Sunday, April 27, 2008


Friday was Ming's birthday so he had a nice get together at his home in Singapore.

There's nothing like having a small private dinner with 10-20 close friends over a BBQ stove... and if there's anything else to add fun to the party, it's how everyone with the exception of me and a few others took some effort to prepare a dish of their own.One of the cravings the birthday boy had for the day was Lobster!

So in the afternoon we drove far far away to some supermarket to get fresh lobster. Now I don't eat seafood because well... I just don't.

Therefore you can imagine how kind of disgusted I was when the supermarket staff started taking out some struggling live lobsters from a tank full of them.

That of course... wasn't as disgusting as what I witnessed a few hours later.

When we got back to Ming's house, one of Ming's friend took charge in preparing the lobsters for BBQ... and these were lobsters that were still alive mind you.

The preparation disturbed me a little.

First, the chef inserted a satay stick far into the butt of the lobster to remove its urinal thread. You basically see all the lobster's shit/piss come out from there and the lobster struggling in the palms of his hand.Another friend who was there worked in the hotel line and he told me that when people boil a lobster it normally curls up as it is boiled to death and nobody wants to eat a curled up lobster.

So what they do at the restaurants in the hotel is... stick a long satay stick from the back to the front of the lobster while the lobster is still alive.

Only then is the lobster thrown into the boiling pot and cooked alive.

Anyway back to the lobster I was watching being made.

Then the chef grabbed a big knife like this, and carefully plunged it into the head of the lobster while holding it tight.
The lobster at this point would struggle again but eventually die down when the blade has gone deep inside its head and through its brain.

The dying lobsters are then left in the sink for them to slowly die.

Now here's where it gets a little more sick.

The cook then takes the big knife and shove it down the middle of the lobster, then pulling the knife down to cut the lobster into half.

When the knife comes down, you can hear a sound that is very very similar to human bones cracking.

If the knife doesn't cut the lobster into two well enough, the chef will use a scissors to cut it into half.
Now here's the really really freaky part.

Apparently according to the chef, sometimes when he does this to the lobster, the lobster still moves.... how can a lobster that is cut into half still move or do anything resembling still being alive!!!

Here's how a split lobster looks like. The yellow part is apparently its brain.

The chef puts more of them together then seasons them.

Before wrapping them in aluminum foil to be later thrown into the fiery hot BBQ pit.
I didn't touch any of the lobster that night but apparently everyone there said it was delicious.

I'm just gonna stick to my usual stuff... like the nice sausages I have at Jarrod & Rawlings.

And NOOOooo I DO NOT want to know how sausages are made.. I bet it's disgusting too.

For those of you who want to see how the lobsters get killed one by one, I took a video.

You can hear Ming in the background providing the sound effects of
"AHHH.. AHH!!! AHH!!!"

But some of the lobsters when they were killed, they actually let out a bit of a screaming sound.

No more lobster for me!

PS: Oh yeah.. it's lobster.. not crayfish okay? Don't call it crayfish. Somebody that night said it was a crayfish and Ming shouted

Update: Okay seeing that there is a bit of debate of the many ways to kill a lobster I've decided to put up a fun poll of this on the sidebar of my blog.

Look there and do the poll, there are 3 options, boiled to death, frozen to death or stabbed to death.

I'm not gonna tell you which one I'd rather go for but.. eww...


Big Boys Oven said...

hahahah you should have fly us down! lol!

Utterly Frustrated said...
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C said...

oh my! the way ming killed the a pro! he really does understands the anatomy of the lobsters well i suppose :/ im glad you guys enjoyed!

Pam Song said...

It's a LOBSTER!!!

Utterly Frustrated said...

u made lobster cleaning sound like.. lobster slaughter :D

hello timmy :)
how art thou? :D

~YM~ said...

aRRRgghhh!! my head my head!! felt like my head got stabbed when i saw it..-.-"

This is really slaughter man..imagine doing this to a human..

Forsakengel said...

omg -_______________________- It's tailis like flipping hard when the cook shove the knife into it's head. I can feel like as if the knife's being shove into my throat through my mouth >________________<

eStee said...

Tim, it's a bloody crayfish la!

Genova said...

haha...damn pity the lobster

Charlie said...

omg, after reading your blog, i dont think i will want to eat lobster again.

sarah said...

=( i stopped watching after the first lobster got poked with the knife...i'll have disturning dreams tonight..of lobsters curling up like that! =(((

p/s the sausages look good though..

sarah said...


cant even spell properly adi..can u tell that i'm disturbed badly? lol..

Anonymous said...

the sausages look obscene and isn't that estee in the red polka dot dress?

the crayfishs/lobsters look extra appetizing. CRAVING for good seafood early in the morning!!!

o yea. i should leave a comment on ming's. happy belated b'day or sth ;)

Anonymous said...

Is'nt lobsters are supposed to be red? Those are crayfish I suppose. But yet again you are missing some really good stuff! Will you eat pig's tail or not? Or have you tried crispy fried pig's ear? Hmmm.

Boss Stewie said...

big boys: hahaha.. ok next time i'll suggest that to ming hehe

yeong: hehe it wasn't ming who killed the lobster.. was another firend.. ming provided the sound effects

pam: yay!

kristin: hey.. it is lobster slaughtering!!!

ym: yeah... still wanna eat lobsteR?

patricia: heck i would be flipping so much harder if i were him

estee: BLASPHEMY!!! eh ... don't tell me ler... tell ming that ok? to me.. lobster , crayfish.. whats the difference.. i dun eat either :P

genova: yah! pity... estee actually said she wanted to save one of the lobsters and keep as a pet

charlie: yay.. more lobsters for the rest of hte people who eat lobsters hehehe

sara: u should see the second lobster.. it flips harder

samantha: hahah yes that's estee.. and what obscene?? it's YUMMY

jyushiang: hahaha no i won't eat pig's tail or ear.. nooo

Sarah said...

Before you clean and cook a lobster, you can put it in the freezer. Apparently that way it falls asleep and you can kill it without it wriggling around or feeling pain.

xox Sarah

Boss Stewie said...

sarah: uhmm.. ok... so basically this sums it up rite?

Would you rather

1) Boil to Death
2) Freeze to death
or 3) Have a knife go into the back of your head right into your brain.

Dammit it's a hard life being a lobster

Michael Yip said...

Lobster... yum yum.... I WANT LOBSTER!!!

LeangFM said...

after watching the video and read to how disgusting and cruel of a lobster making ....


i still say lobster is SEDAP!

ms.bulat said...

oh no-_________________________-
my fav dish is now hard to swallow

zє๓ค๔-ﻮคlz said...

I just ate crayfish today omg.


KY said...

WooO looks delicious. Ming's such a joker with the stupid screaming sound. lol

Munster said...

A cuttlefish was killed in one of my biology lessons last time. Then it seemed to make a squeak when it was killed, then the ink squirted everywhere. Then after it was like all cut up and stuff, and diced into little cubes, you could still see the little cubes of meat pulsating. Urgh, but it's supposedly dead, and just a reflex action! :(

Chris said...

Well at least you're not eating lobster sashimi...

Imagine when you have the fresh lobster sashimi, The will crack open the shell and slice it for you. And well, the whiskers still moving, like searching for you.

Oh well. In some parts of Japan, and Korea, they made sashimi from live fish. They believe the freshest fish is when they are still alive.

Me? "I like my chicken dead and deep fried" -Rush Hour 2-

Simon Seow said...

The reason for the satay stick is also to let the lobster pee all the dirty things out.

Johnny Ong said...

wah stewie, u dont like seafood? what a waste .....

so how to invite u for dinner for seafood dinner then.....aiyah, really wasted .... hehe

Cheng Chun said...

Well, as long it's in my tummy sudah cukup already. Hahahaha.

But if you want to be less cruel to the lobster or crab, you should put then into the freezer then slowly let them go to sleep and then you cut them open.

RealGunners said...

actually, whatever animals that u eat are basically killed in cruel if not similar manner.. mayb u shd visit a chicken or pig farm, and then you'll be a vegetarian soon lolzz..

Shah said...

Saw on some cooking show that if you leave them in the fridge for a couple of hours, they go into a coma like state - then you take them & drop them in the boiler to kill em - much less brutal I think.

RealGunners said...

can i also put my love competitor into the fridge for a couple of hours and then take him out to be less brutal? :D

Sapphira said...

Lobsterrrr... yummmm...
Damn expensive taste, right? :P

Jannah said...

Had a lobster dream last night. I think it's because of your descriptive blog entry.

Have you ever tried oysters served cold with a twinge of lemon? Tobasco kills the innocence of the meat IMHO.

Gross me out the first time. Was forced into eating them. Even made a scene at the restaurant.

"No. No. I don't want to!!"

"Eat it la. Just one. One only. Open your mouth and swallow."

"No. I said no!"


"See. Not that bad innit?"

The things we'd do for the ones we love.

ZB said...

estee really has her way of holding the 'lobster'. hehe...