Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Your MSN Nick Tells Your Age

Oh here's something I've just happened to notice.

Okay... do a little experiment.

Look at your MSN contact list now.

Now think of all the people you know in your list, then think of their age.

Sort them all by age.

What you will notice, or at least what I notice on my own side is that all the people Above 25 in my list have their MSN nicks as their own names... e.g. Sarah, Andrew Lim, Mehlin etc etc.
But the people BELOW 25 have nicks like
"*B@bY_CRUSH85" or "ARCHillies" or "Sl@yer" or something really complicated made up of MSN emoticons.

Similarly, my MSN nick is "Stewie", after "Boss Stewie" which isn't my real name.

So since I spend a lot of my MSN time talking to clients, I decided to adopt a more grown-up MSN nick... "TIMOTHY TIAH".

Yes... that's as grown up as an MSN Nick gets... well unless I had "Mr. Timothy Tiah" which would then give people the impression that I'm 75.

Now I waited to see if anyone took notice or if there was any change in the way people talked to me.

With my colleagues like Michelle here... no difference. She just referred to me as "Boss" so I wasn't gonna get anything exciting out of that.
But you know to the outside people it might matter.

Like before if people msged me on MSN they would say
"OI dude... you there?"

Maybe this time when they see an 'older' MSN nick they might go
"Hello Timothy! Are you there?"

I waited and waited for someone to message me... and I was disappointed with the result. The message I got was

Anyway while pursuing my little experiment I came across a very different result just tonight.

This dude messaged me.

*unicef melvin says: (8:51:09 PM) ehhh
*unicef melvin says: (8:51:14 PM)
ur timothy tiah??
Now Melvin here is someone I've never met before but known from the UK. We used to be in the small Malaysian community of Counter-strike players there and we used to play friendly matches on the same team.

That's how stupid online relationships can be. I mean here's a guy who I used to shout at online
And he doesn't even know my name.

So anyway I replied him.

Timothy Tiah says: (8:51:54 PM) yes

*unicef melvin says: (8:52:04 PM)
ehhh din know man haha

Timothy Tiah says: (8:52:37 PM)
then who did u think i was

*unicef melvin says: (8:52:46 PM) the guy who taught me how to CS source
*unicef melvin says: (8:52:48 PM)

Timothy Tiah says: (8:52:58 PM)
Timothy Tiah says: (8:53:03 PM)
then u know who is timothy tiah?

*unicef melvin says: (8:53:28 PM) ehhh my frens were talking bout ur blog lar
*unicef melvin says: (8:53:34 PM)
din know ur timothy tiah
*unicef melvin says: (8:53:41 PM) then u put timothy tiah on ur nick then i know haha

Timothy Tiah says: (8:55:10 PM)
Timothy Tiah says: (8:55:25 PM)
so u never knew all this while that i'm timothy tiah Timothy Tiah says: (8:55:28 PM) even during the uk days

*unicef melvin says: (8:55:36 PM)
yeah lar only know by CS nicks mah
*unicef melvin says: (8:55:39 PM)
ur stewie

Timothy Tiah says: (8:55:41 PM)
Timothy Tiah says: (8:55:42 PM)

*unicef melvin says: (8:55:42 PM)
that's all i know

Timothy Tiah says: (8:55:45 PM)
so ur friends read my blog ar

*unicef melvin says: (8:55:57 PM)
but then again i'm quite detached from the KL population so can't blame me
*unicef melvin says: (8:56:05 PM)
aiyah they told me ur big timer in kl lar

Timothy Tiah says: (8:56:24 PM)
Timothy Tiah says: (8:56:24 PM)
who say
Timothy Tiah says: (8:56:25 PM)
where got

*unicef melvin says: (8:56:49 PM)
hahaha quite lar, ur blog so many hits
*unicef melvin says: (8:57:02 PM) aha anyways gotta go out now
*unicef melvin says: (8:57:09 PM)
good to know ur name finally ahha
*unicef melvin says: (8:57:10 PM) take care dude

Timothy Tiah says: (8:58:41 PM)
okok see u

I wonder how many people I have on my list who don't know me by name.


howzan said...

stewie...looking for escort from sufiah yusof ah? hehehe...


Boss Stewie said...


okokok you caught me wikipedia'ing her

lucky i wasn't doing anything else

CLF said...

Actually your real name is Timothy or Stewie? O_o

pinkpau said...

"eh your timothy tiah???"


"actually your real name is timothy or stewie?"

hahahhahahahahahahahha ahhhhh stewieeeee why the world got so many cute people :P

Anonymous said...

tim, bout ur question. u gotta be engaged or some sort to sue.

peggy said...

ei. your statement about people below 25 who put on funny nicks are not true!!! plus you make me feel old now! aargh. way too old since ive been using my name as my nick all the while since i started messenger. no wait... hmmm... i think it was icq that time... darn

immi said...

lol i noticed ur change of nick la. n tks for pointing out that i'm old... :S

Boon said...

hahahha, ya man...reminds me of last time when i played CS back in malacca, everybody just call me "yipguseng" "yipguseng", when my friend ask them do u know who is "boon", they say dunno -_-

clement said...

hmmm, didn't know there's a msn for mac, i'm still using some open source software, anyway... not just nick, sometimes they also have weird email ... even weirder than the nickname. but i'm proud of my name~ co no need any fancy nick

JB said...

how the hell did howzan knows about u wiki-ing about sufiah?

boon, even after cs still ppl call u yipguseng la.

u played CS in pyramid often in 1-stop ah ? around 1999 - 2000 like tat...

MrChrispy said...

eh i donch have ur msn leh, add me, add me!

Miss Nobody said...

whats michelle holding there?

Boss Stewie said...

clf: timothy

pink: haha yes yes plenty of cute people

samantha: what? how do u define engaged? a verbal agreement to get married?

peggy; hahaha okok fine fine u're an exception

immi: haha!

boon: yes yes yes.... but i know u're boon!!!

clement: yah.. yes yes.. u're all grown up now clement

jb: yeah i used to play a lot in pyramid during those years

mrchrispy: what's your msn ad?

miss: hahaha!! it's a pad

Unknown said...

And I thought you were Richard Andrews or something... guess I was wrong.

Super Gentleman said...

i tot ur name was pro-porno finder/cute girl pic looker/a pimp wif a sexy mole or sumthing along dat line?!?!?! nooo... din noe it was so far fetched... my idol boss gt a normal name!!! LoL...

Cely said...

aiyah, know la know la.. full name i also know! :p

ZB said...

i know you by your name :p

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

If I had you in my MSN list, I would know. Trust me, I would. YOU TIMOTHY TIAH! fwoaaah!! xD

David Cheong said...

Hahaahahhha!!!! Me also not in leh boss!!

If I knew, I would have knew you. Then again, even if I did, I probably would have done the same thing as well LOL

Capablanca said...

Where got people over 25 then use their names as nicks. I'm under 25 and most of my friends are under 25, yet we use our names as our MSN nicks.

Pam Song said...

I beg to differ. I'm under 25 but my nick is my name. Hah!

So I'd like to conclude my comment with this: It's not the age of the person that matters. It's the maturity.

Right, Stewie? =p

XiangMei said...

walau!!! my msn nick name is XiangMei...does that mean my age is 25 and above???Urghhh!!! I'm only 15 !!! 15!!!!15!!!!15 only! lolx,must change my nick name before anyone call me old lady.

Copykate said...

hmph. i'm below 25 but my msn nick is my name!

copykate is considered my name right right? at least it's not something awful like


wtfreak XD

yapthomas said...

that's why i can't prank people with my age using MSN.. -___-

Simon Seow said...

I don't have your MSN. But usually I'll go by my name Simon Seow or my nick Ryuji.

3POINT8 said...

Does it mean that if I want to feel young I'll just use super complicated names?
Oklar...time to google some badass nick. Maybe I can fool someone to believe that i'm a 8yr kid. XD

Wilson J Q Quah said...

melvin you disappoint me......

Nicole said...

Eh? But i have been having "Nicole" as my msn nickname since i was 20. @_@

zwan said...

Don't really agree, most of the people I know on msn uses real names...n they are below 25...keke.....do la research again..

JenKin Yat said...

wah howzan..so free u go scrutinize the pics :D btw, i saw sufiah yusof too..LOL

so boss..ur name is Stewmothy? LOL..or Timowie? :P

RealGunners said...

hmm.. i used to have an email with the domain @freeandsingle.com and @fuckingrude.com, it was N years ago when www.myownemail.com was still around.

i don't think it's the age or maturity thing, it's more of social requirement i suppose. Most of my colleagues have 2 MSN accs, 1 for office use [Jason Tan or Nicole Lim etc], and another which they use at home with alot of weird names.

I'm sticking to just my RealGunners for the moment, since I'm an Arsenal fan lolz..

RealGunners said...

and i only knew u r timothy tiah from nuffnang web when i joined. Cely always refer to u as Boss Stewie only in her blog.. hehehe

David said...

Not true, I am waaay under 25 and yet I used "David" as my display name all times, not D@vid or |)@\/1|) or something.

lol, but I DO hate people who constantly change their user name. I have to like "hi, may i know who are you" all the times.