Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Singapore Mari!!!

I left KL on Sunday morning heading down to Singapore for a short business trip.

It was a 4 hour drive to Singapore from KL but it didn't feel too long before I reached the last bit of Malaysian land before crossing over to Singapore.

But before going over for a few days of everything Singapore, I insisted that I had to have one last Malaysian thing.

I decided to pump my petrol at PETRONAS!!!

It doesn't get any more Malaysian that that.

Business at Petronas was booming... not from Malaysian cars... but from Singaporean cars!

It didn't take me long to realise that my car was the only Malaysian car there at the petrol station.

It was almost as if every Singaporean car heading back to Singapore was stopping over for one last pump.

Well I guess we go over to Singapore to buy their cheaper electronics and Singaporeans come over to Malaysia to buy our cheaper (subsidised) petrol.

After I fed my leetle car, I crossed over the causeway and before you can say "Boss Stewie"...

I reached the wonderful city of Singapore!

I love Singapore.

I love Singapore for so many reasons!

But Sunday gave me another reason to love Singapore.

As I looked out the window of my apartment in Singapore I saw a fairly sexy model posing for photographers.

Now in what other country do you see models posing right outside your bedroom window.

Boss Stewie *hugz* Singapura


Anonymous said...

did u go get her number?
she looks young, u paedophile!! :)
i kid hehe =)
is she some singaporean famous celebrity?

Anonymous said...

Just posting to say I managed to make #2 :P

Which one is your car boss? Boss manyak kaya lor. Got so many apartments. Even got one in Singapura. Hebat Hebat!

Gwendolynne said...

Damn ... even I haven't seen any celebrity photoshoots ...

Except that my aunt managed to bump into Julia Roberts while walking down the street in LA. Julia smiled at her and said Hi! to my aunt and my aunt was thinking who the hell is she. Until my gay uncle nudged her in the ribs and said "That's Julia Roberts lah!" Then later he revealed that my uncle actually lives on the same street as Julia Roberts >_< wah kau keng ...

Boss Stewie said...

andrew: hahahaa come on andrew... u make it sound like being #1 to post comment here is like striking lottery.

nicholas: no lar.. actually i'm staying in my bro's apartment here... i have a bro that works here

gwen: omg.. JULIA ROBERTS SAY HI TO UR AUNTY... macam strike lottery

MaN|acZ said...

no frontal view of the model kah?

yuin said...

you lucky bastard! surely you got her phone number? :P

I havent been to spore before (ashamed) but this gives me even more motivation to go.

slacker said...

island dwellers (ie. penangites) tend to like other islands full of chinese ppl.. :P

Anonymous said...

ayam so goin to singapore this dec~~

no, not for the model. meh.

Unknown said...

you bastardoo..
take more pics la, ini baru 1 pic, appetizer also more filling than this

Anonymous said...

Stewie stinging at chic's pics. >_>

Anonymous said...

maniacz: frontal view dun have lor.. maybe i should have went down and joined those photographers with my tiny digicam

yuin: no lar.. i didn't get her phone number.. there were too many other koteks in the way

slacker: eh! i don't like singapore just cuz it's an island.. in fact i think i like kl more than penang

bodicea: what? u're not going for the model? u just threw away a good reason to go to singapore...

william: hahaha alright i take more pic if i see her again ok?

lance: ehh no lar.. i din take that many

aL said...

whalauuu! ur bro eh apartment's compound damn cantik lah!

Jackson said...

I've never been 1st comment before :( *sniff*

I'm surprised you didn't make more out of it... You should've called out to her. "Hey sexy lady! Up here! Smile in the camera, that's it, kiss the camera, love the camera! ... Why yes, I am Boss Stewie. Why don't you come up here when you're done and we can have a bucket 'o ice-cream"

Anonymous said...

her name is angie

Anonymous said...

Itu Second Link le, bukan causeway

Boss Stewie said...

al: hehe yeah not bad ler :P

jackson: lol... perhaps if i were famous one day i might be able to do that

yothemans: are u serious?

anonymous: aduii sorry larr

Anonymous said...

lucky bitch you boss. all i get are the china-rens running here and there in happy land we call ntiu.

at least now i'm more motivated to stay on in sg! hooooooooooooooo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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