Saturday, February 24, 2007

Boss Stewie the Comic

One of my readers (who is now also a friend) found some time on her hands and made me a little computer graphic version of myself and my leetle dotcom logo.
What do you guys think?

Look like me in real life or not?

And yes, she didn't forget to draw my mole... woohoo!!!

She also drew one of Hasan.
Look like the real person or not?

The real Hasan much fatter right?



Anonymous said...

errrr.... first?


Boss Stewie said...

hahahah well done kristin.. it's saturday morning.. everyone's still in bed

Anonymous said...

grrr..haven't been first for a long time

Unknown said...

i was awake at 9 laa....

who's the fren boss?

hasan's pic look more alike that yours... except for 'the mole'

mae said...

ahahhaa.. cute.. =3

by the way, penang blogger's meet tomorrow, 11.30 am, remember ar..

Boss Stewie said...

anonymous: hehehe!!! aww come on.. is it even worth the effort?

william: wenqi lor! i thought my pic was quite realistic... she even got the mole on the right side of my face

mae: hahaha okie okie1

andrew said...

eh boss the pictures look good weih!
seriously, as in ur friend can draw pictures on the computer very well...
or did she draw it outside and scan it in?

Daphne Maia said...

i think she used a graphics tablet right? :)

but nice drawing.

you said: "The real Hasan much fatter right?"

hmmm.. how abt the real Boss?

wahahahahahahahaha. :P

Boss Stewie said...

andrew: no she drew on the computer using macromedia fireworks... u like her art? maybe i can ask her to draw a piece and sell to u for a small fee.. artists have to make a living too u know :P

daphne: what's a graphics tablet?

Anonymous said...

omg that look freakishly like hasan hahahahhaa
wenqi ish keng!

electronicfly said... shading somore one weh..look alot alike leh, but your real mole sexier!

Boss Stewie said...

linsey: yes she keng indeed

fei: thank u thank u.. i'm glad u like my mole :P

aL said...


wenqi keng wenqi keng
wenqi mou tak teng!


andrew said...

eh i pass u my photo and u ask her to draw lah HAHA
damn good ah seriously her graphics skill
fwuah fwuah wenqi in computer drawing is oneoneoneoneonesatusatusatusatu1111!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice Tim. Very nice. Clap Clap. Bravo for noticing I'm fat, moley.

Anonymous said...

Oh, nice work Wenqi though. Didn't make Tims mole big enough. And Tim, next time, maybe a more flattering photo?

Gwendolynne said...

a graphics tablet like wacom ... look it up on wikipedia la lazy mole :P

so cute ler the drawings ... now I want to take that pattern and make myself a little Hasan dollie that I can snuggle and sleep with at night and do other things to! YEY!

Infectioner said...

The real Boss Stewie is fatter :P

Boss Stewie said...

al: heheh yes yes! she keng!

andrew: hahaha just e-mail me ur photo and i'll ask her if she would draw u

hasan: hahah!!! i thought that was a nice photo already

gwen: hahaha... hasan dollies!!! yeah those will sell

infectioner: EH!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Gwen, damn straight dollies made out of me would sell. You scare me a little though, so no voodoo. Does your husband know what you do on the internet?

And Timmy, your dolls would be buy one get one free.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Gwen, damn straight dollies made out of me would sell. You scare me a little though, so no voodoo. Does your husband know what you do on the internet?

And Timmy, your dolls would be buy one get one free.

jlshyang said...

wah, the resemblance...damn keng! lol.

Anonymous said...

uhm... thanks everybody i guess.. haha

hasan: what do you mean it's not big enough? and are u calling him moley coz of the story of moley and hairy that i told you guys? haha.
and besides, they're both nice pictures of you and tim.

Anonymous said...

Okaylah, cukup childish.
They're both very accurate. ;)

Boss Stewie said...

hasan: buy one get one free? yes but they will cost $1,000 each!

jishyang: hehehe!!! some people can draww

wenqi: hehehe! yes they are nice pictures indeed

alynna: hhehehe okok

Gwendolynne said...

Yes my husband frequently does checks on what I do online and works for the US Army telling the men where to drop the airstrikes. So far I've told him not to worry about you since you "seem" to show no interest in me, and it's ok if it's just a one way dealio.

Besides, he hasn't found my Hasan shrine website yet. Or my secret Hasan folder on my pc ... or my secret hoard of Hasan pictures in my panties drawer ....... *innocent smile*

Anonymous said...

boss where got so thin one.. wenqi don't b afraid of all the previous threats he made about ppl calling him fat. i'm sure he secretly loves it. seriously wei, boss is too straight!!! i mean, physically. the drawing. oh never mind

Anonymous said...

Gwen, so many websites set up in my honour, I can't track each one. But the photos? Tim sent you the ones he has in his drawer?

Wenqi famous now, I'll start a fan site for her art!

Boss Stewie said...

gwen: HAHAHAHA.... so in short, it won't be long before hasan gets 'airstriked' eh?

suicidal: wahh.. looking for trouble ar u!!!

gwen: yes yes.. you famous man!

Anonymous said...

nampak similarities. heh

Daphne Maia said...

graphic tablets are those tt have pens n a ... er.. tablet la..! thn watever u write/draw wil appear on ur monitor, using some software n u can save it as a picture file.. ok la my description not very good so go google.

Boss Stewie said...

bodicea; HEHEHE

DAPHNE: OHHHHhhhh I know... but no she used a mouse :P