Saturday, December 02, 2006

Research on Malaysian Bloggers and Blog Readers

There are many thrills that I get from blogging which keeps me going.

There is the fun of writing blog entries itself.

There is the fun of interacting with my readers.

There is the fun of meeting new friends.

There is also the little pocket money I get from advertising every once in a while.
Or even the tiny bit of fame I may get for being Boss Stewie.

But one of my favourite thrills.... is having the power to help.

I recently got an e-mail from one of my readers named
June, asking me to help her with her research on Malaysian bloggers and blog readers, to see if we contribute to the democratization of Malaysia

Her research is for academic purposes only ie for her thesis at University Malaya.

So the least I could do is try to help her out by doing a survey she prepared.

I actually thought the questions she asked were pretty thought-provoking.

If you guys would like to help her out too, click here.


Jason Lioh said...

done that.

Anonymous said...

The mind boggling part was whether to select the Federal Territory of Putrajaya or just Selangor's Cyberjaya... Hmmm..

Boss Stewie said...

jason: i'll thank u on behalf of june jason

lance: just put PENANG :P

Anonymous said...

woot! i'm ashamed of being the typical eatshitsleep blogger who can't b bothered enough with current issues. :p

i'll clean up my act!

*inspired by survey, lights shines down on blogger in oversized superman suit*

Anonymous said...

Done. =)
Hope it helps her in some way!

Anonymous said...

suicidal: hahaha... i think you're not the only eatshitsleep blogger around... what do u think i am

alynna: thanks alynna

Anonymous said...

suicidalconversationjunkie & stewie: Hahaha. You guys must be long lost twins! =D

Else, I think I may have watched one too many Brokeback Mountains... >_>

Anonymous said...

lance: NOOOOOOOOO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ if that means i'll end up bellybreakdancing, then, NOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~~~~~~~~~~~
however if it means i'll b as rich and handsome and charming, ah well. i suppose tiah IS a nice sounding surname after all. :p

Boss Stewie said...

lance: see? that's the kind of thing only a guy would say.. not a girl

suicidal: lol... tiah is a nice surname :P

A Black Cat said...

Thanks guys =) All of you have been great! Me and My Research thank you all very much (Yeah, I'm so obsessed to the point where I meng-kata-nama-khas-kan my little project) and every little bit helps.

And Boss, next time you drop by KL don't hesitate to contact me - I'll buy u a drink!