Saturday, December 05, 2009

My Photoshoot with Princess & BFM Interview

Princess is a little unwell today :(

Somehow since last night she caught a bit of a fever and has a sore throat. Just took her to the doctor in the afternoon and doctor gave her some antibiotics. Hope she gets well in time for our trip to Japan in a few days. Fingers crossed also that I don't get sick myself any time before or on the trip. Otherwise it'll be such a waste.

Before we went to see the doctor this morning though, Princess and I had another appointment to keep. We headed over to the Female magazine studio at Sunway Damansara for a story about our relationship. Our story was going to be featured in Female magazine for their February issue (in line with Valentine's Day I think) along with a few other couples.

When we got there, a photoshoot was going on for another couple before us. We didn't really get a chance to meet but I think the guy's name was Gabriel.

Our shoot was right after theirs so we quickly got on to doing some make-up. Princess went first.

And me later on. The make-up artist did some touch ups and covered up any pimples I had. See the end result!

They made my skin so smooth. Yes.. it's not normally this smooth.

I thought the studio was pretty cool. They had a lot of windows so there was a lot of natural light coming in and they could do certain things to adjust the natural light for any of the pictures they took.

Like there was a window on top where the sun would come in and with just a click of a remote, they could close it up.

The journalist said Princess and I had a lot of "chemistry" *yay*.

So after the photoshoot we had an interview where we told the whole story of how we came about, what we're like to each other etc etc.

If you want to see the result of the interview and the photoshoot, wait for the February issue of Female magazine ok ?

In the mean time and speaking of interviews, here's the recording of the BFM interview I had that day.

My mum enjoyed listening to it but when it came to the part where I talked about Princess, my mum said "Why you proclaim your love to Princess on radio? If break-up then how?"

I just said... "Aiyah if it's not meant to be and it ends then it ends lor."

But right now it still feels like it's meant to be.

Have a great weekend everyone!


pj said...

yay no.1 no.1 no.1!!!!!!! wtf

Boss Stewie said...

pj: haha funny

Cindy Khor said...

your mum totally is considerate towards your future, that's a good thing. but not many mums ever thought of their children breaking up with their partners though.

now you have the photoshooting experience with audrey, i bet your wedding photos would be easy peasy for you ^__^

Carol said...

Wow! Nice interview! Particularly love the "i met the girl" part. hehe.

Boss Stewie said...

cindy: hehehe yeah i guess i'm not too shy to the camera anymore

carol: hehe thank you :)

Ken Wooi said...

lol.. you'll be on FEMALE magazine? cool! =P

Anonymous said...

oh cool! so gonna get da Female mag on feb then! yup u 2 are so sweet 2getha *wink* erm..i envy da settings, i adore photography, currently a learning amateur in college lol..

Unknown said...

fuah~ magazine photoshoot! that's very interesting! :D

Jia Hui said...

My mum said the exact same thing about my boyfriend!!

How Jun said...

Lol...there's no certain?

sunset2712 said...

My first time commenting here despite the fact that I visit Audrey and your blog daily..

Just listened to the recording for the BFM interview... Your girlfriend is a very lucky girl... =) Cheers!!

TheJessicat said...

Timmmmmmm :) I played ur interview twice. Like the way u oways remain grounded despite your fast (and successful!) kick-start in career. Also, the "being able to give back to society" is SSSSSSSSSSOO not cheesy ok.


Nikel Khor said...

great conversation