Friday, December 11, 2009

Guess where I am... again..

Hey look... I'm in ... Venice.

No actually.... in Persia.

Okay... truth is, I'm in Disneyland Tokyo (though those pics were more specifically from Disney Sea). Which explains why "Persia" has a belly dancer that looks just like Minnie Mouse.

As I write this, I'm at the hotel lounge leeching off the wireless internet here with Princess both trying to update our blogs. The room actually has internet for a fair rate of RM35 for every 24 hours but I decided to save the money and just use the free Wi-Fi in the lounge.

Besides, they provide free drinks here anyway.

Yes everyone... right after my Disneyland posts, it looks like there's going to be another one because just 2 weeks after my trip to Hong Kong Disneyland, I find myself in Disneyland Tokyo.

I'm here on a family trip this time. It's been a good couple of days.

Going to share some pictures.

1) Went for the "Small World" ride again just 2 weeks after going for the one in Hong Kong.

Took a picture of this "Stroller Park" here.

That's the number of babies we have in that one ride. It's so well organized. They have a Disneyland "cast member" who does nothing but organize the strollers that come in and leave so that they're all nicely packed in one area.

2) Went for the Indiana Jones "Temple of the Crystal Skull".

At first I thought it was a roller coaster like the one in Disneyland Paris (my I really have been to a lot of Disneylands), but it turns out to be a totally different ride. Wasn't a scary ride or anything. You just got on to this 'jeep on tracks' that took you inside this place.

We all thought it would be a "drop ride" or something. Especially all the way to the end when it came to a dead end and our jeep went down this slope. But... no problem. Wasn't that scary after all.

3) Speaking of rides, one ride I didn't want to sit on was the "Tower of Terror". Now I love rollercoasters. I used to be really afraid of them but I grew to like them after I learned to scream just like everyone else. Before I used to keep quiet the whole ride and that was just torture. But when you scream.... it feels soooo liberating.

So I've been to a lot of rollercoaster rides with all sorts of fancy things. Catapults, loops, drops, corkscrews... you name it, I've been on them all and I love it!

One thing I don't like though, are 'drop rides' or rides just dedicated to dropping you like a bag of crap. The Tower of Terror is one such ride. See that tall building in the background.

That is the Tower of Terror.

What they do is that you sit on this ride that goes up all the floors in an elevator. Then when you reach the top, it opens a window to see the beautiful Disneyland view from up above and in a split second after that it drops you vertically all the way down.

That to me is just sadistic. I would never go for something like that.

My brother though was conned. He thought it was just a haunted house ride or something so you can imagine his terrifying surprise when the elevator dropped like... I don't know 10 floors down. I wish I was there just to see the expression on his face. Must've been PRICELESS.

He said he would never do it again though.

My cousins were even cuter. They brought my uncle and aunty (their Dad and Mum) on to the ride, apparently also not knowing that it was a "drop ride".

Then when they were being dropped in the lift my 9 year old cousin later told us that he was thinking to himself
"Uh oh... Dad sure scold us for bringing him on this scary ride. Die lar die lar!".

4) I did go for the best rollercoaster I could find in the park though. It was called "Raging Spirit" and it involved two fairly decent drops and one big loop. Princess at first was too afraid to go for it eventhough she used to be a rollercoaster junkie herself too in the past.

I guess we all grow old after a while. Haha

I didn't think the ride was too bad though, so after I went for it I dragged Princess with me for the second time and she enjoyed it. Wasn't as scary as we thought it would be.

Here's a picture of part of the ride.

Look closely and you'll see the rollercoaster doing a loop. It's upside down right now.

Cool huh. Had to queue for a bit though.

5) Speaking of queuing right... the night before we experienced an epic queue!

Seriously, if one thing among many many things that Disneyland is good for is planning queues for rides such that they maximize every single bit of space that people can queue up on. Like we went for this new Monsters Inc ride where the queue was all the way from the outside, then into a big round room like this.

Then the queue of people goes round and round the entire room in a circle from an outer layer to the inner layer before it exits into another room where the queue extends. We waited like an hour to get on the ride. It wasn't worth it though... just a simple ride where they take you around and you shine torch lights on the 'monsters'.

6) Got myself a Disneyland Tokyo Souvenir medallion. A Minnie one. Cost 100 Yen but I saw so many people buying it I felt pressured to buy one myself. Peer pressure.

It comes out of this machine where they stamp a piece of.. uh... copper I think.

7) Watched another Disneyland Parade. Disneyland Parades are just the best. I'm always amazed at how the performers do this every day and can still appear so enthusiastic about their dancing and all that.

8) Met Mr Incredible.

He was with Mrs Incredible who wasn't in the picture because she was taking a picture with some other people. Right after I took this picture I accidentally walked right into the path of the other people taking a picture with Mrs Incredible totally ruining their shot.

Mrs Incredible then tapped me on a shoulder and wagged her finger at me just like a mother would do scolding her child.

Princess said.. "She is after all a mother".

9) A picture we took at the Disney Sea globe near the entrance of Disney Sea.

10) And because it's Christmas, here's one with the Christmas tree.

I love Disneyland.

I've said this so many times before but I'll say it again and again: It's the happiest place on Earth.

Ok ok.. after this entry, I promise. No more Disneyland entries for the year. Don't think I'll be going to another one again... until next year haha!!! My goal is to visit Disneyland once a year.... providing I manage to save enough money to do so.

Alright... gotta head to bed now guys. Tomorrow I'm going back to Disneyland to face my fears and go for a drop ride they have there called "Splash Mountain". You know, one of those rides where they drop you on a waterfall.

Will be going into Tokyo city end tomorrow too. Excited!

Good night everyone! Hope you're all having a great week.


elynn said...

Sweet >3

Unknown said...

nice trip...

seon said...

whoa...disneyland once a MONTH???? gosh.... *envy*...haha..

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

so nice trip..:P.what princess work as?seems no need to work keep travelling de..:P

蓝玫瑰Emily said...

Splash Mountain is super fun!
u will like it!

~~haha~~ said...

I iz jealus!

Gypsy On The Move said...

Drop rides seems like those rides that for a few seconds, your heart is being ripped off your chest and you can't feel it there at all. =)
I think that's why I love it tho. Haha!

Boss Stewie said...

p: hehe thank u

kk: yeah it's a great trip so far

seon: hehe that's just these two months.

ivy: hehehe princess is a SPY!

emily: yeah it was great! expected it to be a lot more scary but it was just ok

haha: heh don't be. u'll get to go some time i'm sure

gypsy: hahaha what a way to describe it.

Eunice said...

tower of terror super duper good :D such a nice trip, happy hols.

Ken Wooi said...

wow..from HK to toyko..
nice.. =)

HaniRose said...

Disneyworld next!! we're gonna try to go once every year too :)

Camellia O. said...

the medallion thing?? Its not a medallion. They call it a pressed coin and the machine is called a coin-press machine. these items are actually collectibles. They rotate the design sometimes. they have it at disneyland and disneyworld. If you were at Disneyland HK, you'd have seen some of these, but they are not pretty obvious to find. Some take it as a hobby ot collect all designs. Pretty obsessed i think but they do make good souvenirs and one of the cheapest in fact!

- From a silent reader who just wanted to comment.

How Jun said...

Wish I can go disney anytime soon. Can only afford the movie right now. Sob sob

Nikel Khor said...

disney tokyo n hongkong got much different?

Hsien yit said...

Aiyo...what a waste going Japan without visiting Tokyo Tower and the largest fish market in the world:(