Friday, September 08, 2006

Leaving London

I'm leaving London today. And this time I'm leaving for good.

For the first time in 3 years, I sit in the lounge at Heathrow Airport waiting for my flight, typing the last blog entry that I will ever type in the UK for quite a while.One day many years from now, people are going to ask me what is it that I did on the last day, the last time I was in London.

I'm going to pretend to 'try to remember', then I'm going to tell them the truth.

That on the last day that I was in London, I was at the Four Seasons Restaurant at Bayswater.

Yes, the little restaurant at Bayswater that had recently put up the little cute window sticker to tell people that it is on Google Maps.
So there I was on Friday 8th of September, standing in front of the Four Seasons, saying a last goodbye to all the roast duck that made life so good for me.

I said goodbye to the waiters at the restaurant that I managed to make friends with over the past 3 years that I've been in London.

One of them shook my hand and made me promise me to go back there again when I make it big some day.

I smiled at him, told him that I hope that would really come true and I walked out the door for the last time.

So here I am, back in the lounge at Heathrow Airport.In a short while I will hear the woman over the speaker calling for me to board my flight.

Then I would have one last chance... to say goodbye to London.

Goodbye London... it has been a good 3 years.

PS: Sorry guys.. couldn't tarpau any duck for you.. they wouldn't let me bring it through the security check. I think they're afraid I'll use the ducks to hijack the plane which is a valid concern.


Jason Lioh said...

What?!!? You didn't bring back any ducks for us?!?!?!

Jason officially declares war on Boss Stewie!!!


§pinzer said...

man you're making me cry :'(

Anonymous said...

i hste saying goodbye to anyone or anything or anyplace. :(

one day i must really go to london to try the duck that u rave about so much.

Boss Stewie said...

jason: dun lar jason... come we go together next time

spinzer: aiyoo dun lar.. nothing to cry about larr

daphne: ohh yes.... and when u do.. please eat a little extra for me

Gwendolynne said...

Cocaine Roasted Duck Bomb?

That's it. Gotta invent a new recipe around this "title" if it's a success I will attribute it to you. I can picture it now, two Iraqians waving around 2 roasted ducks one in each hand like a chain mace ... shouting


Then bashing in the blains of the pilots. Damn, is it 6am already?

*closes this screen and goes back to bed*

陈一豪 said...

Does it beat the ones we have here? IF yes, how about the Hong Kong ones eh?

Anonymous said...

I wanna see London sometime! :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know who to hate more - Heathrow Airport security who sees ducks as potential terror threat (yeah yeah fly around and poke pilot in the eyes with beaks) or Boss for not trying hard enough.

what say you, boss?

こうゆうけん said...

LOL... don't forget to contact me when you are back to Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Save em' duckies!!!

*Lance is still running on his month old (Or was it two? Or three?) duck saving campaign*

Don't mind me, its 1am and I haven't slept in two days. =)

Boss Stewie said...

teh gwenneh: okok but seriously.. duck meat can be really hard.. and painful to be hit with.

dr tan: oh yes the duck beats the ones here any time but probably not as good as the ones in hong kong

alynna: i'm sure u will alynna... but don't worry.. london is a little overrated.

suicidal: i think u should blame the boss that didn't try hard enough to get himself arrested for smuggling a roast duck on to the plane...

koyuuken: yes boss.. just don't drag me to jogoya again ok? :P... i'm poor as it is

lance: why haven't u slept in two days lance... it had better not be because you were wasting time playying computer games

erin: aww erin.. don't say that

Anonymous said...

*Puts on an innocent look*

Anonymous said...

What an eventfull last day indeed. I had doughnuts. Hmmm... Krispy Kremes.

Anonymous said...

AHAHAHA playing the guilty cards is cheap! fine i'll just suffice with the pictures. damn them heathrow airport security personnel.


Boss Stewie said...

lance: LOL LANCE

hasan: krispy kremes make you fat

suicidal: lol... i love the guilty card