Sunday, May 02, 2010

Coffee with Nuffies in Nuffnang Australia (Updated)

Hello All!

I'm actually blogging now from a villa somewhere way outside Melbourne. It's going to be a relaxing weekend. Out here with David (one of our partners for Nuffnang Australia), Pierre and some other friends. Will blog about this weekend next week or something.

In the mean time let me catch you up on what else I've been up to in Melbourne this far. Reached on Wednesday morning but was too tired to go into the office because I didn't sleep much on the plane. Was one of the unlucky passengers that had a seat that just wouldn't recline. So I was pretty much upright for the 7-8 hour flight. There goes my day. So Ming went into the office and had all the meetings without me.

Thursday though I headed to the Nuffnang Australia office with Ming to catch up on a lot of updates on how Nuffnang Australia was doing. I'm quite excited for Nuffnang Australia. It's grown really quick in the past 12 months and I think we're beginning to see a lot more activity on that front. Lots of other things we're working on too.

We had a great lunch that day. Ming brought us to this restaurant that he wouldn't allow me to tweet about or blog about. I took a picture of the outside of the restaurant and he warned me not to share it with anyone else because that restaurant was like his secret place. So fine....

Ming ordered enough food to feed a Mongolian army. So much that we couldn't finish it all that he went around with a plate passing the food on to the other side of the table. Had to take this picture here because it's not often you see Boss Ming waitering around.

The afternoon was spent in the office too until of course Pinky came in to tell us that the Coffee for Nuffies session was starting soon.

You guys know about Coffee for Nuffies right? It's a monthly coffee session we started in the KL office where we invite 4-5 Nuffnangers to the office just to have coffee and meet any Nuffnang Staff.

Our Melbourne office decided to start one and Ming and I were supposed to be the "Nuffies" the Nuffnangers here would meet.

Had a great time meeting a lot of the Australian Nuffnangers. Some were Malaysians living in Melbourne now too including Michelle here whom I know has been following my blog for a while.

Always love meeting up with Nuffnang bloggers and it's something we try to do each time we visit an office in another country. Just like how we met up with some Pinoy Nuffnangers while we were in the Philippines a couple months back.

Gotta go now guys. Will blog more soon.

I miss home.


Updated: On my slow Sunday afternoon I just finally caught up on some Project Alpha episodes. Here's to share some of the latest.

This is Niki Cheong's first episode.

Niki Cheong is a really well known columnist with The Star. He's also the cousin of Elaine Daly. Whom you will see in the videos too :)

And this is when it really gets interesting. Where Jojo along with Niki flies to London to catch up and interview Xiaxue, Singapore's top blogger.

In this episode, we get a tour of how the MAS first/business class lounge is like. We get an insight into why some travellers are willing to pay a lot more for their plane ticket :)

LONDON!!! Where they finally meet Xiaxue and Mike! (and a hotel staff that has been there for 30 years and served drinks for all sorts of celebrities including all the James Bonds).

Xiaxue gets recognized on the streets of London!

These episodes really make me miss London. Makes me wanna go back!

Xiaxue talks about why she thinks she has so many readers... and what she doesn't blog about (private stuff, sexual stuff etc etc)

And that's all the Project Alpha we have till now. New ones out in the next few days.


Simon Seow said...

When can we have coffee with Jestina :p

Boss Stewie said...

hahaha why does everybody like jestina?

Vy said...

Long time didn't drop by to say HI. Hello Boss Stewie! Wow, living the jet setting life...

Boss Stewie said...

vy: hello :) well traveling a lot can get a bit tiring sometimes :)

Biopolymath said...

Signed up for Nuffnang AU!

Crystal Hew said...

i like niki's interview!! :)

- m i c h e l l e - said...

I pinjam picts to blog bout coffee with nuffies k? :)

Isley Chang~ said...

have a nice day Stewie~

Hui Yi said...

Working in nuffnang like having so much fun..