Monday, October 16, 2006

Taking It Down

It's been almost 24 hours since I made that entry about my painful ending with Baby.

By now, most of my friends all over the world and most of the readers who matter to me know exactly what happened and would hopefully stop asking me what happened.

So.. since the news is out... I've decided to take down the blog entry.

It's not something I wanted to keep on my blog for long.

Yet, thanks very much for all your comments.

I have learned much from them.

In the past 24 hours, I've learned that it didn't matter if I was unhappy or that my heart had changed, I should have kept the relationship I had with Baby and deal with the unhappiness as long as I didn't break her heart. Her happiness is all that matters.

I have also learned that I need an excuse to break up with a girl just like I need an excuse for being late for work.

And I understand now
that eventhough this is my personal blog, it is never appropriate for me to write personal things on it that say anything more about me than "I went to KFC today".

Yet, thank you all for being brutally honest.

Though I may not agree with all of your views, I truly appreciate the insight many of them have given me.

Once again, I am sorry to disappointed so many of you.


J said...


(Pssst... I hope you feel better soon)

Christinesy said...

Your words expressed the pain you feel deep in your heart. I feel it and I'm truly sorry for BOTH of you, yourself and your baby to have to go through this stage.

It doesn't even matter if people are disappointed at what you did. Just hope you won't be disappointed at yourself.

Take care.

Unknown said...

O.M.G. What happened????

Geeze, couldn't you have waited for a weekend I wasn't away..

Will offer condolences after I get the story

Jason Lioh said...

Told you to disable the comments, tak mau dengar! C!! :P

Nevermind. :) It's okay, Boss! It's okay!

aL said...

oh my..! didnt read that entry tho'.

take care dude.

Anonymous said...


been reading ur blog since ur lengmou days. though i do not know u personally, i have heard much bout u from ppl.

i used to kinda look up to u in many ways. smart, ambitious, humourous and down to earth. but since ur blog de other day, u have since been very far down at de bottom of my list. what u did was despicable.

just because of that one fine day that u decided to wake up feeling something missing in ur relationship, u decided on hurting de gal that haf love u whole heartedly.

i think i can confidently said that u must have been through many relationships before u decided to settle on this one. whatever that u think missing in the relationship, u should have started searching from that relationship alone.

n by dropping that bombshell on the poor gal without any warning.... gosh... i dunno what ur heart is made of... n u claimed u LOVE her n CAre for her? n u think by not doing anything she'll get over it sooner?? Bollocks!

if i was de gal, u will definitely find ur balls flying out of de window.

Anonymous said...

flying his balls will not help

a i l i n g said...

aww..feel so sorry for both of u.take care ya!

Anonymous said...

so anonymous... do enlighten me... what exactly do you expect me to do then? force myself to stay in a relationship that i wouldn't be happy in?

or perhaps lead her on for a few more years before i decide what to do next? or maybe cheat on her?

please.. do enlighten me

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: Sometimes you are not entitled to judge as you may not know the full story...

Jason Lioh said...

Anonymous : No one, as in not a single soul regardless whether you know Boss or ex-Baby, are to judge Boss and ex-Baby based on what Boss wrote on the previous post.

This matter is about two people, and they are Boss and ex-Baby. They are the one who are supposed to judge each others, not you, not me, not them, not they.

The rest can keep your opinions within yourself, instead of writing down how bastard Boss is.

I am not siding Boss or ex-Baby, but rather keep my mouth shut on this matter.

Wilson J Q Quah said...

niama my boss starting to itch again, that's all i can say. He's going thru that phase again hehehe

Christinesy said...

Wow boss stewie..your reply to that the first time I ever seen you getting frustrated..

Jason, that's very fast of you to change the title to ex-baby. The man himself didn't too in this entry. lol. But I totally agree with you on that matter you said.

Jason Lioh said...


Christinesy : Not so appropriate to call Baby mah. :P

Anonymous said...

I wrote a pretty lengthy comment and decided to erase everything and start again. Though I may not agree with what you have done (think ethics and moral) but what you have done is not wrong. No point prolonging something which will eventually lead to the same ending.

But do cheer up. You blog for yourself first, then your readers. You do not have to be responsible to anyone for what you write. cheers.

Anonymous said...

I think those people who can't leave Boss alone should just friggin' f*** off.

Hey, all of us do something in our lives that may not necessarily be agreeable with the rest of the world. LEAVE OUR BOSS ALONE i say!

I'm not saying what he did is right, I'm just saying leave him the f*** alone.

these kind of things are always a blur, no defined or distinct line of right or wrong, but just a blur. So don't try to judge Boss coz you "judges" don't know shit.

Gwendolynne said...

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ...


Anonymous said...

F*** off anonymous.

Anonymous said...

There is no definition of love and happiness. It is already so hard to clearify it for yourself, what you have been missing, what it is you miss. But it is harder to explain the person you love that the feeling is not there anymore.

I wish you good luck, it is hard to say goodbye.

J said...


Why is it that it is always these anonymous people who are so bloody judgemental and such "know it alls"?

Boss Stewie said...

ah thanks for the encouragement guys

christine: yeah i guess it's not my style to retaliate but i got a little frustrated with people judging but not giving solutions... anybody on the street can see a problem... it's those that give u solutions that we should pay more attention to

Anonymous said...

Tim, I am sorry for what has happened. I am sure you have ur own reasons of taking the entry down. Not only you are accountable to the consequences (good or bad) of the decision you made but also facing some unnecessary criticism.

We as the third party will never know what you have gone through especially in relationship. Every single choice you make has no right or wrong in it. It will bring you on either on a shorter or longer route to know more about LIFE.

Please take care. God bless.

McGarmott said...

Hmm, looks like this is beginning to develop into a Yasmin Ahmad-style blog, where someone who doesn't agree with the blogger posts his/her view, and the blogger's konco-konco retaliates harshly by chasing the poster off the blog. It's not that that's bad by itself, it's just that when expletives and reciprocal judgements start making an appearance it just feels rather ... defensive (feudalistic?). Better to let the blogger express his/her response - which, as you can see here, is almost always more moderate than konco-konco's responses.

Jed said...

I guess sometimes, some things are just not meant to be shared publicly... Hope you're still doing good.

MaN|acZ said...

Everyone should assess the situation calmly (easier said than done). Relationships come and go. Probably this break-up is a good news for both of you (Boss, ex-baby). There might be someone waiting for Boss / ex-baby out there . Who knows? At least you dont't look back into life, regret that you didn't make that choice.

Eve said...

However it might be in the future, i wish u all the best boss.

Wingz said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Stewie, been reading your blog since leng mou. Missed the entry of you and your baby, and to be honest, I would like to know what happened between 2 of you. If you dont feel like posting the entry up again and IF you dont mind, could I request that you send the entry to me through email, please? Thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

dear tim, *hug* Hmmm...what happened? i was away, are you alright now? take care ya! *hug* :O

Anonymous said...

So sorry I caught this one late, Stewie. In other cases, I'd find it almost ironic that I'm apologising for not reading someone's blog cause I tell people they're being silly when they they apologise to me for the exact same reason, but I really am. =) I hope you're feeling better now.

Boss Stewie said...

guys (that includes everyone from meekiee down to alynna),.. once again.. to all of you, thank you for your kind comments

daffodils: i think it might be best to keep that blog entry buried for now :P sorry to disappoint :(

mae said...

Hi.. I've been reading since LengMou days too.. Missed the post as well but anyway I don't want to evoke any sad memories so all I wanna say is..

All silent LengMou/Stewie blog readers love you and solely believe that Boss Stewie deserves only the best for trying so hard to entertain us since the very birth of LengMou..!!

Your happiness matters a lot to us!! So let it be that it will never leave you for too long.. =)

*big hwugzz*


pinolobu said...

A tech comment: this blog is in my bloglines, I discovered that i could still read that deleted blog entry within bloglines (of course not in blogspot anymore). but any pics arent visible.