Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nuffnang Nokia's Silent Halloween

Since this year, every 3 months the Nuffnang team tries to come up with a huge event for its Nuffnangers. In March it was the Chipster Pajama Party where I brought along my little buh buh which was then grabbed from me in a game the MC played with the Nuffnangers that night.
In June it was the Maxis Wild Live Blogging where I went as a lion.

Now for around October and November of the year we were thinking of what we could do and took a look at our calendar only to remember that October 31st is HALLOWEEN.

So on the 1st of November 2008 (one day after Halloween because it's a Saturday), we're working with Nokia and Universal Music to come up with the Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween!

We were looking wide and far for a venue for the venue this time but we decided on Borneo Baruk Club again (where we held our Nuffnang Chipster Pajama Party) simply because the place seemed just so ideal. It had a stage, high ceilings, a huge projecter screen and equipment for a band. Yes this time we're even getting some bands to play the night away.

So just a few days ago I went with Robb and a few of our clients to check out the place and do some planning. The truth is, these parties take a lot of planning and work (and yes they cost a LOT of money).When I look back, I can't help but admire how our events have evolved to such a scale thanks to sponsors like Nokia. I mean when Nuffnang first started off, we often tried to have events just to get the community together mainly for fun since just about everyone who works at Nuffnang are bloggers.

Our first events were just small simple lunches or movie screenings.
Then as Nuffnang grew bigger and we were fortunate enough to be able to work with brands like Chipster, Maxis and now Nokia, our added resources allowed us to have bigger and bigger events.
This Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween is going to be the First Silent Rave party we've ever had. I just recently learned the term "Silent Rave" myself. It's where everyone puts on earphones from phones and dance to music they listen to on their music devices or phones.

So if you take off your ear phones at any time, you'll see everyone else around you dancing to music that you're not listening to. Sounds like quite an experience huh.

I gave it a thought for a bit then thought... okay why not?

So planning is underway!

If you wanna be one of the 200 people who are going to be there at the Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween, check out our site here to find out how to get invites.

Meanwhile, it's back to work for the rest of us.

See you guys there!


michelleho said...

Cool! Monologue dancing!!!

KY said...

kinda like watching MTV with the speakers muted? hee-hee

bryanlyt said...

wheeee!~ i'll be there! thats if i get the invite lolol..

Alex said...

eh band? How is it going to be silent then :) hmmm..wonders wonders.

Boss Stewie said...

michelle: hehe yeah

ky: yeah sort of

bryan: hehehe okok I'll see you there

alex: ohh no the silent moment is going to be just for the silent rave which is just an activity on the night

ahlost said...

Can't wait to see the pics for the Halloween :)

Boss Stewie said...

ahlost: haha i'm sure they will be plenty of them... bloggers take lots of pics