Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Ministry of Sound at Taipei

Ok, for those of you who don't already know, I touched down in Taipei, Taiwan two days ago and I spent the past two days sight-seeing.

But before I start on with all the pictures I took from the places I've been to in the past two days, I am going to first tell you about last night.

Last night, I went to the Ministry of Sound at Taipei.

Now as far as the Ministry of Sound is concerned, prior to today, I've only been to the one in London (not even to the one in Singapore) so you can imagine how excited I was.

The entrance to the club wasn't exactly anything fancy.
After paying and going through a security check to make sure that I didn't bring my parang with me, we walked into a blue-coloured tunnel that took us right into the club.

Which was where the party was.

There was the DJ and the emcee on stage

There were the Taiwanese guys in the crowd that looked extremely happy to be there.
And most importantly... there were the HOT HOT TAIWANESE CHICKS!!!

I must say that not all Taiwanese chicks are hot... but the ones that are.... are so hot that you could tfk non-stop till Chinese New Year.

Now I decided that I couldn't possibly take pictures with the ones that were dancing on the dance floor with me without looking like a ham sap lou.

So I took pictures of the girls dancing on stage.
And holy crap... some of them danced sooooo seductively I'm so sure half of the guys there had wet their pants.

Unfortunately, the lighting in the club didn't allow me to take good pictures (also coupled with the fact that I'm a terrible photographer), so these pictures of the girls obviously doesn't do justice.

I even tried taking a picture of this lovely angel here whom I thought was the sexiest girl on stage.
But alas... that was the best picture I could get of her.

Yet, after all the girls and dancing, the night came to an end before I even knew it.

I left MoS Taipei... with a tired soul and almost dead camera battery.

My camera's battery deserved a break.

Just today alone I had snapped close to 400 pictures.

Yet, on my way out I looked back and managed to take another picture before the battery died.This was the last picture my poor tired camera managed to take that night on the way back to the hotel before it died for good. It was a picture of me and this very nice Taiwanese girl I happened to meet that very same night.

Oh... and for those of you who weren't able to be there with me... I even took some videos of the club.

See how thoughtful Boss Stewie is?

The videos didn't exactly come out great but it's the best I can do with my cheap camera ok?



Anonymous said...

How was the one in London?! I'm bugging my bro to bring me there but he reckons Elephant & Castle is a dodgy area. :P

Anonymous said...

She is hot!

Unknown said...

aiyar, Boss' intention of the post is to show us how lucky he got at the end of the day. manage to catch big fish. *drools at pretty girl with sweeeet smile*

Boss Stewie said...

alynna: Elephant & Castle IS a dodgy area alynna!

anonymous: yes yes! hot indeed

william: ohh.. hahaha nooo william

Anonymous said...

Who's that girl making peace with u??

Go there already meet taiwanese girl in just one night...sigh...

maybe bring taiwan to penang?thoughtful i'm hoping..

Anonymous said...

Who's that girl? You went there just one night and you hook up a girl? Damn you boss! She's not those call girls hor? :P

Anonymous said...

very notty stewie... hmm.. hmm...

Anonymous said...

u managed to pick up a hot chick ...

eh mos play r&b wan ar? niama so 69 wan ...

how is the sound system there? compareable to the one in London or its just a cheap franchise gimmick?

Boss Stewie said...

gin: oh she's just a friend ginnie... don't get any ideas

jason: eh .. she's just a friend lar

lance: ditto!!!

earl: well the sound system is great too.. i can't remember how good london's one was..

陈一豪 said...

sei ham sap lou!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, no offence, but the dancers on stage look so amateur. I'm very sure that any chick who go clubbing here in Brisbane is heaps better than those.

Anonymous said...

Boss Stewie scoooooreeessss! :wink wink!:

Anonymous said...

But... but... I wanna go...!! :(

Anonymous said...

woohoo boss stewie and hot chick in cab (presumably) after a night of hot sweaty dancing and too much to drink! tsk tsk *naughty thoughts*

Anonymous said...

stewie ONS....
notty notty

Anonymous said...

Taiwan does have lotsa hot chicks, no doubt about it :)

Boss Stewie said...

dr tan: ehh!

eric: but the ones in brisbane are not... taiwanese are they!!

chapree: eh no lar... not what u think

alynna: hahaha alright alynna... go's quite nice

suicidal: hahaha again i must say this.. not exactly what u thnk

yothemans: aih.. i have to say it again

taiwan: no doubt!

Anonymous said...

boss, who are u replying to? TAIWAN? THat's hongkiat la.. :p

anyway... u went back hotel with the hot chiq?? that;s very lucky of u! ngek

Unknown said...

still wanna deny wor this feller.... no point explaining dee laaa... how u scrub also wont get to wash off one la this time... woohoohooo... PWNZ

Boss Stewie said...

cely: oh sorry lar

william: can lar.. i can just scrub it off by... POSTING A NEW BLOG ENTRY.. like what i'm about to do in 30 seconds bwahahaha

J said...

Tsk tsk... picking up girls in Taiwan?

See lah, you will build a reputation as Boss Stewie the Playboy...

Anonymous said...

The one at Elephant & Castle is pretty good, biggest nightclub around London. If you're fit, I wouldn't mind taking you there ;)