Thursday, September 28, 2006


I woke up this morning, went for my morning coffee and opened the The Star to read my daily dosage of news. The first thing I saw called for a CELEBRATION!!!

That's right everyone... "Ah Longs" (Loansharks) have cut their interest rates from 30% a month to 5% a month!!!


I feel that the Ah Long's have done something revolutionary!

For example, years ago I couldn't travel as much as I liked because I was (and still am) poor.

Then came along AirAsia offering people like me the opportunity to fly for a fraction of what I had to pay for an air ticket.

AirAsia's motto was
"Now everyone can fly!" They were indeed right!

Now everyone COULD fly!

And now, the Ah Longs have jumped on the bandwagon to make it more possible for the poor consumers like myself to do more things.
That's right!!!

Now everyone can BORROW MONEY!!!!

Of course, I do sympathise with the Ah Longs.

The newspaper article mentioned how competition had heated up and they now had to start advertising.

Now since the Ah Long's were all nice enough to lower their rates for us... the least I could do was to help them with their advertising.

So I used my very unimaginative and uncreative mind to 'steal' AirAsia's earlier advertisement

And modified it for the Ah Long's.

If you ever see another Ah Long blog advertisement, remember that you saw the first one here!

This post is not meant to be funny... I had a straight-poker-depressed face when typing it out and that is not a good sign... my Baby actually hit me on the head for writing such a lame post... but I can do that right?

I can write lame posts cuz I am not Kennysia right? So I don't have high expectations in humour right? right?


Wingz said...

boss stewie changing name to Ahlong Stewieeeeee

Boss Stewie said...

no i'll just change it to Ah Stewie

Anonymous said...

ya, right. even if you write with poker face, I'll still be laughing down to the floor.

Anonymous said...

Ah Long also a type of business that entreprenuers need to tap. I felt that it have a big potiential.
How about a dot com Ah Long empire?

Mic. Tham said...

"So I don't have high expectations in humour right? right?

Classic phrase! Kennysia must be glad to see this. Well as long as you continue with this kind of post which full of critism, you will reach that level of expectations one fine day.

Btw, good sense of humour!

Anonymous said...

i am so borrowing an astronomical sum to start up my own ah long business. now everyone can be an entrepreneur too!

muahahahaha u'll support me won't u 'ah stewie'??? :D

She's Jess said...

That's so creative of you to come up with such idea :)

Boss Stewie said...

ricadoe: hahaha i wish that were really true

chapree: ... ok lets go.. register domain first then we start business

mic: yes yes.. kennysia might be glad to see this

suicidal: well of course the problem with borrowing from ah long to start business is.... in future if your clients ask you who finances your business and you say "Ah Longs"... then uhmm...

jess: thank u... i thought it was rather unimaginative but thank u

Anonymous said...

when i see this, i see bank also will do the same... cut down the interest...
so competitive... wahhahahha

Boss Stewie said...

cely: i highly doubt that lorrr... banks are legally allowed to lend money

Anonymous said...

Not bad at all ^^

Anonymous said...


Gwendolynne said...

I need a loan to buy a house, do you think they do overseas Ah Long-ing? haha

Mischique said...

Like we need any more kennysias...just stick to your style, be it funny or not. haha

Boss Stewie said...

bodicea: ahh u're just too nice

gin: it's called advertising ginnie,.. ah long advertising

gwen: yes... if u're willing to pay a higher interest rate, i'm sure they won't mind

suicidal: what? hahaha i didn't get that

brenda: aww thanks brenda

Mic. Tham said...

I heard from a friend whose dad is an AhLong about how most of the Ah Longs work in Sarawak...I wonder it is the same in Peninsula.

"AhLong actually gains profit from another AhLong. Firstly one AhLong (name him A) borrowed $10000 to AhBeng and he knew AhBeng can hardly able to repay, therefore he will phone another AhLong(B) to borrow money to AhBeng while at the same time, he would ask his konco to pour red paint (stuff like this lar) to Peter's house. So AhBeng now will have the money to pay A, but he is still indebted with B, and so B will call on and on.Plus interest from each AhLong, the amount of money will become greater and greater." This is one of the situation except that the AhBeng runaway lar.

Well, just to share.

Anonymous said...

thankiew boss stewie so bagi muka i like that. ahahahahahaaha u can ignore this really

Anonymous said...

Man... That was such a boring post.

Rebel said...

personaly i don't think it's lame, it's pretty funny actually.keep it up ! =)

Anonymous said...

anonymous said "lol"... Don't take it too seriously ^^;

Sharon said...

if you come across any Ah long that offers 2,000,000 RINGGIT do inform me first :P LOL

Boss Stewie said...

mic: so it's like.. ah beng rolling the money of other ah bengs

suicidal: ai cheh... sure i have to bagi muka to u right?

anonymous: LOL

cheryl: aww thank u

lance: ah yes.. i'll only take it seriously if YOU said it

sharon: yes but at that amount of money, the ah long would probably ask to keep your husband hostage as collateral till u return the money

Sharon said...

haha no husband how to give to the ah long?!?!?!

Boss Stewie said...

sharon: then do u have a little brother or someone else u could give?