Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Meeting the Boss of Beard Papa

Before the Blog Meet last weekend, I found myself in Sunway Pyramid with my partner Ming and another friend.

We were looking to kill some time before the blog meet so we decided to take a short walk and perhaps get a drink.

But before we got to our drinks, I spotted a newly opened Beard Papa store in the distance so I quickly asked Ming
"Have you tried Beard Papa's cream puff? It's expensive... but damn good!!!".Ming said NO, so I brought him there, ordered a few puffs and quickly ran off to the toilet.

While I was away, Ming was talking to the other friend who was with us and saying
"Wahlau! These cream puffs are really quite expensive wei!".

A man behind the counter overheard him and came up to explain that the cream puffs were expensive because almost all (or all) the ingredients were actually imported directly from Japan including the Katana that he was about to use to cut Ming up if he didn't stop saying the cream puffs were expensive.

The man went on and on about the cream puffs and Ming went with his hunch saying
"Hey... are you the Boss?"

And the Boss he was!

Meet Mr Goh H C, Beard Papa's franchisee for Malaysia!After I came back from the toilet, Ming introduced me to Mr Goh and we all sat down together on a table for a chat.

Mr Goh shared with us the many business experiences he has had even before Beard Papa came along.

Much of his business dealings in the past have been with Japan so Mr Goh here speaks fluent Japanese.

Yes by fluent I mean able to speak the language.

And NO, just in case you were wondering, knowing how to say words like "Yamateh" or "Kimochi" does not count as being fluent in Japanese (Sorry to disappoint you Chapree).

Overall, it was truly inspiring meeting another fellow entrepreneur... and all by accident.

So the next time you go to Beard Papa and if you'd like to meet the Boss, just say out loud


Anonymous said...

hmm... FIRST!!
since the first comment doesn't count coz it's SPAM!!!

Anonymous said...

This is old school... LENG! *I wish* =)

Gwendolynne said...

By expensive you mean how much?

Gwendolynne said...

Oops meant to add:

The most expensive cream puff I have ever had was USD$5 for one!!!

That's how much in RM?

Anonymous said...

There's nothing more random than this already.

Anonymous said...

err i oso met beard papa's boss at pyramid. he was also promoting the super chun buns, also told me and my friends some story about how it came to Malaysia and stuff :P Good stuff man, the buns I mean.

Eve said...

I love love Bread Papa's puff! Thank you boss Koh for bringin it to Malaysia

voch said...

Haha yeah they're superb though a little pricey. Had to buy one everytime I pass by the store. Think I shud complain louder next time lol :P

Anonymous said...

They've opened one in London Oxford street as well now. I have yet to go and try it out. It's £1.30 per puff which isn't too bad considering Krispy Kreme is like £1.10 ya? It smells soOO nice from outside.

Wilson J Q Quah said...


which part of oxford street? have to g and try it when i'm there

anyway boss, haha did u cheng u the cream puffs?

if yes, LENG, if no....... MOU MOu MOU!!! DAMn MOU!!!!

but i guess he has to do business la so i dun blame him

Jackson said...

Don't forget the occasional "Ikuuuuuh~~"

And unless that cream puff makes you say that as well, you pay waaay too much money for food, Boss :P

Boss Stewie said...

tasha: hhaha you

lance: why you wish?

gwen: RM3.30 each... probably not as expensive as the one you buy in US

jason: Lol

clem: yes! the cream puffs... YUMMmmmm

eve: yes u can go to sunway pyramid and thank him personally

voch: yes yes you should :P hhehe

bunny: GBP1.30 is still expensive!!!!!! even by london standards

boss lepton: no he didn't cheng me :(

jackson: hahaha actually my partner paid for that round.

Anonymous said...

aaaa.... it's from Osaka.... XD No wonder look soo familiar....

as for London's price at 1.30P is cut throat.... it is 126 yen in Japan ( about 60 pence?) even Krispy Kreme at 1.10 is way too expensive

Anonymous said...

I was just refering to Lengmou. =P

Boss Stewie said...

lufia: 60 pence or 60 SEN.. if it's 60 SEN ... I am goign to Japan and eating a lot of Beard Papa's cream puffs!!!!

lance: aww... please don't tell me you miss that silly blog

Anonymous said...

wah i gotta stop eating beard papa's in singapore. it costs a damn bloody high SGD 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

jb got anot har?

Anonymous said...

Gong Hei Fatt Choy!!

ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..go to pyramid din call others (ie me) one??????

done your CNY shopping yet?

Gwendolynne said...

Actually $5 for a high end puff is kind of like RM5 ... dollar for dollar ... without the exchange rate, is about the same. Considered expensive for us too but when exchange rate is applied ... RM15 for a cream puff??? Would you pay?

mae said...

I still haven't tried it out. =( *mae weeps* And good food can never be to expensive for mae. =P CHIONG GO TO QUEENSBAY!!!

Boss Stewie said...

daphne: hahaha jb got or not... that's sooo singaporean!!!! no lar.. the boss there was just telling me that his singapore puffs sell better cuz S$2 to singaporeans is like RM2 to us...

fei: hahaha aiyoo.. i din know u stay around singapore mah

gwen: i would if i had the money :P

mae: hahahaha okok go queensbay.. i hear they just reduced the price

Anonymous said...

*indignant* did u just call lengmou a silly blog?!?!?!?!?! i demand u retract that statement now!

and omg.. beard papa i'm drowning in my saliva. damn. they just don't have the good stuff here in singabloodypore. :p

Anonymous said...

hahahaha i dint realise that! lol..

n yar.. i guess cannot convert la, right? but thn... i live in JB n study in singapore ma! so i have a RIGHT to convert the currency! hahahahaha..

Anonymous said...

"hahaha aiyoo.. i din know u stay around singapore mah"

singkepoo? no no singkepoo.. sunway pyramid in pj la..

Boss Stewie said...

suicidal: HAHAHAHA... LENG MOU SILLY BLOG HAHAHAHA... and there is beard papa in singapore lar dude :P

daphne: oh u're from JB?!??! u're MALAYSIAN?!?!

e-fei: hahahaha... alright alrightt i meant sunway! hahaha

Unknown said...

oh, he's the one u told me about. havent had the chance to try it out though. i'll see where i can find it and give it a 1st try... this luxury food only bosses can afford

Anonymous said...

i study here damn long edi still haven't caught a single glimpse of beard papa!!! so the depressing!!! i shall go hunt. soon.

(oh oh i'm from JB and am malaysian quick gimme overreaction too! :P)

Kiss my ass said...

how can u not hear of papa beard puff? i waited for them to be here since i tasted it in HK 3 years ago!!!


oh well... LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

ei? shireen, how come u've gone missing from the 'last' race for some time and now suddenly wan to start a new chain again one?

ah... i jz noticed im LaSt~!!!

Anonymous said...

suicidalconversationjunkie: Theoretically, it IS a silly blog... =P

daphne/stewie/suicidalconversationjunkie: Selamat Tuhan kurniakan, Selamat Pulau Pinang! Negeriku yang mulia, Ku taat... ^^

Anonymous said...

lance: dahhhhh ku dah lupakan lagu negeri johor. shit. i should be dipulaukan to some isolated island with a bevy of jessica albas and endless supply of food and booze. :p

Anonymous said...


Boss Stewie said...

william: pls lar.. i coould only afford one!! and that was bought by ming.. :P


shireen: wahhh... u mean.. u've been to HK before.... WAAAhhhhh... the furthest the rest of us here have been is Langkawi.

lance: lol... how do u know the penang anthem?

Anonymous said...

eh. not funny ok. hahaha... thn why am i laughing.. hahaha.

i also wan to eat cream puffs... its all ur fault.. i walked past beard papa's at bugis today.. n i was salivating soooo badly. :(

but i dint get to buy.. cos i was in a hurry n there was a looooong queue.

Anonymous said...

lance: i was born, not bred in penang. haha. so i know nuts abt penang leh. i only know how to eat char kway teow n penang laksa... ooooh! darn! i need to stop thinking abt food!!!

Unknown said...

penang laksaaaaa...... *dreams and drools*