liking. Dunno. Sony-E phones need some time to adjust to it. But I don't like the delete functions. Hmmmmmm.

Oh well, what happened to your apple phone boss?

Tim said...

Quite difficult la the contest - nvm I'll go out and buy a Razr mouse to join it and win

Wen-Qi said...

ooh i tried the contest edi!

*crossing my fingers hoping i'd win the phone :)

Boss Stewie said...

cheng chun: hahaha i still using it ler but i think i might have another line just in case i want to use a good ol' phone sometimes

tim: hahaha okok dude

wen-qi: yes yes :P

electronicfly said...

boss, the footer of your bloggie sengeted to the right d!

wendyter said...

just blog hopping and realized ur the big boss of nuffnang. =) it's nice reading your posts.

cows have nipples that dangle like those in old maids. :p

-greetings from the cows straying along india's roads-

luxen said...

After reading your blog about the problems you had with the Iphone, I got one anyway. I was reading the newspaper in London when I saw it was on sale. I walked out of a shop and there was a handphone shop right in front of me and I walked in and got it.

169 pounds. Cheap!

Boss Stewie said...

electronic: yeah i know.. its been like that for a long time but i just never could be bothered to fix it :P

wendy: aww thank u wendy

luxen: ehh.. isn't it out in london.. properly.. like under o2 or something.. might as well get the original there rather than the cracked one rite

Sheng Li said...

Cows have udders -_-

Unknown said...

I'd recommend the XPERIA X1 if you like Sony Ericsson phones but its probably going to be abit on the expensive side. You can blog in your traffic jam with its QWERTY keyboard even.

C said...

i was about to complete your slogan! but i'm gonna do it anyways.
cows have nipples, teats and toes! hehe :)

- m i c h e l l e - said...

Cows have nipples,
to provide us humans with milk,
so that Yakult can be produced! =)

I want that phone too!

luxen said...

I don't live in London, when there for work. Saw it on sale there, brought it back and cracked it myself. Unbelievable how much they wanted in Digital mall just to crack it, from RM150 to RM350.

I just lost my headset :(

Anyone want to sell me theirs?