Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mister Potato Fiesta

I was at the Mister Potato Fiesta last weekend. It was Mister Potato's first really big foray into an event that aimed to engage bloggers in Malaysia and it was something my good friend Pierre had always wanted to do.

So Princess and I made sure we were there to support him. Heck even Ming came down from Singapore just for the event at Mist Club, Bangsar.

Here are some pictures from the night.

1) Liang was the emcee that night and once again he pulled off one hell of a show. I remember many people that night tell me that Liang was just freakin amazing. Really funny and spontaneous... always manages to get the crowd going!

2) Say hello to Princess and Mister Potato!

3) Even the real-life Mister Potato from the TVC made guest appearance. His real name is Sham but that night, we all knew him as Mister Potato.

4) Pierre giving a speech on stage wearing his sombrero.

5) He brought me a sombrero too. See?

That's my sombrero and me with Beautifulnara.

6) Me, Princess and Redmummy.

7) Some of the winners that night who went home with a total of RM20,000 in cash.
The winners were from the Mister Potato blog contest and also the best dressed that night.

The person who won the best dressed was this lady here.

And this is the blogger who did the best entry and won like RM5,000 that night.
RM5,000! I remember all of us looking at each other on how we could really use that money ourselves :)

8) Myself with Mr and Mrs. Pierre Pang.

You guys remember Mr and Mrs Pang right? Remember... the .... *grumble* perfect couple...

9) And those two faces you see on that cardboard body of a Mexican band is... Princess and me.

10) As if Liang's emceeing and people dressed in Mister Potato outfits dancing around wasn't enough fun for the night, Mister Potato even got Hujan to come perform.

I've always heard a lot about Hujan but never once got the chance to see or hear them perform. They were great... so energetic and they really knew how to engage the crowd.

I loved the part they sang the Mister Potato jingle. Everyone went wild!

11) Some of the Nuffies that were there that night.

12) This is a group of us who were there that night after the party ended. Ming in the blue shirt was already tired from all the excitement earlier. Yawning away.

13) And our last cheers to celebrate the end of the night.

Ah what a great night.


Joshualaw said...

The event looks great and your sombrero is sooo huge! lol~
Congrats to the winner that night! RM5000!!! I also thinking how i could really use that money if i won..but too bad it's not mine...XD

Boss Stewie said...

hehehe yeah it's a lot of money

i love my sombrero

Huai Bin said...

Haha! I noticed the ridiculously huge sombrero hat too. It looks nice, something I would love to wear. I can get a feel of the size from just the pic of you and Nara. ;)

vialentino said...

wow...a great event with lots of money given out...wat a night to end by partying .... wish i have the energy ... hope to see u at friso nn family day...

phatgurl said...

hey, that's me~!
still got the light we gave u?

-mrs potato @

Boss Stewie said...

huai bin: hahha yes... it was huge... but not too heavy

vialentino: aww i might not be in kl for friso but i'm sure that'll be good fun anyway :)

phat: yes i still do. real pleasure to meet u ! :)

julian said...

Hiya :)

Wassup with the numbered list in your post? Looks like Mahathir's style hehe :p

I liked Hujan - it's great that you guys support local musicians in your events.