Friday, December 15, 2006

Another Entrepreneur Takes Off

Somehow in the past months in doing business I have always managed to meet many other fellow entrepreneurs.

One of them that I met months ago was a guy named Wong Sui Cheng.

Sui Cheng graduated from Purdue University in the USA just a year or two ago.* Pic of Purdue

While he was still a student, he founded D-Pomelo Sdn Bhd that he used to build Kip-Up, a social networking site.

After graduation, he was faced with a decision to either get a good stable job at a company like Intel, or ... go on his own.

He decided to screw the job and go down the road not taken.

He has since focused his attention on a new internet business called that launched just a few days ago. does two things.

One... it is an online food directory for restaurants in Penang (Coming soon to KL).

Two... it provides a solution for a common loyalty point system among all the restaurants that sign up with it (you collect points that allow you redeem gifts later on).

And the best part is... you won't need another one of those plastic cards... all you need is to remember a short reference number!
Mealavenue's official launch was on Monday and he even got the Chief Minister of Penang (Tan Sri Koh Tsu Khoon) to attend his launching.

So as you can imagine, his launching was covered by all the major newspapers the next day.

I get inspired every time I see fellow entrepreneurs either succeed or take off with a very good start.

Who knows, one day Mealavenue could be the Bonuslink of restaurants not only in Malaysia but in Southeast Asia.

For those who are interested, you can check out his article in the Business Times

Or visit his newly launched website here.


Anonymous said...

"I get inspired every time I see fellow entrepreneurs either succeed or take off with a very good start."

Don't worry stevie boy, I'm sure one day you are going to change your topic to

" A Billionaire I will be " :)

Leon said...

2nd!!! ahahah.

Anonymous said...

Pretty good web design...

Anonymous said...

hongkiat: ahh if only that were true

leon: lol leon.. now even you are starting on this game

lance: ahaha i'll let him know you said that

Anonymous said...

BS: When you list your dotcom on KLSEX-change main board, please invite Malaysia's PM, he sure give face to you one ;-)

Unknown said...

agrees with lance, the billboard banner looks exceptionally cool.

but too bad it is only covering Penang for now.

Anonymous said...

Boilermaker power!!!

Anonymous said...

agrees with lance and william. the site is awesome. thumbs up for highlighting it to us.. :)
am looking forward to this idea expanding to other cities in malaysia! haha. *ahem ahem, JB, AHEM!*

Boss Stewie said...

fat4: lol... if that day were truly to come.. i'd invite u instead

william: yeah and notice u can click on the restaurant names :P

mr cheah: boilermaker?

daphne: lol.. thanks daph

Anonymous said...

Hmm... Gonna give some comments on the site (mealavenue), hope you don't mind! You'd wanna let him know my comments. :P

I wouldn't say the design sucks, but it definitely could use some improvement. It's not very search engine friendly (a lot of words are in images not text), not consistent across browsers, the experience urm.. sucks and I just can't get the flow of how things work.

There's nothing to read on what's the site about (or I just can't find it or is it for logged in users only?).

When I visit, first thing I get is loads of images. Some clickable, some not, so I'm not sure what to look for. The search didn't work on my FF2.0.

The logo (or lack thereof) sucks and it's not clickable. Almost zero branding on the site.

'The community' page.. what is that about? Only 1 large image.. I don't understand what it's trying to tell me. 'Fight cancer with tea' and community don't seem to gel? Hmm..

I could give a lot more comments but from the looks of it, this site isn't going anywhere. Or am I looking at the same site as everyone else?

Why is a site like this plastered over the media is beyond me. Also, I can't seem to access (without the 'www'). I've checked my spelling over and over.. am I missing something?


Boss Stewie said...

ivan: lol ivan... thanks for your great feedback.. i should get you to have a look at my site when it's done so you could give brutally honest (but helpful) comments like these... yeah doesn't work for me too.. he didn't do the redirect yet.. i guess it's still in the beta stages :P

Anonymous said...

Boilermaker = Purdue students/grads

Sui Cheng is my classmate

Boss Stewie said...

ohh ok mr cheah

slacker said...

how'd u get to meet so many intersting ppl? Boss, you should start a network for entrepreneurs!