Tuesday, May 11, 2010

VIlla Stay in Mount Martha

So after the wine tour we went for that Saturday, the 9 of us checked into the villa we booked for the weekend. It was on a hill called Mount Martha where they had a lot of really nice houses in this really nice residential area. The houses on the hill overlooked the sea down below. It was really nice... but told.

I didn't get many shots of it but this is how it looked like from the driveway outside.


There were 5 bedrooms in the villa, 3 of them looked really nice with a window overlooking the sea view and all. Ming and I who were the only non-couples there (along with Ming's sister) decided to give the nice rooms to the 3 couples. We damn nice right?

This is how the nice rooms look like.


Nice huh? They look as if they were made just for couples to go in there, light up candles and have a nice romantic night together err... playing... scrabble.


And this is the Master bedroom that Grace and David stayed in.


The Master bedroom has this really big connecting toilet to it but the toilet just like everything else in the house was done in a very old fashioned kind of style so I found it a little creepy.

Now on to the remaining 2 rooms where the non-couples were staying (me, Ming and Ming's sister).

This is the room Ming shared with his sister.


I know right? It's not too bad but compared to the previous rooms, it looks like we just went from 5-star to like... 2 and a half star.

My room on the other hand was smaller. I didn't take a picture of it because everyone said that my room was haunted. When they all walked into my room for a while they said they felt depressed and all and there was like something in there that was scaring them. I didn't have a choice though so I just... well... bit the bullet and slept in that room.

I didn't want to take a picture of it though. Didn't want to catch a picture of something that I shouldn't be seeing.

This is the living room with a fireplace. There was a real fireplace ok!


Then when you walk out the balcony there are some tables and chairs for us to sit on and chill.


And the nice dining room with a kitchen at the back for us to prepare our meals.


So seeing the kitchen and all we all decided to go grocery shopping right after checking in. We went to the nearest supermarket we could find in the quiet town and shopped away. Our trolley filled up so quickly it was as if we were all hungry refugees seeing a fully stocked supermarket for the first time.


The experienced housewife in the group (Grace) was shocked at our shopping habits. Like when Ming brought one huge bag of mushrooms to the trolley she said
"You obviously don't cook that much.. you don't need that much mushrooms!!!"

Ming responded
"I do cook a lot... and that's how I know we need that many mushrooms and more!!!"

The bill in the end came to something like AUD200-300 I think... just enough groceries for the weekend.


Grace just sat down and gave us her shocked face.


After grocery shopping it was time for us to hunt for dinner. We were going to try this little Chinese restaurant there for some noodles until Ming spotted something else that drew his attention away : Indian food. I cannot begin to tell you how much Ming loves Indian food.


We stood outside looking at the menu until this Australian guy came out of the restaurant with a lot of take-away. He was heading towards his new car (some new Merc jeep) and Ming just openly said
"Nice car Sir, you look like a man with great taste! Tell me is the food good?"

Now if I were the Aussie I would've been a little puzzled at first but the friendly guy just replied
"Yes!", then got into his car.


That was enough for Ming to go for it so we all had Indian food that night and it was great.

On the way out of the restaurant later that night we passed by this other restaurant that had something really cool. Check out this restaurant and tell me if you spot anything.


Notice how there's an arcade game machine in the picture? They use that game machine as a restaurant table!

What a cool idea.

We all went back that night and played some games. Taboo was one of them. We played Guys vs Girls in taboo and the girls won (but we played again the next day and the guys won back our pride... maybe the girls let us win but no matter we won anyway!!)

The next morning when I woke up though, the food we bought from the supermarket was all cooked and ready for breakfast.


We had a great breakfast that morning!


I really enjoyed the weekend stay at the villa. It's the first time I've done something like that. I mean it's a bit old and creepy at night but overall with the right company, it was a great place to stay.

We did almost nothing but just relax and play board games all weekend and it felt really nice.


I would do it again some time. Not too often but some time again :)


Celia-YuLing said...

AUD$200-300 just for the weekend was a lot of money (and food!) I spend an average of AUD$300 for the whole month for a house of 4 people. Though of course we're just in the early 20's range, and teens don't eat as much as adults, maybe?*-)

Oh and IGA's stuff are generally more expensive than the other supermarkets, so pure bad luck that you were there! Haha! And perhaps Perth's stuff are cheaper than Melbourne's?;)

I never shop with a full trolley with just about everything, and I can never comprehend how an average household can buy so much food to last them for a week. Your trolley of food exactly resembles an average Aussie household that I see at the supermarket every week!:O

michleong said...

Scary room and yet you stayed alone in it. Salute! =S

Gypsy On The Move said...

I think it was really funny when Ming asked the Aussie guy about the food. That was really random. Didn't see that coming.

KY said...

waaa that lard laden plate is breakfast? where do i sign up!??!!

JD said...

Wah, the arcade table is soo old skool! Despite working here for the Australian market for quite while, still don't know what the abbreviation of BYO stands for.

Btw, I'm the one who saw you at MV yesterday. My wife said next time must take picture with you.

Magnolia said...

Seems like a relaxing holiday in the countryside. A good place to unwind :)

Terrence Cheang said...

This kind of life is great man but like you said, not too often. You will feel very boring and sick of it if you have this kind of life every day. Nothing much to look forward to :)

Boss Stewie said...

celia: well i guess ours wasn't exactly proper groceries. it was just whatever everyone wanted and we were chucking everything in. we really filled it up and believe it or not we finished most of everything by sunday!

mich: hehe yeah what to do right?

gypsy: yah i found it really funny because it happened so randomly!

ky: hahaha no.. don't.. let me deter u from high cholesterol!

jd: what's BYO? yah man u should've said hi!!

magnolia: yah.. really nice relaxing place

terrence: yep u're totally right! just a weekend thing is fine enough for me :)

Matjoe said...

wow, that was beautiful...

Boss Stewie said...

matjoe: hehe thank u.

Bab said...

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