Monday, July 27, 2009

Busy Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Whew, past few days really flew by for me.

Here's what I did.

1. Went to Genting early morning on Friday. No... not to gamble or for a holiday but to for a presentation I had to give in Awana.

2. I contemplated bringing a light jacket with me to Genting in case of the cold weather but I decided that it probably wouldn't be that cold anyway. At least based on what I remembered the last time I was there.

I got out of the car and I felt a little cold. Dammit... regretted then and wished I had brought a jacket.

Jestina though came prepared with her jacket.

3. Met these really nice people there that day. They were listening to my presentation. Apparently one of them has a sister who reads my blog. Hello SISTER!

4. After my presentation at Awana I went up to Genting for a while. Haihh fine fine I succumbed to temptation. I justified to myself saying "Aihh.. I've already come so far!!!"

5. Went up to see Ming who was there for a retreat with his MP from Singapore.

6. Then happened to bump into Nicole there sitting in Starbucks.

 I was standing outside Starbucks waiting for Ming when I looked in and noticed that a guy sitting down looked really familiar. Then I recognized him as Casey, Nicole's bf.

Went over to say hi and take a picture.

7. I headed back to KL before the sun set for a date with Princess. The both of us haven't been for a date with just the two of us for a long time so I planned a little outing which started with dinner at Jake's in Starhill.

We were there to celebrate my 4 week beef ban. After having had to eat 3 steak dinners in just one week about a month ago I decided that I was going to stop taking beef for a whole month. So there we were.
Princess though had a seabass.

8. After dinner we went to watch Harry Potter. I fell asleep in the movie and it was the first movie I ever watched where I had to ask Princess questions about the movie after it ended. I didn't understand parts of the movie. Hard to understand when you sleep through it.

Yes... I'm not a big fan of Harry Potter. Both the movie and the book.

9. Met up with Pierre, Lay See and Ming after the movie for supper at my place. Yes... Ming came down from Genting in the end.

Stayed up till like 4AM.

10. Woke up late on Saturday. Spent much of the afternoon just hanging around at home with Princess then in the evening we went for Jia Jer's birthday party.

11. We were watching Top Gear for much of the night. Princess failed to understand why a show about car reviews kept us all so interested.

12. After that Princess and I went for Artistry. 

Met a lot of other friends there. Left about 2.30AM. Then came home and watched some videos Desmond gave me till 4AM.

13. Woke up late again Sunday morning. Spent the afternoon playing XBOX.

14. Went to watch Operafest with Princess' family at night. Confirmed my suspicion that Opera isn't really my thing. Though I did like Phantom. Uncle Ooi on the other hand was singing along and really enjoying himself.

Okay... a new day tomorrow. Bed time now.

Nite nite all!


Genova said...

nite nite

bryanlyt said...

nite nite lololll

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

I'm going to thank Nuffnang for the whole experience of artistry! it was awesome!! :D


Constance Ant said...

good morning now! haha

JD said...

Bossstewie, sorry about yesterday xbox invite, was away. New DLC for GOW2 coming out this week. Hopefully will be able to kick some Locust arse this week lar...

Mellissa said...

Wah, it seems like everyone was up in Genting this weekend. We were there Saturday afternoon too :D

Boss Stewie said...

genova/ bryan: good morning. I'm awake now

solitary rose: oh u were there? next time say hi if u're there ok?

annant: good morning

jd: haha it's okay dude. was just trying my luck to see if u were online anyway

mell: yeah.. what a coinsidence everyone decides to go genting on the same weekend

Meiyih said...

i saw you and Audrey at LOUD! '09 in Dream Centre yesterday! :P

KY said...

and I slept though parts of Harry Potter too. :P

dheep said...

the Harry Potter movie this time is not really that good, earlier movies are better.

yapthomas said...

tell me about it!
I was 'fishing' in the cinema...

Nicole said...

oh man. u blew my secret getaway wtf?!
somemore Ming ffk me wei!

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

Boss Stewie: Hahahaha! You know..I was like..OH OMG! Now I know who is Nicolekiss's bf...She never did tell and you blew it for her..haha..HOR!!

Trust me. If I saw you, I would so say hi. But I didnt. T.T I was at the blogger area there though. You were with the VIPs upstairs somewhere right? xD

Ken Wooi said...

great weekend! hectic but im sure you had fun! =)

Tey Cindy said...

i never fail 2 sleep whenever i watch Potter; even when i was at Melb. fml