Thursday, October 05, 2006

Convincing Cely to Join Lampe Berger

This afternoon I decided to play a little prank on Cely.

I was reading her blog and I found this little Meebo chat thingy on her sidebar and I thought about all the naughty things I could do to her since she wouldn't know who she was talking to.
I decided to pretend to be someone trying to convince her to join Lampe Berger (something that I've had experienced over and over at many points in my life).

So here's how the conversation went

(Yes yes... another conversation post in the same week.. this will be the last for a looong time... don't worry).
lampe berger: hi

cely: hello

lampe berger: can i know ur name?

cely: cely

cely: as u see
cely: how about u?
cely: u cant be lampe berger~
cely: :P

lampe berger: my name is mervin

lampe berger: are u from kl?

cely: hi mervin

cely: yes

lampe berger: oh

lampe berger: u are very pretty

cely: really ? Thanks.. that's sweet of u

lampe berger: cely

lampe berger: do u wan make money?

cely: what ?

lampe berger: do u wan to earn lot of money?

cely: i understand ur question

cely: so?
cely: join lempe berger?

lampe berger: yes

lampe berger: if you join lampe berger
lampe berger: you can make a lot of money
lampe berger: one month you can make RM15,000
lampe berger: just by recruiting other members

cely: oh..

lampe berger: and after you do for a while then everyone will earn money for u

cely: but i m not interested..

lampe berger: all the people under you can earn money for you

cely: thanks for inviting

lampe berger: then even if you don't do anything you can make at least RM5,000 a month

lampe berger: why don't u want to join

cely: i had too many invitation like this

cely: if i wan, i would have joined earlier

lampe berger: why is it you dowan to join?

cely: not interest in pushing ppl
cely: like what u are doing now
cely: i dun mind making money slowly..

lampe berger: but i am not pushing people.. i am trying to help people make money

lampe berger: you can be very rich... my friend just last month bought a bmw
lampe berger: from lampe berger money
lampe berger: he don't work anymore also

cely: haha.. that;s the tag line u gotto say ma~

cely: nah, it's ok
cely: really.. thanks

lampe berger: what is your phone number?

lampe berger: can i call you to talk to you?

cely: No no..

lampe berger: ok why you don't want to join?

cely: i told u already~

lampe berger: you work little bit only can make money

lampe berger: just 3 days in a week you work
lampe berger: can make thousands of dollars

cely: i dun like to do what u are doing now..

cely: persuading..

lampe berger: but it is just you persuade your friends only

lampe berger: you don haf to go out marketing also

cely: haha, do u make money ?
cely: have u bought ur bmw?

lampe berger: no i don't have bmw

lampe berger: but i bought a new honda civic

cely: that's great

lampe berger: and i just do lampe berger for only 8 months

cely: hm.. i m really not interested

cely: i know how it workls
cely: i understand the benefits
cely: but i m just not interested in even trying

lampe berger: ok then will you put an advertisement for me on your blog

lampe berger: to ask your readers can call me
lampe berger: if they want to join lampe berger?

cely: Oh.. no..

lampe berger: why?

cely: that's not gonna work in my blog

lampe berger: but you tell your friends can make money

lampe berger: everyone also wan make money

cely: i told u from the very begining.. i m not doing what u are doing now

cely: persuading
cely: off coz i m not going to put lempe berger ad in my blog
cely: dun even say put an ad for u

lampe berger: ok what if i pay you

lampe berger: i pay you to put an ad up
lampe berger: for me

cely: how am i going to trust u?

lampe berger: i call you

lampe berger: we meet and i pay you cash first
lampe berger: half before you post
lampe berger: half after you post
lampe berger: ok?

cely: let me think about it

lampe berger: what is your phone number

cely: u gimme urs

cely: :)

lampe berger: 012 3358292

cely: how do u get to my blog ?

lampe berger: last time i see petaling street

lampe berger: then i write down your blog

cely: Oh.. ok

lampe berger: ok

cely: do u have a blog?

lampe berger: no
lampe berger: so will you put an ad for me
lampe berger: i pay you RM50

cely: why not ?

cely: i'll think about it

lampe berger: no can put for me now?

cely: NOW ?

cely: i guess u can look for other more famous blogger to put this ad for u~

lampe berger: ok i pay you RM200 then

lampe berger: you put for me now ok
lampe berger: you have my phone number
lampe berger: i cannot run

cely: haha

cely: i have trouble to trust you
cely: why NOW ?
cely: why cant i consider?

lampe berger: it is free right

lampe berger: blog entry
lampe berger: i will pay you

cely: seriously, can i consider it for a day?

cely: maybe i'll answer u by tomolo
cely: u know my blug, i cant run either
cely: rite?

lampe berger: ok

lampe berger: if you put now
lampe berger: i will pay you RM1000
lampe berger: last offer
lampe berger: i give you my house address
lampe berger: phone numbenr
lampe berger: everything you wan i give you

cely: u are JOKING with me

lampe berger: i am not

lampe berger: where you work
lampe berger: tomorrow i come and give you the RM1000 cash
lampe berger: ok?

cely: :x

lampe berger: ok?

lampe berger: you put now?

cely: hahah

lampe berger: cely?

lampe berger: ok deall?
lampe berger: cely?
lampe berger: deal?
lampe berger: deal?
lampe berger: cely?
lampe berger: ok
lampe berger: ?
lampe berger: can?

cely: aiyo.. stop playing la

cely: u are not mervin or anything

lampe berger: i am

lampe berger: do you want the money or not

cely: haha

lampe berger: dowan fine!

cely: fine :)

cely: look for something else

lampe berger: actually i got something else

cely: yes

lampe berger: next saturday 14th oct we having a lampe berger convention

lampe berger: at concord hotel
lampe berger: got speaker teach you make money
lampe berger: you want come?
lampe berger: just listen only.. it is free

cely: i am not free.. i m joining a camp

lampe berger: what camp you joining

cely: ji er 30

cely: on 14th - 15th

lampe berger: ohhh

lampe berger: then the following saturday also got another eventb
lampe berger: but that wan is in sunway pyramid convention center
lampe berger: you wan come?

cely: ahha

cely: i m going sg for trip

lampe berger: then what about 28th october

cely: actually, i really not even interested in this

lampe berger: got another one in regent hotel

lampe berger: bukit bintang there

cely: do u get ppl joining from just talking online ?

lampe berger: no i also call them

lampe berger: but you don gimme your phone

cely: erm.. it just look very strange and i dont trust this..

cely: i need to protect myself

lampe berger: ok then you got any friend i can call?

cely: no.. off coz no~

lampe berger: why

lampe berger: you got no friends?

cely: just no..

cely: i got friends

lampe berger: then can give me the number

lampe berger: i call

cely: but takan i 'betray my frens' for giving out their numbers?

cely: it's not logic ..rite

lampe berger: ok then you got other blogger friend

lampe berger: that you know
lampe berger: can help me post ad
lampe berger: you got any blogger friend
lampe berger: that can help me post ad?
lampe berger: cely
lampe berger: cely?

cely: u can just try ur luck.. i got the list there in my tidbits

cely: why u need ppl to put the ad?
cely: u can just create a blog what
cely: to tell ppl what's good to join

lampe berger: ok

lampe berger: who is the most famous in your list


lampe berger: who else you know wan

cely: i dunno much.. i m just very new blogger

lampe berger: ok you want to go out for lunch

lampe berger: ?

cely: no.. already 3.30 la

cely: back from lunch long time ago

lampe berger: tomorrow leh?

cely: u asking me for lunch ?

cely: no need la
cely: u full time lempe berger?

lampe berger: no i working now

cely: working as what

lampe berger: i workin customer service at ibm

cely: sound like a good and stable job

lampe berger: yes

lampe berger: but lampe berger make me rich
lampe berger: normal job cannot make me rich

cely: how OLD arr?

lampe berger: i'm 24

cely: working at ibm not enough for u?

cely: how rich is rich ?
cely: earn 10k a month?

lampe berger: IBM i only earn RM2000 a month

lampe berger: lampe berger I earn RM6000 a month
lampe berger: so total about RM7000 a month
lampe berger: enough to pay monthly installment for my civic

cely: good

lampe berger: i also bought apartment already

lampe berger: every month i pay RM2000 for my apartment and RM1200 for my car installment
lampe berger: I still have so much money to spend
lampe berger: because of lampe berger

cely: u earn this much.. off coz u will spend this much

cely: and even 10k a month for u also wont enough

lampe berger: yes

lampe berger: so you want to join?
lampe berger: lampe berger
lampe berger: and be rich like me?

Ok soon after that I began to lose interest and I told Cely that it was really me.

She said she expected it but the bad news is... she forwarded the conversation to a few of her friends including Earl who then forwarded it to Anti-Lamp Berger.

So uhmm... Anti-Lamp Berger.... please keep in mind that it was just a prank and not for real...

I personally don't like Lamp Berger or any other MLMs but my judgement shouldn't affect anyone else's.


Lucky I didn't put my real phone number when Cely asked for it.



Anonymous said...

i won the boiling point !
gimme my usd 100 !

Mz said...

cely, i'm surprised u'd go on n on about not being interested. haha i would have stopped talkin to "mervin" within 2 minutes.. keke

Anonymous said...

haha.. coz he sound funny... i wanna see how far he can go..

Boss Stewie said...


mz: awwww... is that what you would do? now i know what to expect if i ever were to prank u

earl: hahahaha earl.. i can't believe you fwded it to anti lamp berger and posted it on low yat! wart a joke!

Wingz said...


Boss Stewie said...

hahaha wingz

Anonymous said...

eh take the prank to the next level la ...

by the time you messaged me on msn i was already trying to look for other hate sites too, hoping for that phone number was real and there are lots of free people out there who would take the initiative to harass the fella - hahaha

Anonymous said...

You should consider to change your name to "Lamp Berger" legally :p

Jason Lioh said...


Anonymous said...

After that conversation, I feel like joining Lampe's Burger... McD anyone? =)

Steven Yip said...'s a joke...

hmmmm...i thought it was for real..

Anonymous said...

sweat. you memang bor si cho.


Anonymous said...

Was directed here from your other Leng Mou blog. Very entertaining. :)

P.s. I think you know my brother Jia Jer. Small world.

MaN|acZ said...

boss stewie , u damn free ar?...

Smurfette said...


Boss Stewie said...

mz: HAHAHAHAH!! mz... carefull.. i might just prank u one day.. and it'll work :P

earl: LUCKIILLYYY I DIDN'T PUT MY REAL PHONE NUMBER... i was considering d0ing that in case cely wanted to call me

chapree: ah yes.. change name in IC

jason: and i have jason's number too.. 012...

lance: hahahaha u want to join? and be rich like mervin?

steven: yep.. sorry to disappoint u.. but i think we all have had sales pitches like that before

suicidal: so u wouldn't have joined lampe berger to make me rich? that's not nice of you! :P

bodicea: ahhaah yes i am too free

jia mei: ehhh yah.., i know ur brother hehehe.. and i remember u.. his leeetle sister!!!

maniacz: yes yes.. it's true.. i am damn free

Boss Stewie said...

lol smurfette

Anonymous said...

although it's just a prank, but it's so real... just like how lb ppl talk.. haha.

albert said...

Thank goodness I haven't kena before. I imagine their logo to be some lighted burger. Perhaps a change of name might benefit them. :D

Jason Lioh said...

The thing is nobody's want my number, but different for boss case. :P

So, anyone wants boss number to promote lampe berger? :D

Boss Stewie said...

wtj: lol.. yes cuz i kena from them all the time

albert: why don't u make a suggestion hahaha

jason: WOI!!!

Anonymous said...

ok i would. that makes it all the more embarrassing. damn. lol

Anonymous said...

jason, gimme.. or earl, he will forward to anti-lamp berger... whahahah

gimme gimme.. i give hitz fm to prank him

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Ah Beng. Join Lampe's Burger. Very good wan. You give me money first and then we give you money and a free cheeseburger. Then everyone happy~! =)

*Lance, after joining Lampe's Burger*

Applegal said...

Waaa, Cely, you're so patient! I wouldn't have lasted even halfway!

Anonymous said...

Haha yeah, it's such a small world.

And I'm not so 'leeetle' alright, heh.

Were you at my brother's surprise party this year? I don't really recall. He has too many friends I swear.

Mz said...

nahahah.. stewie, don't prank me lar, i so so so far away, prank liao no fun. summore i'm a nobody.. hahaha

Boss Stewie said...

lance: AHAHAHAHAHAHA U ARE SOOO DAMNM FUNNY... always never fail to crack me up

cely: HAAHAHAH u cannot gotcha me wan.. cuz i every day listen to rudy & jj's voice in gotcha so i'll know it's them if they call me

suicidal: come come. we join lampe berger together.. no wait.. i join first then i recruit u... bwahaha

applegal: yes.. cely would indeed win mtv's boiling point tv show

jiamei: no i wasn't there cuz i was in penang working :(

mz: hah...okok.. i won't prank u anytime soon ... or anytime yet...

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. saw this conversation @ her blog.. so funny lar... u arr... want join breakfast crew arr? ^^

Gwendolynne said...

I also demand money, like Cely. For a waste of time reading this post!


Why are you so immature? :P
j/k j/k the post was interesting, esp her reactions.

Boss Stewie said...

april: hahaha u're not the first person to ask me to join hitz fm morning crew..

gwen: awww... i know you're just joking.. you're one of my favourite readers

Anonymous said...

wei, boss... they wont call u in the morning during their show la... pre-record what...

Boss Stewie said...

is the morning crew pre record? u think?

Anonymous said...

no ge meh ? dunno ah.. haha.. i just think they pre-record it... i seldom listen to hitz fm nowadays

Boss Stewie said...

cely: oh yes.... u listen to MY FM don't u?

Anonymous said...

no.. i seldom listen to FM ! mauyahahah.. come prank me again la.. bun !@

Boss Stewie said...

hah! u wait!