Thursday, November 16, 2006

Stewie By Day... "Pelacur Lelaki" by Night

Google is one of the best things that has ever happened to the internet.

Now whenever you're looking for something online or even offline, just type your wish in Google and it will bring you to it.

Larry Page (one of Google's founders) recently said that in spite of having the best search engine today, there is still room for much improvement.

I used to think to myself
"What? But you guys are already so good at finding the RIGHT things".

As of today... I take those words back.

I was looking through my site stats today and I happened to find someone who came to my blog after Googling "Pelacur Lelaki" (
Male Prostitute)Naturally, my first reaction was "WHAT DA FLYING FUK?!"

And I remembered that I never once wrote those words on my blog!

But when I checked it out I found the reason.

One of my readers (Gwen) had left it in the comments for one of my previous posts here.

Her exact comment read
Menjadi pelacur lelaki adalah satu perkhidmatan terhadap Negara anda. Jangan ditipu oleh orang dewasa, inilah amalan mulia.

Stewie boleh!!!"

Thanks for the "Google Bombing" Gwen...

I appreciate it.

Now would you like to leave more comments on my blog?

Why stop at "Pelacur Lelaki"?

Why don't go on to terms like "Pemborong
Kondom" or "Penghisap Kotek".

I know the rest of you guys would be itching to make fun of this.

But oh well... what is there if we can't laugh about it together.

So there...go ahead and make all the fun you want.

You bastards!

You know you want to.

PS: Larry... when you have the time... please fix Google... it's clearly broken...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

eh.. wasted!
i m 2ndddddddddd

boss stewie u bapa ayam, microsoft slave, soon-to-be bill gates, rich bastardo, pervert, child pornography, sex manic

cant think of more words now.. scare my 2nd place kena grabbbed... blek

Jason Lioh said...

Well done, boss. Another milestone achieved. LOL. Think like this, your blog came up #2, 1 spot above The Star wei.

Boss Stewie said...

jason: yes.. thank u.. i am so proud of myself...

Anonymous said...

wanna know how i get here?googled

'Tulan this Tuahlan Sohcai' in hokkien

Really hit the bulleyes,i tell u.This site and its owner is the embodiment of that phrase !!!google can actually read my mind even with no such keywords here


Anonymous said...

Hamway.. Pwease buy Hamway... We sell quality HAM made from hamster meat..
Hamway. .. The Way to Good Health..

Anonymous said...

Hentai, Gay, Pervert, Porn, Penghisap kotek, Prostitute, Sexually-Deprived Babe, Beer Belly, Belly Dancer, Big Boned @ the tummy, Mole, William Hung, Celica-less, Shit lover/rater, Condom collector, Duck, Toilet roll environmentalist, promoter, Annoyer 101.

Hey, look on the bright side, we're doing you public service. =)

*Finally a good reason not to blog. Phew*

Unknown said...

Nearly spit onto my screen drinking water.... LoL...
Honestly, you need to get higher rankings... like what you would get when you google for "miserable failure". Now, that's publicity!

Boss Stewie said...

daredevil: lol.. i knew one reader was going to say that :P

anonymous: hahaha dude...

lance: seriously... that's keyword spam! google's going to ban my blog from their search engine

william: lol.. that's REAL google bombing.. poor bush

Anonymous said...

Lol when I first read the title for this post I thot you camwhored again and took more gay pictures of yourself.. Look what you did to me!! Noooooooo I don't want to be a sexcrazed deranged psychomaniac!! NoooOOoooOOoOoo~

Boss Stewie said...

mae: lol mae... since i'm apparently a male prostitute... perhaps you could help me get a working visa at amsterdam.. i could be in one of those glass rooms

Anonymous said...

rofl! reminds me of that movie.. european gigolo? XD but i thought those people in the glass rooms were "underwear models"? :O

Anonymous said...

awww shit, suicidal!
i was vying for belly dancer! hahaha :p
this is funny as hell!
gwen, thumbs up!
eh boss, i think that google DID find the right thing with pelacur lelaki in ur blog ;)

Anonymous said...

hamway!!! hamway!! pwease buy hamway meat products!!!!

BOOBs... Boobs..SquishPoop...
Poop here, poop there . Poop everywhere.

Oil Palm, Mangoes, Durian, Pr0n, Polygamy, Ah Soh, AH Lian, AH Beng,
Beng Beng Sex, throw mother old shoe.

yea..that should good for ranking.

HK said...

At least you're on the first page of search results!!

I think mine is like 5000+pages at least.. T.T

Gwendolynne said...

*falls to the floor*

I sorry. Sorry ah sorry

But at least you got some (more) recognition right? See this is the exact reason why I don't belong among Malaysian population. If I stayed there for longer than my 21 years, I would have gotten put into Tanjung Rambutan.

Boss Stewie said...

mae: ah i'm not sure.. i don't exactly pay attention when i see half naked guys

suicidal: plus sized models?? what's that bout?

andrew: i was counting the number of hours before one of my readers said "google found the right thing"... lol

anonymous: OIL PALM!?

ares: ares.. it's not something to be proud of to be among the top search results for 'pelacur lelaki'

gwen: hmph gwen.. don't even speak to me now gwen!!!!!

Anonymous said...

andrew: apparently lance had already said "belly dancer"! damn! hahaha i is not the original-ness.

boss, to know what I mean by plus-sized models, you need to look no further than the nearest mirror.. hahahahahahahahaha how come so slow this time? :p

Boss Stewie said...

suicidal: great.. are we done with all the keywords yet? or is there more in the pipeline

Mischique said...

omg..this is hilarious! stewie=pelacur lelaki! that was a good one from

Boss Stewie said...

brenda: glad you enjoy me being called a male prostitute brenda

Anonymous said...

Boss Stewie: Look on the bright side, at least you're not being called a pimp, rite? rite???

Anonymous said...

Oops, I guess that might appear on Google now tho... Oh well. =)

Boss Stewie said...

cincau: bastardo!

lance: BASTARDO!!!