Friday, August 22, 2008

How to Increase Productivity

I just got an e-mail from a fellow Nuffie sent to everyone at Nuffnang in all our offices.

The e-mail was sent by Nicholas and had one photo he candidly took of Yee Hou with his camera phone.

The title of the e-mail was
"How to Increase Productivity".

Sometimes the funniest things happen at the Nuffnang office.

Happy Friday everyone!


michelle said...


happy friday to u too =)

KY said...

why is yee hou humping the chair?!?!

Jason Lioh said...

Yee Hou wants to repeat the story of the guy humping the park bench, I suppose. :D

PiNöLãm said...

he is practicing push up. he know he is way too weak.

ahlost said...

*LOL* I should do this too to increase the productivity :D

Yap Chee Hong said...

(Shakes head in disgust )

I think the title should have been :

How To Increase Reproductivity

- m i c h e l l e - said...

At times when I get so worked up, I tend to do funny things too to increase productivity! :D

But not like humping the chair just like Yee Hou did. Haha! He's so cute. I wish I could join Nuffnang too one day.

Cutie said...

Wow, would love to work in Nuffnang man. So casual and you guys have so much fun. Hehe... Anymore vacancy at the moment :p

Jeffro said...

oh.. someone looks like his enjoying the "thing" that he's DOING..