Thursday, December 07, 2006

Visiting a Successful Fellow Entrepreneur

Picture this:

You've just finished high school and your father tells you

"Son... here is some money. You are old enough to decide what to do with it. So you can either go spend it on an education and get a degree... or you could go do business with it."

What would you do?

My guess is that 80% of people faced with situations like that would spend the money on the education.

10% would do a business with it.

And the remaining 10% would tell his father that he will take the money to start a business but instead throw it all on girls and booz.

Meet Jian Bang.

Jian Bang is a Singaporean friend of mine who was faced with the exact same situation as described above years ago.

His dad gave him the money to his education and told him that he could either go study with it, or go do a business.

He chose the latter so he opened the first Pandora's Box at Far East Plaza in Singapore.

Pandora's Box has an interesting concept.

What Jian Bang does is he rents out boxes (shelves) in his shop to other aspiring entrepreneurs who want some store space to sell some goods but want to do without the heavy rent of an actual store.
Jian Bang gets a monthly rental for these boxes and also a commission for each item his 'tenants' sell.

Things were tough at first but Jian Bang persevered on and Pandora's Box today has been pretty successful.

Now not only does he rent 'boxes' out to his 'tenants' but he now even has his own products.

Not being able to cope with the demand for 'box space' in his store and with a growing waiting list, Jian Bang decided to open a new shop at Orchard Cathay Cineleisure which I visited yesterday.

Now if you're a man... Pandora's Box probably has nothing for you unless you're shopping for your girlfriend.

But if you're a girl (a teenage one especially), you'll find a great deal of very very cute items there.

Everything from hand made accessories to clothes or even boots.

I couldn't help but buy a few of his items eventhough I had no clue when I will ever get to use them or who I would ever give them to.

But how could you not buy something from a cute store like that.

Heck even a little Hello Kitty greets you at the cashier every time you want to pay.
Of course... the main attraction for most of us guys was next door.

Just opposite of Jian Bang's shop we saw a shop selling this


HARDO GAY TOY HOOOOoooooooooooooo!!!!

Initially we all grabbed it as soon as we saw it trying to test it out and hear what he says when we put those little plastic swords into him.

We all knew we had to buy one each!
But we gave up the idea when we saw that each one costs RM160 each.

*sigh*... all those Hard Gay toys and we can't buy any of them :(

Anyway, back to Jian Bang.

At his age, I must say Jian Bang is an inspiration to all of us entrepreneurs.

I love meeting other entrepreneurs (which was why I got Ming to bring me to Jian Bang's stall some time during my business trip to Singapore).

Those who make it... brings inspiration to the rest of us.

And those who didn't make it... brings lessons to the rest of us.

Now not only is Jian Bang working on expanding Pandora's Box...

He has also recently started an online store that sells sex toys... HO HO HO

PS: For those of you who have FORGOTTEN ALL ABOUT HARD GAY (which I will consider as an ACT OF TREASON!!!!) then please refer to one of my older entries here.


Shiny Blue Black said...

what a fab idea. Kudos. unfortunately i didn't get that choice

Nie said...

I WANT HARD GAY TOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

interesting concept!

electronicfly said...

babybluey: i also want hard gay toy!!!

boss, let's 12 of us pitch in rm13.33 n buy it! the toy can spend 1 month a year in each home...hehehhe

Anonymous said...

omgomgomgomg hard gay toyss!!~ *must

AhPau said...

OMG Hard Gay!!~!! I WANTTtTtttt!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Eh, that's beyond cool wei! :) Why can't we have a Malaysian Pandora's box? Jeez!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

FUIYOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hardooooo gayyyyyy HOOOOOOoooOOOOoOOooO~~~~~~~~~

k la boss if u treat me real nice nice again i'll consider buying it for you when you celebrate ur birthday in space. :p

Jackson said...

Wow, that is some interesting concept

But seriously Boss, what the hell are you doing with flower-motive bag?
Probably sneaking one of those Hard Gay toys out while pretending you can't afford one eh?

J said...

Renting retail box spaces?
Cool concept!

Selling sex toys?
Well, it's all about demand and supply I guess....

Anonymous said...

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from Oceania ,
and I'm 19 y.o

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Boss Stewie said...

shiny: hahahaha yeah... but if u did get that choice.. would u have done it anyway?

babybluey: haha I WAN TOO

cely: yes.. interesting lehh

e-fei: hahahaha!!! no noooo... i want a hard gay toy for myself.. to poke every day

bulat: LOL.. that's what i thought too

ahpau: hahaha don't we all want!!

alynna: why don;t u start one alynna?

lance: HOOOOOoo!!!!

suicidal: u'll BUY FOR ME?? REALLY!?

jackson: haha nono.. that's the bag they give u when u buy anything from pandora's box

j: yes... in this case it's more demand than supply for now :P

Anonymous said...

looks like someone is fast earning his reputation as a "handsome gay". muahahahahaa i will so keep to my word boss! i swear upon thy balls! :p

Mischique said...

wow.....that's a bloody innovative concept. really love the shop..everything's so girly and cute!!

Boss Stewie said...

suicidal: how could u swear upon my balls? shouldn't u be swearing upon yours ? :P

mischique: yeah.. very very nice shop indeed brenda :P

- PC - said...

cute things alwiz attracts ppl la. especially gals. he sure earn big time man!!

- PC - said...

cute things alwiz attracts ppl la. especially gals. he sure earn big time man!!

- PC - said...

cute things alwiz attracts ppl la. especially gals. he sure earn big time man!!

electronicfly said...

boss: you want a hard gay toy to poke everyday?? that sounds so...wrong.

Boss Stewie said...

pc: well that's if he knows how to pick out the cute things.. which so far he has done pretty well

e-fei: hahaha!!!

Boss Stewie said...

suicidal: dude.. did u just spam my comment page?

slacker said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
slacker said...

interesting concept.. how old's the dude? he looks very young

Unknown said...

OMG OMG!!! Hardo Geh REALLY DO EXIST!!!! Now that really IS a successful meet with the Japanese CEO of TOMY. Gosh! If im only as 'water-ed' as someone to own a Hard Gay to *ahem* every day...

Boss buy for me.... puhweeezzz.. i treat u a nice pint of Green Tea HG ice cream lor...

Boss Stewie said...

slacker: i think he's 22

william: hahahaha... william.. actually i also couldn't afford it myself... so expensive!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hey, you are in town, never jio daphne to meet up?!? :)

i've a friend whom is renting a 'space' at pandora box for quite a while now to sell her handmade accessories and also posts her pictures on her blog.

now i know whom is the founder! surprise its a guy since it sells all girls stuffs. i mean if its 'space' rented out to showcase toy models etc, i can understand tat its started by a guy, but accessories etc leh.

anyhows, i agree its a great concept.

Boss Stewie said...

ah sorry linda.. will catch u the next time i'm around ok? :P

does ur friend make money from pandora's box?

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

she started off as a hobby but turned full-time in doing it recently so i guess its doing all right.

she do feedback stolen/missing items now and then from her box coz the staff there wasn't responsible enough. :p

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