Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Last Hong Kong Post

By the time you read this post, I would have just reached Japan. I'm over at Japan for a family trip, something that doesn't happen as often anymore. When we were all young, it was easier to go for family trips. But after a while everyone gets older, married, have kids and a lot of other commitments that it's quite often really hard to get everyone together at the same time for a family trip.

This year though, we managed to pull it off. So Japan it is.

Will blog more about Japan in time to come but in the mean time I actually spotted some final photos of my recent Hong Kong trip. Will put them up here and tell the little stories behind them.

1) This is Ming and Mike sitting with me in the lobby of Disneyland Hotel.

What happened was that we had dinner at Hollywood Hotel which was right next door to Disneyland Hotel. We took a bus over there but it's the kind of bus that goes one a one way track. So if you start at A and end up at B. The only way to go back to A again from B is to wait for the bus to go from A--->B--->C--->D--->A.

So after dinner, instead of taking the bus back which would take a whole round, we decided to walk back.

The girls didn't want to though. Xiaxue was like.. "Ok you guys walk!! KTHXBAI!!!"

and she quickly boarded the bus. Ming then declared
"Okay! You girls take the bus, we guys walk!"

And we all started our walk back to the hotel while the girls boarded the bus. Princess was being competitive (as usual). She said "Wait wait.. you guys cannot walk yet until the bus leaves!"

So anyway when the bus left we started our quick walk back... and realized that it was actually a lot longer of a walk that we thought it would. It was a nice walk though. The weather was cool and the streets were quiet. Had some good man talk on the way. Then while we were in the midst of enjoying ourselves, it suddenly occurred to us that we couldn't afford to arrive later than the girls.

If we did, the girls would laugh at us and say "HAHA!!! I TOLD YOU GUYS SO!!!"

So we started walking faster... and faster... and we kept reminding ourselves "If the girls get there before we do, we will never hear the end of it!".

We reached the hotel some time after. The girls hadn't arrived yet so we lounged around the hotel lobby and took some pictures.

After a long time had passed, the girls still didn't show up and we began to wonder if they were already upstairs. We joked about how they would come down like 30 minutes later from behind us and say "OI!!! WHAT YOU ALL DOING HERE? WE WAITING FOR YOU GUYS UPSTAIRS FOR SO LONG DI!!!"

But ahh it turned out to be a false alarm. Much much later we saw the girls stroll in. At first they almost had a look of victory in their faces as they couldn't see us. Then we jumped out in front of them and went "HAHA!!!"

Ahh what a night.
2) Spent the rest of the night down in Mong Kok in Hong Kong.

HK has got to be one of the most crowded places on earth. It just scares me. Like how you can walk on streets that are just in between skyscrapers that go way up high so it looks as if you're walking inside the Grand Canyon or something... only with concrete buildings instead of rocks.

Met up with my Hong Kong friend there. Remember Eddie?

3) We had breakfast at the Enchanted Garden again the next morning. Took some pictures with the Disney characters.

Princess, Mickey and me.

Ming and I with Minnie.

This is Pluto sayanging Ming.
and here's me making friends with Goofey.
4) After breakfast, Andrew took us out for lunch.

Andrew is a friend of mine who moved to Hong Kong from Malaysia after he married his HK wife. He's this really really funny guy who finds a reason to joke about everything but this trip I saw another side of him.

He now has a cute little son and I noticed he had changed... to a father.

Like he drives a minivan and you'll see him taking the pram out of the car for his little son and then putting it back after they're done. All the change is for a good reason though.

All for this cute little boy.

Ahh... that's where I'll be in a few years I hope. More like a father... less like a young adult.

5) Final shot here is me at my room balcony.

Among all of us there, Princess and I were the lucky ones with a balcony to our rooms. Ming couldn't get over it... he couldn't get over not having the best room HAHA!.

I'd sit outside there sometimes during the weekend and hear the Disney music play all around the hotel. So relaxing... and makes you feel soo happy.

Okay guys.

I'll blog about Japan soon. Have a great week ahead.


pinkpaperplane said...

.......sighhhhh..... (happy)

messi said...

Have a great trip over there. 4get blogging for a while :D

jfook said...

Enjoy yourself in Japan!!

uLi.佑莉 said...

So good got Japan trip...enjoy~

Gypsy On The Move said...

Have a fun trip in Japan!!

autumnmusic said...

"Ahh... that's where I'll be in a few years I hope. More like a father... less like a young adult."

--> a very warm statement, im sincerely touched :)

Accyee said...

lovely..japan right after hk. can life get better? haha, and the baby is really really a little miracle. cheers :]

Accyee said...

p/s am i going to hear wedding bells soon? :P

Accyee said...

p/s am i going to hear wedding bells soon? :P

Kimberly Low said...

i remember andrew. a daddy now but still very stylish leh! :D

rockdandy said...

@Kim > Old liao~

How Jun said...

Walao...very very jealous. Always travel here and there.

Nikel Khor said...

great post tis time..