Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wombeh & Domokun's Photo Album

Princess and I have this thing about presents. We've always agreed that we don't need an occasion to buy presents for each other. Be it Christmas, Anniversary or anything like that. We just decided that whenever we see something that we think the other person would like, we buy it there and then. It can be any time of the year. So we don't expect Christmas or Anniversary presents from each other. Except for Birthdays though. We still expect birthday presents haha!

So I'm not sure if I should call this a Christmas present because it isn't exactly one. What I can call it though is my "Best Present of 2009". All it was... a photo album with the pictures of Wombeh & Domokun.

Oh Princess and I refer to each other now as Wombeh & Domokun. Me being Wombeh (which comes from the word wombat because when she saw a wombat in Australia she thought it was cute). I on the other hand refer to her as Domokun because she sometimes goes "RARARA!!!". I'm sure the names we call each other will change in the next 3 months so don't get too used to it.

Okay back to the album Princess gave me.
In case you're wondering, the 10th of October 2008 is the estimated date that we got together as a couple. The exact date is still a mystery for us because I didn't exactly ask "Will you be my girlfriend?". We just... somehow started treating each other like bf/gf and I guess one day we both understood that we were in a relationship.

The great thing about photo albums with pictures in them is that they never grow old. I will never get bored of receiving photo albums with pictures in them because I think it takes a lot of effort to hand pick each picture. Besides, when someone gives you a photo album with pictures.. you're not just getting a "photo album with pictures". You're getting a whole condensed book of memories you've had with that someone.

That makes photo albums such great gifts! I'm sure some of you guys out there have done it at least once before for your other half. If you haven't then do it! I think it makes a great gift.

Princess' photo album was a page by page story of us. The story of "Wombeh & Domokun". She put in each picture and some captions on which period of our relationship was that picture taken.

With Princess' permission, I'm going to share a few of them with you guys. Notice the captions she wrote on each page.

This is the first picture.

This is us at the Nuffnang V-Post party in Singapore a year ago.

Yep... this picture was taken at the start of my Paul Frank craze. I now have like an entire wardrobe of Paul Frank t-shirts.


If you're wondering why "Sebastian babeh". It's because I turn red when I drink and that picture was taken after I've had a little too much to drink.

Ah yes it's true. We used to be so much more happening as a couple. Going out and all. Now all we (yes we.. not just me but Princess too) wanna do is stay at home and watch DVDs.

Princess with her "Stitch ears" in Disneyland HK noming me.

Yah Princess said she looked tall in this picture. With long model-like legs. So she loves this pic.

This is how she used her photo editor to sissify one of our pictures.

And the surprise or not so surprise birthday party she planned for me this year. It was a total failure of a surprise but I'm happy she tried.

Yes it's true. We became a boring couple that only hang out with each other on weekends.

This is us at the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards (NAPBAS) dressed our best.

And the rest of the photo album I shall keep for myself :)

You gotta share some of the love... but you also gotta keep some for yourself right?

Thank you for the great present baby!


[fong88] said...

both of you are so sweet~~~

alohamolly said...

Wish u and Audrey many more happy years to come!



Jason Lioh said...

Awwww... *melts*

autumnmusic said...


QuirkyLilPrincess said...

aww,my bf and i have nicks too.he's my domokun and i'm his meow meow.reason is he rarrs and i meow :) you two are so sweet

Accyee said...

so sweet! and now i have an idea for a gift! teehee :)

Hui Yi said...

haha~ very sweet and I guess a lot of efforts have been given to make the album.


Joshualaw said...

Aww~ you are making me feel like wanna find a date for myself edi...lol~

Boss Stewie said...

fong: hehe thank you

aloha: thank you very much

jason: hehe thanks dude

autumn: lots of melting going on around here huh hehe

quirky: aww...... nice variation :)

accyee: yeah.. it'll be a great gift!

hui yi: lots!!! :)

joshua: yes.. i highly recommend it

TianChad田七摄影 said...

Sweet couple with sweet moment =D
Nice one!

Hayley said...

Hmm, since both of you are so sweet, when'll be the BIG DAY? sure this question crossed your mind.. hehe ;)

JD said...

Bestest present ever! Hahaha.

Huai Bin said...

Awww...that is very sweet! :)

Yeah, did it for one of my ex gfs but no digicams then, all prints so all my photos missing now that we've broken up.

Oops, shouldn't have said that in your happy post!

It's the most awesome present!

Unknown said...

sweet! :)

p.s.: i love grocery shopping too!

Magdalene said...

Her handwriting is so nice!

messi said...

we went clubbing together.. that pic, ur expression is nostalgic. nice pic.cheers!

so romantic gift :) aud is romantic here lol

Michelle said...

How cute! :D

dheep said...

you both are a sweet couple. hope u get married soon. =)

vvens said...

this is so sweet!!! priceless gift! :3

Matjoe said...

tokeh, masuk meminang laa si comel 4 ft 9 tu. Jangan tunggu lama-lama, nanti lama-lama, dia diambil orang.